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Part 17: Finding An Old Man

Did a ton more off-screen grinding and capturing of Digimon yet again.

Lazlo the Gabumon, Digivolved into Centarumon
Sheldon the Tentomon, Digivolved into Kabuterimon
Flapjack the Dokunemon, Digivolved into Flymon
Lyon the Biyomon

DNA Digivolutions:
Flapjack + Lazlo = Oak the Kunemon

: I'm so happy that Bertran and the others made it back okay!

: Me too!

: Yes! I'm so happy! I'm going to train hard to become a great Tamer like you and Bertran!

Instead of going to talk to our leader, we need to talk to Bertran and Joy Joy in the room on the right.

: I could've gotten out of there all by myself! So I didn't need your help at all! Really! It's true...

: Why can't you just say thank you? The truth is, you're too proud to admin you weren't strong enough to get back alone!

: What? What are you talking about? That's not true! I wasn't strong enough? How can you say that? You don't know what you're talking about!

: Yeah, yeah. Sure, that's what you say!

: Uh...Joy Joy...I've got something I want to ask you. Can you tell me something?

: Sure! Ask me anything! What do you want to know?

: That person used to be the Blue Falcon Leader long ago. His name is Ben Oldman...

: Ben Oldman? You mean that stubborn old man? He lives all alone. I've told him to move to the City many times, but he never listens. OK! I'll send the data of where Ben lives to your Digi-Beetle Browser.

So all this time, Joy Joy knew where this guy was. Obviously Skull didn't bother to tell anyone else on the Guard Team that we were looking for him.

: Thanks, Joy Joy! This will help me a lot!

: I'm Thor, a Digital City Guard Tamer. I heard about you from Professor Piyotte. I need to know where the Archive Ship is. Do you know?

: What? Piyotte? You want to know about the Archive Ship? Who are you? I can't tell the ancient secret to someone I don't even know!!

: Please, I must find out where it is. The Blood Knights are after the same information! Your life is in danger!!

: Ha! Talk. Talk is cheap. If you really want the secret show me your power! Then I'll decide if you're worthy. I'll be waiting for you at DVD Domain. The place is in this message. Now go on. Get!

: What? What! It's important! Please!

DVD Domain isn't really much of Domain, as it's only one floor with one boss and no other encounters.

: I guess there are still some kids with guts these days!

: I may be young, but I'm not a coward!

: I see. Then show me that you're not juts all talk! If you beat me, I'll apologize for insulting you.

Both his MetalMamemon and Meramon use Counter Attacks. Both can hit the entire party on counter. Meramon also has a normal Fireball attack, and Centarumon adds to the damage.

I was a bit hasty in battling him, since Shade doesn't have his Ultimate level attacks yet, and Fishstick was still a Champion. Also I forgot to check my items before fighting and only had two. Thankfully, Mjolnir can heal...though now I get to grind him back up since he's maxed on levels.

: Hey kid. What's your name again?

: ...My name is Thor.

: I see. Thor. I apologize for insulting you before. I'm sorry. I guess I got a bit carried away It's the competitive nature in me. I apologize for insulting you. I'll tell you want you want to know at Archive Port. I'll be there waiting for you. Thor, I'll be watching you mature.

...Right. I stop over at Device Dome to Digivolve Fishstick to Dragomon, and DNA Digivolve Mjolnir V with Shake the Unimon into Mjolnir VI the ToyAgumon. I wonder how high those Roman numerals will be by the time I finish the game?

: So you want to know where the Archive Ship is? Well, you already know it. The Archive Ship is a huge turtle Digimon and it's in the big junk pile. By now, the Ship is all messed up and ti's just a big junk bucket.

: This is the Archive Ship? I would've never guessed it! But why are the Blood Knights looking for something like this?

: Even I don't have an answer for that. But it has are so many old Items [sic]. There maybe something that's useful in it. Call the Security Guards from the City to come here and guard this place. It would be better to have someone here. They may come in handy.
Oh yes...! You guys are looking for Crimson, right? Then take this. This is the data on a Domain he discovered when he was still a Guard Tamer. He may be hiding out there. Take it and have the Guard Team study it.

: Thank you so much Mr. Oldman!

I don't show it off, but when we talk to nearly everyone during story scenes, we salute them as we enter or leave the conversation. Must be a Guard Tamer thing.

: It reminds me of when I used to be the Blue Falcon Leader. Now go on and stop the Blood Knights! Hurry up and go!

: Great! Good job!

Over in the next room, Joy Joy is overhearing this and is now crying since she could've gotten the praise. If only she had known...

: So did he know anything about the Archive Ship?

: Well actually, he's living in the Archive Ship. But the Archive Ship broke down a long time ago. And it doesn't work at all.

: I see. The Archive Ship is not usable...We'll send some Guard Tamers to the Archive Ship!

: Oh yeah! Ben Oldman gave this to me. This is supposed to be a map of a Domain that Crimson found a long time ago.

: Crimson may be hiding there. We will calculate the exact location using that map and the latest geographical data!

: We will finally be facing the Blood Knights at last!

So the ones we've fought up until now have all be fakes? Even that Damien guy?

: Thor! Go out to Code Domain and destroy the Blood Knights!

: Yes Sir! I won't come back empty handed.

Next time: Fighting more Blood Knights, unlike what the game said.