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Part 27: Mega Domain Isn't Mega Difficult

Mega Domain doesn't live up to its name since there's only one Mega level in the whole place. The Digimon are all Data types. The first Ultimate only team doesn't show up until halfway through.

Elevator room spawn!

This Bug Nest is level 3, and shops don't sell level 3 zaps at this time. This is also the only path.

Bugs eventually leave, but it's best to zap the nests, or zap them when they first get on you. If you even can. Probably at this point of the game, the Bit and Memory Bugs are the least problematic. Energy Bugs can put you in a bad place if you don't have any EP Packs, and Return Bugs send your Digimon away, which is the worst.

Once again!

This floor, like the one in the last domain, has no enemies, a good amount of traps, and lots of good treasure.

Tinmon has quite the interesting design. MegaSeadramon is the other Ultimate level Seadramon type Digimon around.

Instead of having traps up the side and enemies in the middle, the boss floor is completely covered in enemies.

This is why there were Seadramon all over the place.

: What!? How did you know that I was here?

Chaos MetalSeadramon: I know everything! Is he having trouble dealing with a kid like you? He's not as tough as I thought. At this point, I should let Crimson beat you, but I guess I'll take care of you myself. I, the toughest Chaos General, the great Chaos MetalSeadramon, will take you to school!

But he doesn't have any Seadramons in his party. Chaos MetalSeadramon himself has a party-wide attack that hits for around 30 base damage, and can poison with Brown Stinger. Megadramon's Darkside Attack makes us unable to recover HP, and Gigadramon's Giga Byte Wing prevents status recovery. Status problems are more of an issue compared to the damage they deal, since Tidal Wave and Horn Buster reduce it to single digits.

Not a problem.

Lies. We get the MetalSeadramon Ring for our easy win. One left!

Next time: The last Chaos Ring will not be as easy as the last two, trust me.