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Part 24: Sightseeing In Giga Domain

These screenshots are cobbled together from a few dungeon runs, since my levels kept maxing out and I had to stop and grind.

If we had tried to enter here before getting the item from Port Domain, we wouldn't be able to see anything, and be unable to complete the dungeon. Just like the last two, it's another 13 floor dungeon. This time, the enemies are Vaccine types. This first floor always has the same shape, but different trap spawns.

But usually it gives you unavoidable bug nests.

The treasure chests can be generous with zaps sometimes. This doesn't help, of course, if it gives you the wrong type.

Again with the random blocks.

Sometimes I wish this was like Chocobo's Dungeon 2 where you can dig through walls.

This little part was interesting. There were four paths, and only one didn't have any enemies in it.

Once per dungeon, I swear. Actually it happened on the next floor too, but I had to leave since Mjolnir hit level cap and I don't like wasting experience.

The results of a lot of training. Our first Mega

Back in the dungeon, I spawn in the elevator room on floor 6 like on my first run.

Nothing special really happens during the trip. MetalGreymon returns as an encounter in the dungeon, though I walked around the only one I saw.

Another low/no encounter floor, right before the boss floor.

There's no encounters on the boss floor either, but it's very maze-like.

: That's right! I'm Thor, a Guard Tamer! You're the one who made this Domain totally dark, aren't you?!

: Darn! You Guard Tamers have already reached the island? But I feel sorry for you. You came all the way here just to be destroyed by me!

: I'm not going to let you destroy me!!

All water specialty type Digimon on a water floor. They'll be getting a bit of a damage boost. Tortomon and Zudomon can attack the entire party at once, while Ikkakumon has a single-target attack. Shade's Horn Buster lowers Zudomon's damage to be equal to Tortomon's attack. When lowered, Tortomon does a whopping 1 damage.

Tortomon can also use Mega Heal, and it recovers 150 HP per use. It drags the battle out a lot.

It'll be a bit before Shade gets his Mega level attack, which will also be when he'll max out on levels.

One more step to making an awesome party is complete.

There's two paths out of the room. Jijimon is hanging out to the right.

: I won't cooperate! I won't do anything to harm my peace loving Digimon friends! Ooops! You don't look like one of those Blood Knights?

: No, I came to rescue you. MasterTyrannomon asked me to. I came from Directory Continent. My name is Thor...

: Hold it! We'll talk later! It's too dangerous to hang around! I'll be waiting for you at my house in File City! See you there!

The exit portal is to the left.

Next time: Had enough dungeons yet?