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Part 36: Getting (Un)Lucky in Tera Domain

So right now our mission is to go around talking to everyone until they give us items.

Kim's making us go out on a date with her since we "gave" GAIA to Esteena.

Esteena seems to want a piece of Thor as well.

Doug Duem gives some information about the final Domain.

That makes three girls.

Even Skull is in on it.

Anyway, the point of talking to everyone is that eventually some of them will hand over the ultimate Digi-Beetle parts. Esteena gives the Whale BAT.

Angemon gives us the best tool box.

Techna-Donna hacks into our server again and gives the Maximus EG.

And Maestro gives over the last item, the Beetle RAM.

Max HP and EP, and the ability to hold 12 Digimon and 48 items.

Tera Domain is a 99 floor long slog. At the bottom, there's a very low chance of a Digimon appearing for you to battle and possibly capture.

It gives you the strongest encounters right off the bat. The place is all about conserving your items and health until you hit the bottom.

There isn't much else to say about the place. Don't depend on the treasure chests to provide you with items, there's more crap than useful stuff. I'd even trade this rare DNA-UpChip for another Missile. Bring lots of Magnetic/Drill/Wave Missiles, Energy Packs, Bug Zaps, and MP Disks if you plan on fighting.

An...interesting battle group, to say the least. Diaboromon trucking along with a couple or Rookies. Some of the floors do drop down to just having Ultimates as the encounters instead of Megas.


Another interesting encounter, this time involving Omnimon. This ToyAgumon can also move two spaces.

Floor 98 is the good old breather floor. No enemies, and every treasure chest contains a Toy Plane.

Floor 99 is skinned like a boss floor, and is a straight path. There are six treasure chests, each containing a different stat Chip.

And there's the exit panel. Nothing else. It's said that Kimeramon has a 1/666 chance to appear here. I don't know if that random chance is decided when you first enter the dungeon or when you enter the floor or if it's raining outside while the sun is shining, but goddamn I couldn't get him to appear. He exists in the game data as people have hacked him in, but I couldn't find any accounts of people getting him legitimately.

And that's it for Digimon World 2. Here's a question for you viewers: What's one thing you would change in this game to make it better? Personally I'd take out the mystery dungeon-like exploration and have it be more like the DS games, none of this secondary need for items on the Digi-Beetle. Or if that's too extreme, I'd at least make traps able to hurt enemies.

Hope everyone had an enjoyable read, and I'll see you in whatever LP I do next!