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Part 22: Currently, We're in Diode Domain

I DNA Digivolved Fishstick and Lyon into this guy.

This is the first time I've started in a room that wasn't in the same as the elevator...which was blocked by red rocks and spores. This dungeon is a dick.

There's 13 floors total, and the first two have mostly Kuwagamon parties.

And lots of Devimon parties, too. But at least you can run from those if needed.

Why are those blocks there? Bakemon comes alone, moves two spaces, and exists to waste your MP and confuse you. You can't run from him.

Floor 7 is the last one with Bakemon as an enemy. Floor 7 is also when Ultimate levels start showing up.

The battles start having multiple Ultimates in them as well. SkullGreymon is still badass.

I get a mercy floor before the boss level.

Said boss floor has lots of spores and SkullGreymons.

Bit of a different team makeup. Gigadramon is like Megadramon's counterpart.

It's Yet another very maze-like floor.

We've upgraded to fighting Commanders now!

: But you are too late! Our leader, Crimson is already...Oooops! I should shut up!

: Huh??... What are you planning to do?

: Ha, ha! It's a grand plan that you fools can't even imagine! Crimson is going with Chaos Lord and GAIA as planned.

GAIA? This GAIA? ?

: What did you say? GAIA!?

: Ooops, I need to keep my mouth shut. Now get out of here!

Why is your team worse than the stuff I was fighting to get to you? Bakemon can still confuse, Devidramon has taken hints from Deltamon and can hit the whole party, and Phantomon adds damage. As long as Sora doesn't get confused, it's all good - he knows a confusion curing Assist.

The Commander disappears, and we're free to exit. Now we teleport back to File City, thankfully.

Next time: Dungeon number 2