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Part 34: Shuttles and Towers

This scene won't trigger until you've completed the Coliseum battles.

: Glad you could make it Thor. I'm sure you are surprised to see all three Guard Team Leaders here. What I am about [to] tell you now is something very important for you. You have become a Rank 9 Black Sword Chief Tamer by beating all three of us.

: Even we are only Rank 8 Commander Tamers, you know?

: Until now, most challengers only won the first match. Making it to the second match was very rare. And there are only two people who fought with all three of us.

: That's right! You're the best Tamer in our history. According to the promise made to our Guardians, the Path to the Kernel Zone is now yours.

Wait what?

: What!? The Path to the Kernel Zone? What is this all about? And the Guardians? You mean the legendary...?

: That's right. The Beings who created us Tamers. The Grand Being who taught us our Tamer Techniques and how to digivolve Digimon.

The amount of Capitalized Terms is reminding me a Certain 'Other' -RPG-

: Our ancestors met the Guardians when they arrived here. They made a promise to the Guardians in return for their help.

: The promise was that when we found the strongest Tamer...We would show that Tamer the Path to a new world, the Kernel Zone.

: Yes. You're the best Tamer in Digital City. However, you must decide for yourself if you want to go to the Kernel Zone. We can not force you to go.

: Black Sword Leader. I will go! I want to know that truth about this world that Esteena was talking about. I want to meet the Guardians and ask about that. I will go to the Kernel Zone.

: OK then. Go to Shuttle Port. Take the Shuttle that's there. It'll take you to Kernel Zone.

: I knew that you would choose to go!

: Like I said, a brave person always takes a challenge.

: Black Sword Thor! I wish you luck!

: Thank you, Sir!

The trade has changed yet again. The MetalGarurumon comes with his standard Freeze Breath attack and the Interrupt attack Venom Infusion.

: Chief Engineer Maestro has completed all checks of the Shuttle. Will you be departing to the Kernel Zone right away?

: Yes, I will!

No, it's fucking SPACE. We just went to SPACE.

: Finally, the Kernel Zone. So the Guardians are somewhere here. Let's find the Guardians!

Not much here other than our spaceship, a dungeon, and some other spot that will probably become accessible.

Core Tower is the longest main story dungeon in the game at 24 floors. It's also got a pretty nice BGM and different tileset.

Its gimmick? EVERY Digimon you've encountered in the game is in this dungeon. If you missed catching something earlier and want it, you can get it here. This also creates a lot of unnecessary battles since the little Rookies can't see us trucking along with a team of Megas/Ultimates and will still come at us.

The floors aren't too big, and seem to follow a pattern. At least the elevators kept spawning in the upper right or lower left of the map.

Halfway through, we're getting Ultimates as enemies.

Finally, a different floor layout! And then the next floor was back to the usual.

Mega levels start appearing on floor 17. By the end of the dungeon, that's all we'll be facing.

Hello there, wild WarGreymon!

The second to last floor is a breather floor. Not like any of the other floors were a challenge since they all had the elevators in the same spots.

: You are...the Guardian??

: That is correct. I am one of the three Guardians. I am the Black Sword Guardian in charge of Virus Type Digimon and their creation. I gave the Black Swords their skills to be Tamers of Virus Type Digimon.

: Then, the legend is really true!? I have something I want to ask you...about the truth of this world!

: Answering your questions is easy. But first, I want to see if you qualify to know the answers. Show me your power.

: ...Sure. What do I have to do?

: It's simple. Just fight me. Are you ready? Don't hold back anything. Show me everything you got!

Of course we have to fight him! The Guardian you face depends on the Guard Team you chose at the beginning. He used three attacks on me during the battle:

Rail Cannon: Damage to 1 Digimon
Stun Punch: Paralyzes on Counter Attack
Armor Aid: Raises Defense

Also his battle theme is cool. But he's not too tough, especially with the broken strategy I have.

Plus I had an item that raised Vaccine Digimon's attack stat, and Gig was doing 160 damage with a Terra Force. The Guardian was hitting me for 30-40.

: …

: I see that you do have the right to know the truth...Because I know that you have the power to destroy the OverLord GAIA.

: OverLord GAIA? What is that?

: It is a huge computer that is out of control. That is what prevents you from going back to the real world and is making Digimon wild.

: Huh!?

: But even the rule of this digital world can be destroyed! That is because the control program installed from the outside world is in effect. Please, Thor. Destroy that out of control GAIA in the Chaos Tower. Or Digimon will still become wild and this world will be destroyed in the end. Once the OverLord GAIA is destroyed, the Backup will save this world...Then...You people will be freed from this matrix and be able to go back to the real world.

: Huh!? Return to the real world?

: That's right. You people are not of this world. You are only existing in this world with the aid of the matrix. The real you exists in the outside world.

: There is a real me...?

: That's right. Now, you're like an existence in a dream. Destroy the OverLord GAIA and free everyone from this nightmare...Please...

The Guardian leaves, and we're free to exit this boring dungeon and get booted back to Digital City.

And the way to the final dungeon is open!

Next time: Getting our final team and knocking over the OverLord.