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Part 26: Patch Domain and Long Names

Chomper the Deltamon

DNA Digivolved:
Shade + Sora = Gig the Veedramon

Just enough for the new engine. It sucks that I can't just get the Giant Engine now, it won't work with the body I have now, and I need an engine that applies to both bodies to be able to upgrade. There's also a new battery available once I get money again.

The Adamantium Body allows us to equip 5 cannons on our Digi-Beetle, so it's time to pick up a Z-Cannon as well. This fires attack items at enemy Digimon.

Our Digi-Beetle is a spiffy red color, but that's not enough to get rid of Red traps. Patch Domain is first, and it's all Virus-types. The good old Prima guide is stupid here, telling you to go to Data Domain first, which has a whopping seven bosses and is quite draining. It's better to take the easier dungeons first. All three dungeons in this fetch quest have 15 floors.

Even with maxed out radars, traps aren't always appearing now.

I didn't mention it before, but Okuwamon is like Kuwagamon in that you can't run from his battles. He also has some badass buddies here.

Water Digimon on a Water floor. Usually when enemies are at an advantage like this, they won't move off their floor to encounter you. Good for us, since this group moves two spaces per turn.

Breather floor before the boss floor.

The middle path has SkullGreymons guarding it. The sides are filled with traps. It combines at the top to a trap filled room with SkullGreymons.

More like wow, a boss that isn't a Blood Knight!

Chaos BlackWarGreymon: This Patch Domain belongs to me the great Chaos General, Chaos BlackWarGreymon!!

: I'm Thor! A Guard Tamer!

Chaos BlackWarGreymon: A Guard Tamer? Ha, ha, you're so puny! Interesting...So you're the one causing problems for Crimson!! Then I'll destroy you and bring you to Crimson! Say your prayer, cuz I'm the slayer!

Chaos BlackWarGreymon is the first Mega-level boss in the game. And I'm taking him on with a slightly gimped party. Scorpiomon's counter attack hurts, as do CBWGreymon's normal attacks – Giga Blaster for around 40 damage, and Terra Force for around 70. Triceramon can make his allies be unharmed by attacks, but is the weakest. For whatever reason in my battle, Triceramon kept protecting CBWGreymon, allowing me to take him and Scorpiomon down without a problem. By then, CBWGreymon was under half.

My team isn't as gimpy as it looks.

We get the W.GreyRing for defeating him.

Next time: The second Chaos Ring will be as easy as the first, trust me.