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Part 30: Raising Rank

It's been a while since we've had to report in.

: I defeated Chaos Lord, the prince of the Wild Digimon, who controlled File Island!

: Well done, Thor! You did a real good job! Thanks to your work we have realized our dream of bringing peace back to File Island! Your achievement will forever stand out in the history of Guard Teams.

: But we still don't have Crimson.

: I know. He has already returned to Directory Continent. Also, I have reports of other Blood Knights showing up as Crimson returned. Thor, we will have to face him again. Soon. Be well prepared for battle! Right now, we're searching two Domains where the Blood Knights might be hiding. Go to Bug Domain and RAM Domain to join the search.

: Roger, Sir! My new mission is to go to Bug and RAM Domains!

The Guard Team shops sell higher level items now.

Angewomon Digivolves into Magnadramon, and by the time you have one that can do that (like Mjolnir), it'll be stronger stat-wise than the trade. However, this Magnadramon comes with Sad Water Blast, one of the strongest techs in the game.

Level 3 Bug Zaps have also appeared in shops, only a few dungeons after we needed them.

Device Dome has the next level equipment for our Beetle. It's all pretty expensive and will take a bit to collect everything, especially that engine.

It also has this very handy new part that I pick up along with a new Item Box and RAM. Their Ammo shop also has stuff that destroys Red Spores and Blocks.

It's been a while, so why not? We'll be required to do these last two eventually.

We fight higher level NPCs now. They're sort of like the second in command trainers at each of the Guard Teams.

He's a Gold Hawk Tamer, so he has all Vaccine types. The standard strategy of Tidal Wave + DuoScissor Claw + Grisly Wing (or single target attacks) works.

The enemy being under half HP after one round shows our strength.

This lady is next. She's a Black Sword Tamer. I'm sure you can find any of these NPCs around town to talk to, but I never bother.

Tekkamon is a new face, but is the smallest threat. Not like any of her Digimon are a big threat to us. The worst is WaruMonzaemon's Pretty Attack, which disables some attacks.

Hey look, it's that guy who was all important at the start and then became a nobody! He's on the Blue Falcon Guard Team if you forgot.

So he has all Data types, like Deramon His team is a bit stronger than the last two, and all three have full party attacks.

We get a Power Chip for winning, and it gets shoved down Mjolnir's throat.

A bit of grinding to get the Mega level attacks, and we're ready for the final tournament.

The enemies are going to be mostly Mega level. It's good to have some attacks that lower defense or offense, and to have at least one Digimon that will be on healing duty.

Yes, we have to fight the Guard Team leaders now. Our very own Skull is up first.

He has a very gimmicky team. Hagurumon doesn't do too much and is good to sit until the end. DemiDevimon needs to go first even though he's Rookie level because his Demi Dart lowers our MP. Puppetmon is his strongest, and his Tomahawk Crunch attack hits our entire party. Though due to HP values and full party attacks, Puppetmon ends up as the last one standing.

Second is Vandar, leader of the Gold Hawks.

...And for some reason, he's using Data types instead of Vaccines. Silly game. PrinceMamemon does the most damage, hitting for upwards of 35 damage after Tidal Wave. MetalMamemon can also use an Assist that raises defense. Mjolnir is on strict healing duty during this battle in case anything should happen. Once it's down to just plain Mamemon, I guard to regain my MP and heal up.

Thor had asked if he really liked Mamemon, and gets this response. He's just in denial over using the wrong type.

The final tournament match is against the Blue Falcon leader, Cecilia.

Continuing the type confusion, she's using all Vaccine types, including a mirror image of our Mjolnir. MarineAngemon must go down first, or he'll use Crimson Flame (which our Gig also happens to have) to revive his fallen allies. He can also block our attacks with Ocean Love. Her Magnadramon is the next target, Fire Tornado hits the whole party and hurts. I thought that Jijimon could be saved for last, but...

Except then right after taking out MarineAngemon, I find out that Jijimon's Hung On Death attack revives a a zombie.

Two rounds later, it's down to a zombie Magnadramon. Who can heal. Luckily a round of Terra Force, Heaven's Arrow, and Fire Blast II take it out in one shot.

Though like being the Champion like in other monster-collecting games, nothing really changes. We get an EXP Chip for winning, which isn't as awesome as other chips.

Next time: Dungeons! ...As soon as I grind Mjolnir back up.