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Part 16: Rescue at Modem Domain

: Lucky Luis has been walking back and forth, but what's the matter with him?

It's not like the guard could just ask him or anything.

: Should I report it to the Guard Leader? But what would I tell him?

: Hey! Lucky Luis! Is there something wrong?

: No, not really...

: Looks like you have something on your mind. What's up?

: Nothing really... But... Can I talk to you Thor?

: Sure! What happened?

: Well... I can't talk here. Can we meet in the Tamer's Room?

What amazing thing can be so secretive!?


: When we were searching Modem Domain, we found an X-Mech Part with a Blood Knights symbol. So we kept on going. We thought there were only 7 Floor levels, but we went even lower! We decided that Bertran and Joy Joy would continue and I would use Auto Pilot to return.

: So they still haven't returned to the City yet, huh?

: That's right... And it's been a while since I got back. I'm getting worried about them. And I was wondering if I should report it to the Team Leader.

: Maybe Bertran and the others have been captured. Also, we have no information on Modem Domain. It may really be the enemy Headquarters. OK. I'll go there to rescue them! Meanwhile, you go ahead and report to the Team Leader!

: OK, I got it! Please, help them out of that place! Oh yeah, you can take this strange Part that we found.

I'm sure they can wait a bit to be rescued.

Because it's time for another tournament!

Well, isn't this funny? I love it when sidequests in games don't account for plot.

Really he should've kept the Raremon from before, confusion is a bitch. Flarerizamon can set fire power to its allies, the other two hit relatively hard.

By relatively I mean between 10 and 20 HP. In comparison I usually do at least 35 to them.

We've fought her before.

A bit of a stronger team, all stuff we've seen before. Gesomon can lower speed and Devimon can lower MP. I take the time when just Guardromon is left to Guard and restore my MP.

If by easy you mean completely wipe you out, then sure! Though Leomon yells at him for trying to bribe me.

A team of palette swaps. Saberdramon still attacks the whole party for a whopping 5 HP per Digimon.

We get an EX Driver for winning.

I'm sure Bertran has un-rescued himself by now, so let's go really save him. Modem Domain is 10 floors, and this Palmon is the only Rookie level you'll find in it.

Floor 2 doesn't have any enemies, just a lot of twisty hallways and treasure.

Floor 3 has both chicken parties, along with a Centarumon party.

Game is still being mean. At least I didn't have to cross it to find the elevator.

Now that's just a tease.

This is a hallway blocking team on Floor 6.

And this is another hallway blocking team who encountered me as I hurt myself over some Blue Acid trying to get to the exit faster. Coelamon has a weak attack, while MudFrigimon has an Assist that boost attack power.

For once, Floor 10 doesn't have any enemy Digimon. There's a reason for that.

She keeps moving around in circles, wasting her EP.

: Joy Joy? What are you doing?

: Ha, ha ha!! It's spinning!! It's so much fun!! What? What is this Blood Knights Digi-Beetle doing here? These naughty boys need a spanking. Here I come!!

She's gone mad. And apparently Bertran gave her his Raremon. Not only does it have its typical confusion setting Counter Attack, but it also has an Assist that sets his attacks to cause poison.
Monzaemon, being Ultimate level, hits for the most damage, and can lower attack and defense. Ninjamon's Counter Attack powers up each time it's used as a Counter. So her team does a lot of countering and status setting.

Mjolnir's been poisoned, and Scone has some status effect that blocks me from using some of my attacks from Monzaemon's attack.

A good amount of experience. The best encounters give in the 200s now. Getting close to maxing my levels again, too. Hopefully not before the end of the dungeon.

: Are you OK? Come on!! Hey! Wake up!!

: …!? What!? Thor... What are you doing here?? What... What am I doing here? I was... chasing an enemy Digi-Beetle...

: Are you all right? You probably walked into an enemy trap. Lucky Luis asked me to come after you guys. Isn't Bertran with you? Where is he?

: Bertran...? He went in further after the enemy Digi-Beetle!! That's right! He went chasing a Blood Knight's Digi-Beetle all by himself!!

As if we haven't done that ourselves before. Many times.

: OK! I'll go and look for him. You go back to the city! OK?

: Thanks Thor. My Digi-Beetle is almost out of Energy and Ammo. Please find Bertran.

The battles aren't over yet, so hopefully you're either close to leveling or have healing items.

: ...Sob... It's dark... It's cramped...

: Are you all right? Bertran! Come on!!

: Sob... There are ghosts in dark places... I'm scared... Look!! There is someone outside... I'm scared... If I stay here they are going to catch me... I don't want to be caught... I don't want that!!

And then he attacks. I messed up the screenshot here, but he's carrying two Ultimates this time. Digitamamon is Bertran's healer, and needs to go quickly. Deramon, who is adorable, goes down second only because he's the other Ultimate on the team, and his third Digimon, Tankmon, has a Friendly Fire attack that will hit his allies.

Scone and BlasterMaster maxed out from this. I don't have any other Digimon with me, so they'll just have to miss the experience.

: ...Sob...Sob...!?

: Bertran, it's me, Thor! Come on! Get with it!!

: ...Bertran? Who... Where am I? What are you doing here? I was engaged in a battle with an enemy Digi-Beetle... Then I heard some weird sound... And everything got dark...

: Good. I guess you are alright. You walked into an enemy trap and passed out. But it's alright now.

: What? I got it! It was that weird sound! That Blood Knight's Digi-Beetle!I'm going to find and destroy that thing! Darn it!! I ran out of EP!!

: ...Good grief.

We're still not done yet! Again, it's up to us to find and defeat the Blood Knight.

: My Digi-Beetle has a beam generating device which causes craziness!! By now, you should be getting such a bad headache you'll be passing out soon. Ha, ha ha! This device will make you go insane!! There is no point in resisting!!

: What are you talking about? I'm not getting any headaches.

: What? Really? You don't even feel dizzy?

: Not at all! I feel fine.

: …?? What's happening? It worked on all the others. Wait a minute! Let me ask you something. Didn't you pick up something in this Domain? Something with a Blood Knights marking?

: Something with a Blood Knights marking? Are you talking about this strange device I got from Lucky Luis?

: You dumb little brat!! In that case, I'll destroy you myself!!

I think it's nearly impossible for everyone to only use one exclamation mark, or only one set of ellipses.

Moving on, here's the Blood Knight's party. There's two Ultimates again. Mamemon and MetalMamemon both use Counter Attacks. MetalMamemon's hurts the entire party. The battle is still mostly a slugfest instead of anything too difficult. I'm more likely to run out of MP than HP. I actually ended up taking out everyone in the same round.

Stupid level caps.

: Now that I've rescued Bertran and Joy Joy. It's time to go back to the City!!

I stop by Device Dome to do some DNA Digivolving first:
BlasterMaster + Megadramon = Shade the Greymon
Scone + Bark = Fishstick the Otamamon

Next time: Remember Ben Oldman?