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Part 31: Squashing Bug Domain

Time to move on.

Both Bug and RAM Domain have 17 floors and multiple bosses. Bug Domain has more bosses, but their levels are lower. Trying to get through this one before Gig maxes out on levels.

This floor is very unfair.

Though the second trap room is easier since it's just mines.

I suppose he's the reason for the security.

Water types on a water floor, so they'll have buffed stats. They're so damn easy I'm not even going to waste time on an explanation for them, and just use my usual strategy on them.

Because seriously, why are the bosses still using Champion level Digimon?

Dammit, there goes my money.

Second boss isn't any more talkative than the first.

Fire types on a fire floor. Again with the Champion bosses this late in the game, again with the usual strategy.

If Gig caps out at the next level, I'm just taking him to the end of the dungeon anyway.

Here come the Mega level encounters.

At least it left after two steps

The guy said the same thing as before, so I didn't bother taking a screenshot. Still following the theme of Digimon on the correct floor typing and having at least one Champion in the party.

Gig didn't max out here, how awesome.

Second to last floor is a breather that I loot for all of two chests.

And the last floor is a maze filled with Giromon teams.

: I know that weird voice...That must be Commander Damien!!

: I haven't seen you much lately. Have I?

: Oh be quiet! You dumb little Guard punk. I was grounded on this Continent because I kept losing to you!

: Oh, that's so uncool!! You've been so shafted!

: Oh be quiet! It's all your fault! But this time I'm going to destroy you and I'll get back my honor and glory!!

: What!! We have to fight again?

: Be ready to take my punishment! You little Tamer brat!!

Oh look, a boss with a Mega level. Finally. GranKuwagamon is the end result of Kunemon line that I've been up a few times and this one carries the familiar DuoScissor Claw along with its own attack, X-Scissor Claw that luckily doesn't also lower defense. The ExTryannomon can still lower motivation disabling some of our attacks, and Garbagemon adds damage but isn't dangerous.

Disabled attacks isn't annoying since by now you'll have a decent spread of powerful moves, and you should have a strong enough healer to undo the extra damage a defense drop gives.

: I won again.

: Darn it! Darn it! You're just too strong!! Hmm...See you again!!

: I wonder if he'll be alright?

Next time: Clearing out another Domain, and getting some actual plot.