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Part 25: Scan Domain's Plot Sandwich

: But just when I thought there was no way out, I was so glad that you came to rescue me. I didn't know there are Digimon on File Island like you...Wait! You're not a Digimon! Who are you!? Are you one of them Blood Knights?

He must be senile, since five minutes ago he said we didn't look like a Blood Knight AND we told him who we were and where we came from.

: There haven't been any humans on this island since they all left on the Archive Ship...

: I am a descendant of those people on the Archive Ship.

: So they did succeed in escaping from File Island!! Hmmm...It feels like it was just yesterday when I watched those people leave the island. Yes. Seeing you revived my energy to battle against those Wild Digimon again!!

You'd also think he'd know that humans were living just fine, since the Blood Knights are also probably descended from those original humans...

: Great! Let's get them!! Jijimon, I'm looking for a man called Crimson. Do you have any idea where he might be now?

: Yes, I know Crimson.

: But even I don't know where Soft Domain is...

: I see...Even you don't know...

: Thor. Don't be so disappointed. Even on this island, there are some peace loving Digimon left. But not very many. I'm sure they have some info. In time, you should be able to get some clues.

: I'll go to some Domains and look for clues.

By "some Domains" they mean "clear that last Domain that opened up". Time for Scan Domain.

Keeping with tradition, Scan Domain has one more floor than the last three (fourteen) and carries all three types of Digimon.

Lots of unfair maze-like rooms, as usual. The first half of the Domain is all repeated enemy parties.

Bit overkill on the traps there.

It'd be nice if this was like other Mystery Dungeon type games where traps affected all units.

If you aren't in good shape at floor 10, using Auto Pilot is a good idea. All the enemies until the end of the dungeon are Ultimate level.

Luckily, encountering Giromon in this game doesn't crash it.

Phantomon and his group are another set that won't chase after you.

Floor 12 has no enemies, but is full of treasure. I picked up two Chips here, which raise Digimon stats. Mjolnir got to eat them, since he's our starter and all.

Triceramon, MegaKabuterimon, and Okuwamon lead the last three enemy groups appearing in the dungeon. With access to Toy Planes and large rooms, Scan Domain is a good place to start switching from using Champions to DNA Digivolve to using Ultimates instead.

MegaKabuterimon is also the room blocker on the boss floor. He's got an impressive looking party with that AeroVeedramon.

Just another Commander for this Domain.

: But I won't be like them! I'll destroy you for our leader, Crimson!

: That's what you think! You're not going to destroy me!

Just like the last boss, but with Nature types instead of Water. Pumpkinmon does the most damage and can poison on counter, Woodmon saps HP, Kiwimon fills out the last spot. Why didn't I bring Shade the WarGreymon? Because I'd rather have Tidal Wave, Duo ScissorClaw, and healing.

My strategy does quite nicely. So we didn't find any peace loving Digimon in this Domain...maybe Jijimon learned something while we were out.

: What!? Really?

: You need the three Chaos Rings to get inside Soft Domain! Those three Chaos Rings are worn by the three Chaos Generals. Luckily, those Chaos Generals have left Soft Domain and are hiding in other Domains! So if you go now, you can defeat those Chaos Generals and get the Chaos Rings from them! I'll give you this, Thor! I'm sure this will be very useful for you!!

Another core to upgrade our Digi-Beetle's armor!

: Thank you Jijimon!! Alright! I'll defeat those Chaos Generals and get these Chaos Rings!!

On the way out of the city, there's an earthquake. We get booted back into the City to see if anything happened.

: The room shook with a flash of light. Then a girl suddenly appeared out of the blue!

: And that's the girl?

: That's right! She was standing there when I opened my eyes! But it seems like she can't remember anything. So I can't get anything out of her.

: Hi...I'm Thor, a Guard Tamer of Digital City.

: I...can't remember anything...Why am I here? But I feel like I have...met you somewhere before...

: Yes, I also feel like I've met you before...

: Huh!? Esteena...Yes! My name is...Esteena. I remembered my name when I saw you...I wonder why?

: That's great! Esteena...? I've heard that name before...

: Thor, don't worry. Leave her to me.

: Please take care of her. I'll be back soon. OK, Esteena?

That was certainly a thing. Wouldn't be a JRPG without the mysterious girl from nowhere.

Three new dungeons have opened up, one for each Chaos General. But first we need to stop back at Directory Continent and see about upgrading our Beetle.

We need that engine before we can upgrade. Most battles give around 1000 bits per battle now, so it's not too horrible.

GAIA status: still talking gibberish.

Next time: If you're tired of plain dungeons, what about fetch quests in dungeons?