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Part 23: Sticking Stuff Into Port Domain

I didn't mention it last time, but the dungeon type segregation continues. Diode Domain was all Virus types, and Port Domain is Data types. This means Port Domain doesn't have annoying Kuwagamon that you can't run from.

Useless blocks continue to appear.

And spores blocking empty rooms.

Once per dungeon, at least, I spawn in the elevator room. It's nice.

Ultimates start appearing on floor 7.

Floor 9 is one of those floors with no enemies. Again. I wonder how many different kinds of floors are in the game?

New enemy teams finally start appearing near the bottom again.

Can't trap me with a purple spore!

D'aww, Deramon!

This boss floor has more of the Mamemon party, and lots of spores and mines.

: How do you know about me? I didn't know I was that famous.

: Keep on dreaming! You fool! I'll destroy you here and now to show my power to our leader Crimson!

A very fire-based party, and fitting since we're on a fire specialty floor. SkullMeramon's attack hits the entire party, and since I haven't relearned Tidal Wave I'll have to depend on Shade's Interrupt attack to lower its power. This Flarerizamon has a paralyzing attack. At least it's not confusion.

His team has a lot of HP, and all three can hit pretty hard. Attacks that lower their damage are really helpful.

All meaning one.

: What? There is something on the floor. What is that? I guess I'll take it.

It's a thing called an Electroder. Let's bring it to Techna-Donna.

: Hey, aren't you that cute kid in the Guard Team? Yes...What? Isn't this an Electroder! Wow! A real high powered one at that! This is going to solve all my problems! Great! Now, let me experiment with the Radar on your Digi-Beetle.

: What? What experiment? What are you talking about?

: First, let me get forced access to your Digi-Beetle Browser! Then, disable the protection and the password to...and hack into your Digi-Beetle! And...It's done! An ordinary Radar has been upgraded to a Power Radar!!

Now we can go into Giga Domain and actually see things.

Next time: Read above.