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Part 21: We Have The Power!

Power Domain is only two floors long, but unlike Ben Oldman's dungeon, there are non-boss encounters.

The boss floor has encounters in nearly every room.

: You are the first one to make me wait this long in 10 Giga clocks. You've got some nerve.

: What are you talking about? I came here in a hurry!

: What? Did it take that long to get to this Domain? Or did you get lost in here? Either way, you're a loser Tamer. I'll crush you!!

: I don't need to hear you bad mouth me! I'll destroy you!

His Slamming Tusk and Blaze Blast attacks can be strong, and he can heal status effects with his Zen Recovery. Even with all that, he goes down quickly because it's three against one. He barely did any damage after I hit him with Tidal Wave and Horn Buster.

: Then will you let me enter File City?

: I haven't seen a tough human like you in 20 Giga clocks. I'm sorry. I thought you're one of those bad guys after this City and us Digimon. I'm sorry I misjudged you. I'll go back to the City now. See you there!

For whatever stupid reason, the exit portal brings us back to Digital City.

Our Guard Team's item shop now sells the B level Gift for whatever type your team is.

Device Dome now sells up to C level Gifts.

And we can finally disarm blue mines.

Anyway, going to Archive Port leads to a teleporter that brings us back to File Island.

We tell MasterTyrannomon why we're here. He says that the Blood Knights beat us here. Of course.

: I'm sure that that Crimson character went to see the enemy Boss, Chaos Lord!! But the only person in town who knows where Chaos Lord lives, is the elder Jijimon.

: Really? Then please let me see Jijimon!!!

: But that's not possible. Jijimon is no longer here. It seems that Jijimon was kidnapped by the Blood Knights who attacked this City! Can you rescue Jijimon from them? Jijimon is held in one of the four Domains around the City!

: I understand. I'll go and rescue Jijimon!

File City is pretty small compared to Digital City.

Centarumon and Agumon are in the left hand building. Centarumon will Digivolve your Digimon...

And Agumon sells Items. Awesome Items. Along with the all-type Gifts of every level, he sells level 3 EP Packs and higher level Mech Fixes for our Digi-Beetle.

The right hand building is the factory. Patamon sells both Digi-Beetle Parts and Ammo. There's upgrades for the RAM, Box, Tires, Arm (and I just bought a lower one in Device Dome!), Hand, and the new Z-Cannon, which can fire off attack items at enemy Digimon. He also has level 4 Magnetic Missiles and Drill Missiles, and level 2 Bug Zaps.

Tankmon is the guy who installs and upgrades Beetle parts.

We can go in almost any order. Giga Domain needs to come after Port Domain because for some reason, Giga Domain is totally dark.

Next time: Searching for an old man...Digimon.