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Part 35: The Chaotic Defeat of GAIA

The first look at the final team. Mjolnir is the healer, Odin has Tidal Wave to lower attack and Crimson Flame for revival, and Loki has Duo ScissorClaw for lowering defense. Everyone also has strong single and multi target attacks, and two carry the Horn Buster Interrupt to lower tech power even farther. They typically don't take more than 40 points of damage from the Mega levels at the bottom of Chaos Tower.

Chaos Tower is shorter than Core Tower at 20 floors, but doesn't have low level Digimon clogging it up.

It can get pretty clogged up with traps, though. Most chests seemed to drop Magnetic, Drill, or Wave Missiles to replenish your stock.

After a bit it goes to the same boring repeated floor layout that Core Tower used.

Halfway there!

The final floor always has this layout with treasure chests in each middle room along the side containing HP, MP, EX, and Max Driver items. The other rooms have enemies with three Mega levels per party: WarGreymon/Magnadramon/Phoenixmon, Puppetmon/Machinedramon/Machinedramon, and Boltmon/MetalGarurumon/Gryphonmon.

Final look at the team. Mjolnir is the only one that's capped, and he has been for a while. Didn't feel like DNA Digivolving him yet again this close to the end.

: So, you are the OverLord GAIA!

: You're the matrix ID 27. Welcome to my Domain. You beat my most powerful Chaos series Digimon, born and bred in this environment I created. And you managed to beat the test combination of the Chaos series and the matrix ID 04XY. So, as the surviving organism, you are the most powerful one in this Digital World.

: What!? I'm the most powerful organism?

: That is correct. You're a process of my experiment. And, my experiment is about to come to its final stage. When I, the ultimate organism, and you are combined, we will be the true Being of Thought.

: What!? Combined???

: That is right. We shall become God-like when we're combined. The digital world and the real world are all mine! I...will be...Almighty!!

He looks pretty imposing, but isn't too bad. His attacks are as follows:

GAIA Gear: Counter attack, hits one Digimon
Titan Laser: Hits all Digimon
Fantasmic Ray: Hits all Digimon
Fantasmic Bomb: Again, hits all Digimon

I didn't even see the last two since he lasted all of three rounds.

Piddly reward for a final boss...

: ...the most powerful...the most powerful...the most powerful...

: Is it still capable of fighting?

: ultimate...I...ultimate...I...ultimate...

And now he's in a second form. His hands can use Reduction Ray and Destabilizer Ray, which lower our power and defense, so they need to go down first. The main body's Tubular Attack is a counter that hits for around 60 damage before Tidal Wave (or after a Tidal Wave and a Destabilizer Ray).

The hands only got off Reduction Ray on Mjolnir and Loki before being taken out. By then the main body was under half, and since Odin hadn't had his power lowered, he was hitting for 160 damage with Terra Force.

This game isn't as breakable as the first, but it's still pretty easy to get skills that make it pitifully easy.

The Aftermath

And then we get credits! But it's not over yet...

: I'm sure it's today. Or did I get the date wrong? Hmmm...Oh, that's right! The message from Esteena told me to go to the Coliseum!

????: Welcome, Thor!

: You're welcome Cecilia!

: You saved everyone!

: Yes, yes. Great work! You're truly a brave soul!

: No, it wasn't just me. The credit goes to everyone.

: No, no, no. You're the one who saved us all! You saved all the Digimon as well as us humans who got trapped in this world. Who knows what would've happened if you hadn't stopped that runaway GAIA...

????: She's right! We would've kept fighting just as GAIA planned.

: That's right Thor. In the real world I'm the Director of Project "GAIA". And most of the people here are project personnel in the real world. While we were experimenting with Digimon in this digital world...the mother computer, "GAIA", went out of control. So we became prisoners in this world. Then we became a part of GAIA's evolutionary program. GAIA continued the experiment to further evolve itself by starting a war in this world. If you had not stopped GAIA, the war would've gone on until nothing was left in this world.
Everyone is safe now. The GAIA program is completely deleted. Learning from this experience, we were able to build a new digital world. We will continue our effort to make this new digital world just as good as the real world. We would like you to help us. For the time being, we've created your own account. So you can come here any time to help us create a better digital world for Digimon. OK everyone!! Let's get back to work!!

And then we're booted to the Digital City map. Let's see what's changed.

The Digimon Center has one last new trade up.

We can finally enter all of the Guard Team buildings.

And at the Main Gate...

????: Hello Thor. It's been a long time. I'm New GAIA, created and based on a Backup of the first GAIA computer. New and improved.

: Wow! Is that right!?

: Yes, Esteena built me.

: Wow! She built you, huh?

: By the way, Thor. You have some friends here. They are children just like you, who were trapped in this digital world. Chief Carol gave them new account numbers so they can visit wheneer they want.

: Really!? Then, I can see them all!?

: Yes, they have already all gone to Digital City.

So now everyone like Bertran and Joy Joy are wandering around the City, and when you speak to them they congratulate you. We'll be doing all that next time

Next time: Of course there's a postgame dungeon!