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Part 18: Debugging Code Domain

We're back to normal dungeons again. Code Domain has 11 floors, and will later bring in our first Ultimate level non-boss encounters. There's also a new song playing in this dungeon. Hey look, I spawned in the elevator room!

And again. What luck.

Really the enemy groups are all things from previous domains until we hit the bottom few floors.

Dear game, you are being too kind. The chest had a WaveMiss-3, which takes out Blue level Bi Rocks and Magnetic Spores.

And there's even one of these kinds of floors.

On one hand, finding the elevators so quickly is good so I don't run out of resources before the boss. On the other hand, it's bad since I'm getting less experience. But I think I grind enough anyway.

Another Digimon demoted from boss to normal encounter. Floor 9 is full of them, including Deltamon and Airdramon. Airdramon is one of those enemy teams that run away from your Digi-Beetle.

First Ultimate encounter spotted!

Here's number two. It's a type that doesn't charge at you.

This is the third one in the dungeon. They're all over the boss floor waiting to drain you. Somehow my luck continues and I make it to the boss room without being forced to fight any of these Ultimate groups.

: And you are Commander Damien of the Blood Knights, right?

: Yes. I'm Commander Damien, the Big Don of the Blood Knights!! Good work on finding this Code Domain! But your luck has just run out! Because now I'm gonna knock your block off and have you for breakfast!!

: Keep talking! I'll take care of you, just like the last time!

: Ha, ha, ha! What a foolish little kid!! I was just playing with you last time.

Cherrymon needs to go down first because of his Pit Pelter attack that hits the entire party. Etemon can cause the same status effect that Monzaemon did before, preventing us from using some attacks.

This team also has a lot of HP. With a combination of Tidal Wave and Shade's Horn Buster Interrupt attack that also lowers power, I never took too much damage.

: I'll let you off for your braveness this time! But next time it won't be this easy!

: What? Wait! He ran away again! Chicken!! Is he really a high ranking officer of the Blood Knights?

And we're free to go back to the City.

: The Blood Knights attacked Archive Port and Ben Oldman was injured...

So much for us sending people to guard him! We're automatically sent to Archive Port.

: Excuse me. Where is Mr. Oldman?

: What? Really? So he is alright then? I'm glad to hear that. Then I'll go back to the City.

This doesn't sound as serious as our guard made it out to be...

: Thor, you shouldn't have taken off before I finished talking. Ben Oldman is okay. Just some minor cuts. He is talking to the Black Sword Leader now.

: Yeah, I'm alright! I'm tough. I wouldn't let those dirty Blood Knights do anything to me! But they stole the Navi-Disk from the Pilot Radar system!

: The Navi-Disk? What's that?

: The Navi-Disk is the Disk that controls the Radar system. It holds all the navigation map data from File Island to here on Directory Continent.

: The navigation map data? What is that?

: If you use that Disk, you can find where File Island is!

: What!? Isn't File Island a myth?!

: File Island isn't a mere legend. It really does exist. Our ancestors lost to the evil prince of the Wild Digimon on File Island and escaped to Directory Continent on the Archive Ship. Then, we formed Guard Teams and started training Tamers to retake File Island.

: That's right. That's the reason for creating 3 Guard Teams...To defeat the evil prince of Wild Digimon and bring peace back to File Island.

: That... We don't know, yet. But we can ask Crimson. From your information, we now know which Domain they are hiding in. Thor! Your new mission is to go to Laser Domain and capture Crimson!

: Yes Sir! I'll get it done!

Level 2 healing items! FINALLY. I've been finding these in domains for ages now.

A pretty good trade that I'll definitely be doing. Can't beat more Ultimates on the team.

Device Dome sells the next level of missiles, as well as a new engine. But no new hand to disarm blue mines, which is what I'd like the most. There's new tires on the second page that I already picked up that let me go over blue acid.

Kim is disappointed in her rebuilt destroyer of worlds.

:, click...

Next time: Lasers and explosions. Maybe.