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Part 3: MMO Sidequests

Update 3: MMO Sidequests

Anyway, now that we've got some Digivolutions, let's go over how they work. To start out with a Digivolution active, just go into the Status menu and turn it on. The one that's in blue is the one you'll start out as.

Now, let's just get into a random battle and...

...FUCKER. Okay, okay, fine, game. I'll show off Ambushes and the DV menu instead. Christ.

See, when you're ambushed you start out as your base Rookie form. You've got three Megas? You're in the final area of the game? You get ambushed? Too fucking bad, back to a Kotemon for you. So instead, you have to burn a turn Digivolving.

Which, to be fair, is pretty rad. I like the wireframes.

Anyway, what should have happened was that I just started out as Dinohumon, but NO the game just had to go and ruin that for me. Jerk.

Yeah, okay, I like that.

Click for ambience!

Now that we're level 5, we can head over this way - the west exit of Central Park, the one by Leomon's Gym. This is Plug Cape, and there's one and exactly one important thing here.

It is that hole.

...which makes you pay a toll.

Nah, it's this dork here.

The kid runs up and kicks a tree. Something I wish I could do right now FUCK YOU PATAMON

Leave Pikachu alone! Thread, I need you to give Yeti a stern talking to about treating his Pokemon right. Better we intervene before PETA does.

Soccer Kid Hide: Man, Cardmon isn't coming out... And why did I lose Gabumon...

Soccer Kid Hide: Huh? Did you ask why am I kicking the trees?

Giver, did he ask why is the kid kicking the trees?

I dunno, but we should ask again to be sure.

Oh yes, that naturally follows.

Kite: Cardmon? What's that? A Digimon?
Soccer Kid Hide: Cardmon is a Digimon that drops Boosters with extra cards in it. Only Divermon in the city can open the boosters.

Kite: Cardmon drops Boosters?!

Kite is all over that shit.

It's Angel Dust, naturally.

Soccer Kid Hide: Heh heh heh. You need Tree Boots to kick them. So, you probably want to get the boots. Well then... I lost my Gabumon card, will you find it?
Soccer Kid Hide: If you find it I'll tell you how to get the boots.

I was going to transcribe Kite's line, but I figured no one would believe me that the game actually had that text.

So you need Tree Boots to kick Cardmon to get Boosters so you can go to Divermon to boost your shit? Fucking hell, this IS an MMO.

We just got a literal fetch quest, I'm not exactly sure what else you were expecting.

We will also be performing a magic trick with this kid's card. Either that or petty larceny, one of the two.

Exploring the rest of this area is kind of dangerous, for one reason, but I'm feeling pretty lucky.


Name: Coelamon
Level: Champion
Location: Asuka Central - Plug Cape
Asuka South - Bulk Swamp, Bios Swamp, Tranquil Swamp, Bulk Bridge, Jungle Grave

Fishing: Asuka Central - Central Park, Plug Cape, Shell Beach, Wire Forest Entrance
Asuka South - West Wire Forest, East Wire Forest, Wind Prairie

Drops: Water Chip

3 STR, 3 DEF, 3 SPR, 3 WIS, 3 SPD,

EXP: 40, BIT: 80

Regular Attack: Water Element
Technique: None

This fucker right here is why you want to be at least level 5 before you come to Plug Cape. He hits like a truck, and has a ton of health.

Carvanha no

For example, that's one physical attack from Dinohumon (when they're Digivolved, I'll use their Digivolution form's name to keep them straight). That same attack can one-shot Kuwagamon and Betamon.

Coelamon is a fucker, but he does about as much to Dinohumon in one hit and I'm pretty sure I'm faster than him. I can probably win this.

Not if THAT happens!

Ah, here we go. Dinohumon gained a Skill Level!

There's actually a hidden stat associated with each battle called DV EXP. Each battle gives you an amount of DV EXP from 1 to 10; once your Digivolution gets to a certain level of DV EXP, it goes up a skill level. There are tiers associated with each Digivolution: Dinohumon, Angemon, and Kyubimon are all Tier 1, so will take 10 DV for every level up to level 99. That is, 980 DV EXP to fully level up.

The problem with DV, and why I'm not listing it in the short enemy bios, is that it also depends on your Rookie's level. As the Rookie level goes up, the DV gained from battling an enemy goes down. Kunemon and Tapirmon are special in that they always give 1 DV EXP.

Which is why I really shouldn't be fighting Coelamon right now - it gave me either 9 or 10 DV, since Dinohumon leveled up. I... I'm gonna get out of here.

It's called a Challenge Run. Stop being a bitch.

Conga, conga, conga.


Pikachu is now riding on Shovel Knight's head, because he's a lazy fuck.

Let's get the hell out of here! Also this is a ledge - it's one way, since we can't climb sheer cliffs.

Ah, Shell Beach. A much nicer locale (the south exit to Central Park) with 100% less Coelamon.

It's kinda nice - also, I'm pretty sure those are banana boats

Throw them off the boat! Make them swim with the fishes.

On your right, you'll see the namesake of the beach.

Anyway, this area introduces something pretty neat - encounter pools that differ based on where you're standing. Up here on the grassy area, Betamon and Vegiemon rule the roost:

Name: Vegiemon
Level: Champion
Location: Asuka Central - Shell Beach, Plug Cape
Asuka East - Kicking Forest

Drops: None

3 STR, 3 DEF, 3 SPR, 3 WIS, 4 SPD,

EXP: 20, BIT: 40

Regular Attack: No Element
Technique: None

(It says you can fight them in Plug Cape but I've never encountered one there.)

...but head on to the beach, and you're only fighting one enemy.

Damn, Weepingbell, what happened?

Gizamon. Who, despite his appearance, isn't very threatening in the slightest.

Name: Gizamon
Level: Rookie
Location: Asuka Central - Shell Beach
Asuka East - Kicking Forest

Drops: None

3 STR, 3 DEF, 3 SPR, 3 WIS, 3 SPD,

EXP: 19, BIT: 40

Regular Attack: Water Element
Technique: None

Weak to Ice and Thunder - Renamon can kill these things in one hit. Failing that, two regular attacks should knock them out.

Sandslash seems to have an all right attack level, at least.

Tai Kong Wang: How about it? If you want to fish you need a pole, string, and a hook. Then I'll make you a fishing pole.

You might have noticed that Coelamon's bio had fishing encounter spots too. That's because of this - we'll be getting a fishing pole from this old guy as soon as we have the ingredients.

In the meantime, however, Gizamon give us 5+ DV EXP per fight with them. So!

Grinding session #3 highlights

Dinohumon got his first Tech. While Rookies come with their Finisher learned, Champion and up have to hit a certain level to use them. This isn't Dinohumon's Finisher, it's just a fire-type physical move.

Fucking PATAMON you useless flying rat you can't even kill a fucking Gizamon in two hits I hate you.

Ground > Electric, dude.

He's Flying type right now, though, see the wings?

The Champions all learn their first tech at level 5. Angemon's Tech is just a Wind-elemental Magic attack. At least it looks pretty?

I'm actually a fan of Kyubimon's design. Don't know why.

Holy shit, is this Naruto we're ripping off of, now?

Grind Session #3 over

Of course, now that everyone is level 7, there's some TP burning a hole in my pocket. Let's go fix that, shall we?

Training #3 Results:

Renamon: Speed +33, Spirit +33
Patamon: Speed +67
Kotemon: Power +65

This is also known as 'That time where I figured out I needed to raise Patamon's speed'.

Now that we've gone through and done what we can do in Central Park, let's head back to Asuka City.

First stop is that trio of barrels in Gatomon's Inn. Somehow, between when we examined it the first time and now, a Gabumon card has magically spawned.

After that, we're gonna head through that underground tunnel again (seriously, who designed this town?) and go back to El Dorado, the blue building next to the Yellow Cruiser. Last time, some jerk immediately banned us because our Digimon weren't cool enough.

Not so tough now, are you?!

This is because of a secret (well, secret-ish) sixth stat called Charisma. You might have seen it in the training screenshots; it's a few sparkles. You increase Charisma by leveling up, Digivolving, and equipping equipment. We got kicked out before because we only had 3 total Charisma, but now that we have 60+ the El Dorado mooks are more than willing to let us through. Charisma also affects who will Card Battle you, but screw Card Battling.

Ponchomon: This is an Item Maniac's El Dorado! ...You're cool. I'll give you an El Dorado ID.

Thanks, guy.

...No. Please stop talking.

So let's check out El Dorado! There is exactly nothing to do here.

Fucking stop blocking the stairway!

You might notice the Dramon Destroyers (the orange claws) as well as the Transcendent Sword and Supreme Cannon. I don't know the third item on the lower half of El Dorado, but I'm pretty sure it's a reference to something.

Edit courtesy of goons:
On the counter on the right as we walk in, from left to right it's MagnaAngemon's helmet, Angewomon's helmet, and a Holy Ring on the pedestal (That's the ring around Gatomon's tail, or the one Salamon wears as a collar). Crossed on the wall are the weapons of MagnaAngemon and Angewomon, Excalibur the purple beam sword and an unnamed bow respectively. Behind Ponchomon is the Dramon Destroyers, as well as WarGreymon's Brave Shield (so named because of the Crest of Courage on it). Beside them is MetalGarurumon's head. The third item I couldn't name was Imperialdramon's helmet. Also - something I saw but never pointed out - on the wall to the right is the official Bandai art of MetalGarurumon, WarGreymon, Impmon, and Calumon from left to right. Neat little callbacks to Seasons 1 through 3!

Good Girl Kimmy: Then you're like me!

Gamer Hiroshi: But this Digimon Online is great! I was really surprised.

Programmer Eddy: So it's important to know the features of each weapon.

For some reason, Hiroshi reminds me of Giver (some fat jerk, I mean) so let's get out of here.

Up your ass in broken glass.

This is the Water Tunnel - there's nothing here, unfortunately.

Jaws 3 flashbacks.

But it looks pretty

The Water Tunnel leads us into the lower floor of the Clock Tower...

Motherfuckers what are you doing!? Get on this lift!

...but despite pressing the button, nothing new is here either.

By the way, for those playing along - make sure you purchase a Bamboo Spear from the Armory, even if you're not going to use it! It's important!

Silly Yeti, no-one's playing this game.

Now, back to Plug Cape, since we found that kid's Gabumon card.

First, for no particular reason I'm going to stuff it into my folder.

Soccer Kid Hide: You really found it! Thanks!
Soccer Kid Hide: OK, I'll tell you about the Tree Boots, now. You can get it if you become friends with Veemon. But Veemon is so unpredictable, he's hard to find.

Well, shit. How are we gonna find Veemon?

Look it up online...AH, SHIT.

Because Lamb Chop is awesome music.

If you said 'Go talk to Waitress Debbie despite no other NPCs having changed dialogue and with no hints to do so', congrats! This game, sometimes.

You're supposed to hit on the waitress, though.

Waitress Debbie: He was looking for something at Wind Prairie.

Well, that's it for us. By the way, the reason I put the Gabumon card in the folder? When you talk to Hide, the game removes a Gabumon card from the pack. But, the game sets the flag for progressing the sidequest when you collect the card from the barrels. I took advantage of that to stuff the card in my folder instead, so when it searched for the card in the pack it didn't find anything.

In other words, we stole the card from the kid

Learning from the best, huh, Yeti?

Whatever you're babbling about, you're wrong.

Next time: Actual progress. I promise.