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Part 33: Crimson's ROM Domain

Picking up where we last left off, we head back to base to squeeze some info out of Damien.

: He says that he will only talk to you and give you the information.

: I understand, Black Sword Leader. I'll talk to him.

: I wish you luck Thor. He should be here soon.

: Black Sword Leader! I bought in Commander Damien!

: Yes, good. Here is Thor. Just as you asked. Now tell us where Crimson is. You promised.

: Sure! No problem! I shall talk to the kid.

: Commander Damien, please tell me where Crimson is hiding.

: Yes, I shall keep my promise. Crimson is in ROM Domain. Its location is in my Digi-Beetle Browser.

: Thank you Commander Damien.

: You don't have to thank me. I just kept my promise. I was ordered by Crimson to tell you his location if I was captured. So I just followed his orders. That's all.

: Commander Damien, thanks for you cooperation. We will assure your safety. We won't let any harm come to you. Security! Escort him out!

: Hey Kid! If you can, please help Crimson. He is being controlled by some unknown force. Some weird strange force! He's not the same Crimson I used to know!

So the evil guy got more evil. How typical.

: Hmmm...there must be some secrets behind Crimson. But whatever it may be, we must face Crimson and defeat him. Thor, your mission is to go to ROM Domain and defeat Crimson!

: Yes Sir! I'll do my duty.

ROM Domain is full of Data types. The last two were mostly Vaccine and Virus, so we're still following the usual pattern. There's also the same amount of floors, at seventeen. Only one boss, though.

There's even more traps that don't appear on our fully upgraded radars, so it's good to check the space ahead before entering a room.

There's also a lot of small rooms with a lot of enemies.

The last few floors are pretty quiet.

: That voice...It's Crimson!

: Thor, I have been waiting for you forever.

: Huh!?

: You see, we must settle who is the stronger organism! You are the strongest Tamer that I know. And I...

: I shall become the most powerful organism through ultimate digivolution! It's the law of nature. Now let's fight for who will live!!

: Crimson!?

His portrait flips back and forth a bit, and then we're thrown into battle.

NeoCrimson comes with Fungus Cruncher, which adds poison to his attacks, Giga Scissor Claw, a strong attack, and Blind Attack, which is even stronger.

For whatever reason, all he's done in three rounds is use Fungus Cruncher, and I've taken off half his health.

One round and a Terra Force later, he's dead, having done nothing but poison me.

: What happened to me...? You're Thor!? I have defeated me...This must be my destiny...Thor, you might be able to accomplish something I couldn't...Don't ever give into the temptation of power...I...wanted to go back to the outside world...

And then he disappears.

: Crimson!!

We get two chests, one of which holds a Toy Plane, and the way out of the Domain.

Next time: Space?!