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Part 19: Crimson's Laser Domain

Catching Champion level Digimon with D-rank Gifts sucks.

Laser Domain is 12 floors of nothing new. All enemy Digimon are from previous dungeons.

At least the game is kind enough to have level 3 missiles in the shops before we get to the roadblocks like these.

Five enemies in a room is a bit overkill.

Always appreciated.

Three is less than five but still a bit much. Mostly MP draining. I don't want battles to drag on any longer, and guarding to regain MP gets boring.

Weren't we just here?

Upgraded tires helps if you don't have any Missiles left by now. Usually by floor 10 you'd be low on items and health, but my streak of luck continues. I must be sapping it from other threads.

Floor 11 is covered in rocks.

It's our old friend! So soon, too.

: When I heard a Tamer wander in, I knew right away it was you! Thor, my arch enemy!! You made it this far, but you're not going any further! Kid, I'm coming to get you!!

: Commander Damien! You're just too much!!

RedVegiemon, even though he's the Champion level, gets knocked out first since he can add poison effects to the other enemy attacks. MegaKabuterimon, who for some reason is blue in this game, goes next since he can lower our attack power. Puppetmon is the first Mega Digimon we've seen in the game. He's strong, but doesn't cause status effects.

The entire enemy team was faster than me, so I got poisoned anyway. Oh well.

: How did I lose again? Alright, alright... I'll let you off this time!!

: What? You're running away, again?

: What are you talking about? Me? Run away? No! This is called a tactical retreat! A little punk like you wouldn't understand that!

: Darn! He's gone, again!

Another floor covered in rocks. But it was easy to walk around them all...I suppose if you're low on EP it wouldn't be so easy.

: Huh?

: My name is Crimson. The leader of the Blood Knights. I've heard about you from Commander Damien. You're a Tamer with outstanding power. But if you don't know how to use that power, it will be wasted.

: I'm not wasting my power! I'm using my power to defend the peace for everyone by joining the Guard Team!

: Guard team? Peace? They are just illusions...I am the only one who can through the light of truth on this world of illusions...I shall examine if you have the power to regain the real world together with me!

You'd think Crimson would have a Mega or two since he's the leader, but nope. SkullMammothmon (WHO IS A MEGA) and Deltamon both have attacks that hit the entire party, the former hitting for more HP than the latter. The big elephant can also use an Assist that lowers Attack and Defense. ExTyrannomon has that attack that can lock down some of our techs.

My MP was nearly dry by the time everyone went down. That'll be a problem.

: But I haven't used all my power yet. I've just been testing your power. It's such a pity to destroy you...Why don't you join me! Your power can be put to better use with the Blood Knights. I can use it for my grand plan!

: Huh!? What are you talking about? I'll never join you! I am fighting for the peace!!

You can never join the bad guys in RPGs. Well, I know of one where you can, but usually you can't.

: I guess it's useless talking to those who don't know the truth. In that case, I will crush you! My dear wild beasts, show your awesome power!!

: Sir, please pull back for a moment! Birdramon has assembled the troops. Everyone is waiting your orders, Sir. I'll take over from here Sir. Begin the operation as soon as possible!

: I would prefer to crush you with my own hands. But...I have other pressing matters. I regret I have to let you slide this time kid. If you are brave enough, follow me to File Island. We'll finish this battle over there. Here, take this. It's a gift from me. With this you can follow me to the island!

He hands us that Navi-Disk that was stolen earlier.

: Crimson leader does not have the time to deal with you! Instead, I will play with you! Come. Show me what you can do! This is your last battle!!

: What?

You're being attacked, that's what!

Yeah, no chance to heal or switch team members between battles here. Vademon has Coral Crusher, which lowers speed. Tuskmon and Cyclonemon just do straight damage. It's a lot easier than the last battle, since two enemies are Champion level and they all have less HP.

And now Mjolnir can evolve to Ultimate!

: No matter where you go, I'll hunt you down like the dirty dog you are! Arf!

We're free to leave the dungeon to bark up another tree.

Next time: To the island!