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Part 15: Kite Go Down the HoooOOolle...

Update 15: Kite Go Down the HoooOOolle...

So, last time, we got our asses handed to us by a bullshit boss encountered more bullshit plot twists that actually got me angry for the first time this game.

Where have you been? I've been angry since 4 updates ago.

: This Monmon exclusive weapon will start at 2700 BIT!

This time, fuck progress, we have another auction already. This one is for Monmon, and it costs 4000 BIT to purchase. Still, it's better than the dual-Shotguns he's currently wielding, so one gets replaced for about a 30-point boost in strength.

Another auction so soon? Couldn't they have extended the timespan of the previous one?

Click for music!

Ignoring that, we get to run ALL the way back to Byakko City from Asuka City. That is, for those counting, the fourth time we've had to go through the Seabed path - not even counting the extra trips we've made for auctions and such.

At least there's new music, though I'm not a huge fan.

I kinda like it.

As for the reason behind the suddenly cheerful music, the people of Byakko City have come back! A good thing, too, since I'd be somewhat irritated if I had to trek through the Lost Desert again.

Keith: With Lisa's plan and my skills, this was a piece of cake!

Oh, and Keith is here, too.

So Lisa isn't all that crazy? Boo. It was refreshing to have someone super weird.

Moving on to actual important characters, the Byakko Leader has some news for us.

Byakko Leader: Are you looking for a way to go to Amaterasu? I don't know, but you should go to the underground cave. We locked everyone from the A.o.A down there.

Is this game gonna bother denoting what A.o.A. means? Or is it one of those things that leads to a shitty plot twist later?

Y'know, I'm actually shocked. They're reusing this one area that had no monsters, or meaningful background music.

I WOULD say that's worse, but the plot is actually moving and you have shops to check out. So hey, it's not a slog for once.

DO Guard 1: They don't have Digimon, but still, be careful.
DO Guard 2: We won't let them get away! If anything happens, yell!

I hope they blocked up the hole to Bullet Valley, or they very shortly won't have any A.o.A members to guard.

Trooper: We'll win in the end... I hope.

Oh, okay, they're still here. I guess that means they're not escaping.

Anyway, the guy we want to talk to is the one with a (relatively) unique sprite.

General: You're that kid we caught last time! What do you want! Did you come here to be captured again?
Kite: No way! I came here to ask how you got to this server!
General: Heh heh heh... If you want to know I'll tell you.

What. Why would you do that? 'Tell us your plans!' 'Okay, since you asked nicely.'


General: We came here from Amaterasu to this server by Bulbmon!
Kite: ...Bulbmon?!
Genera: Yes, a great Digimon that can move between servers! Unfortunately, it acted weird when we arrived here!
Kite: Acting weird? What does that mean?
General: Lucky Mouse erected a Protective Field! So our Bulbmon broke down and threw us out! That's why we quickly attacked Byakko City.

Okay, I'll give them a little bit of benefit of the doubt, here. The reason the whole Byakko thing was stupid and pointless was entirely because it was - the A.o.A never intended to attack the West Sector, they were forced to do so when Lucky Mouse set up the Protective Field, whatever that is. They probably emerged during that first earthquake, back when we first fought Bulbmon. If I'm following the loose timeline right, then, the 'maintenance' on the pods they were doing back in East Sector was because of the Protective Field.

General: I have no idea!

Or maybe the A.o.A is just full of incompetent morons.

Both are equally possible. It's still a strike against the shitty developers for making SERVER-EXCLUSIVE ITEMS.

General: I'm sure it's digging some more dimensional holes!

Kite: Hey wait. I think I've seen Bulbmon somewhere before...

Well, we know where we fought Bulbmon last time, so that's as good a place to start as any.

Animal Lover Jen: But isn't it weird? An earthquake in the Digital World?

I... think she's talking about the earthquake that occurred between East Sector and South Sector? But I'm not sure, since I actively try to forget everything about this game between recording sessions.

I personally forget everything after each update is concluded.

Anyway, now that we've defeated West Sector and the A.o.A, we've triggered a few new friends in South Sector.

Name: Phantomon
Level: Ultimate
Location: Asuka South - Jungle Grave

Drops: Ghost Fang

4 STR, 4 DEF, 3 SPR, 2 WIS, 3 SPD,

EXP: 154, BIT: 310

Regular Attack: Dark Element
Technique: None

This guy can be found in the dark areas of the Jungle Grave only, basically replacing Bakemon and DemiDevimon. I don't know if he replaces them entirely, or if they can still be encountered, but the encounter rate is heavily skewed towards Phantomon, which is... good? At least Phantomon is worthwhile experience.

Eh, giant turtle enemy.
Name: Tortomon
Level: Champion
Location: Asuka East - Divermon's Lake
Asuka South - Bulk Swamp, Bulk Bridge, Jungle Grave

Drops: None

3 STR, 4 DEF, 4 SPR, 3 WIS, 2 SPD,

EXP: 145, BIT: 290

Regular Attack: No Element
Technique: Divine Rain (Magic-Water)

We've already fought Tortomon before, of course, back when we fought Byakko Leader. The big guy hasn't changed, but now we have better Thunder attacks and so he goes down harder and faster. Good news is, though, Tortomon is the beginning of the good Digimon for grinding DV; he will always give at least 5 DV per fight, even when the Rookie is level 99. I might come back and fight them for a while if I need to grind for any reason.

Grandpa Pug: I hope nothing happened to Suzaku City...

Why, thank you, convenient exposition NPC. You've given us our next location.

After walking BACK through South Sector () we're ambushed by a cutscene.

The screen shakes. Audience participation: shake your monitors wildly.

Terrible advice, you'll break your monitor by accident.

Kite: Tremors! Wha, what's going on...?!

The earthquake settles down after a while, but our next best lead on exposition isn't here. Maybe that Patamon knows where Suzaku Leader went?

Patamon: She's not here. She went somewhere after the earthquake.
Kite: Somewhere... where's that?
Patamon: Um... I don't know. But I heard a weird sound from the jungle...
Kite: ...weird sound?
Patamon: Yeah a sound like a machine or a Digimon! A weird sound! Leader heard that and took off... I'm not sure but maybe she headed towards the jungle!
Kite: ...I see. Well thanks!

Sounds like a plan, chief.

Animal Lover Jen: Leader must be worried about the animals too!

We went from the Jungle, to South Station, to Suzaku City, and all the way back to the Jungle.

What animals? This entire place is full of Digimon, it's not like they're helpless. For fuck's sake, one of the damn things in this jungle is Apemon and it has a giant fuckoff club.

Yeah, uh, is there like a really delicate Digimon that's not supposed to be here? But they're not real.

Click for music

Anyway, welcome to Jungle Shrine. It reuses the music from Jungle Grave, which is perfectly okay by me because that music is great.

In here, there's only one encounter:

Name: Numemon 2* (Purple Colored)
Level: Rookie
Location: Asuka South - Jungle Shrine
Optical Network - Bug Maze, Bug Maze Pit

Drops: Dance Feather

3 STR, 4 DEF, 2 SPR, 2 WIS, 4 SPD,

EXP: 222, BIT: 660

Regular Attack: No Element (Lowers Enemy Defense)
Technique: None

Note: Can Run Away

This fucker. He's not too bad, but it's really irritating when I'm fighting him and after hitting me two or three times he runs away. Anyway, the second Numemon continues the pattern of Numemon being worth more EXP and BITS than other Digimon while simultaneously being worse for DV EXP.

The place is pretty damn fancy. Anyway, from these, I'm pretty sure they're some Mega Digimon. I recognize the middle left, bottom left, and bottom right, at least - I'm pretty sure it's MetalGarurumon, Omnimon, and Magnadramon respectively, though I'm not 100% sure about MetalGarurumon. I can't make out any of the rest.

Oo! oo! Atmosphere! Game, please do something right!

The rest of this place looks pretty untidy, what with the random ladders going nowhere and the ritual candles burning eternally.

At least there's a chest with a Power Charge, though like I've said before they're not all that useful anymore.

The skull, I think, is a tasteful addition, though. I especially like the hellfire in its mouth.

I like our Mudkip's face. He looks so done with this shit.

Through that exit, however, is the Catacombs. We no longer fight Numemon.

Instead we fight only Musyamon. His stat block is back in Update 7, so go ahead and check that out, if you want. If you don't, fuck you he hits hard but is pretty weak in defenses and speed.

At least we can fight him, now. He won't one-shot our Digimon anymore, and he's still pretty good experience.

However, the Catacombs are really small and as such we've already encountered Suzaku Leader.

Suzaku Leader: ...see, look at that!

Well shit.

Honestly, the blue color threw me off. I thought the blue color was the problem. But, uhh, no, it's just the hole.

Kite: Woah, what is that?!
Suzaku Leader: ...A security hole. It's like a hole in the net! That must be the reason behind the earthquake.

There's a loud roar.

Shit, it's almost like Bass or Gospel are about to come out.

Kite: Tha, that voice is from the gondola... I get it! He's Bulbmon! If I go through this hole, maybe I'll find Amaterasu Server?
Suzaku Leader: I told you, you can't go! You don't know what's going to happen. It's too dangerous! As a leader of the South Sector, I'm not going to let anyone get hurt.
Kite: Oh, come on, I really have to go to the other side!

Wait, weren't we trying to keep that a secret?

Kite: Someone has to go now or worse things are going to happen!
Suzaku Leader: ...If you put it that way... Oh, all right! But if it's too dangerous come back OK?!

And how do you propose we do that? Jump outta the hole?

Kite: Do you know where the emergency Chamber in the North Sector is?
Suzaku Leader: Are you talking about the emergency Matrix Chamber? It's located in the basement of Kulon Mine. But you need the four leader badges to use it.
Kite: Four leader badges? I got it! Thanks Suzaku Leader!

Cool! Now, we have our next goal, our current lead on beginning our goal, and the path to go towards that goal.


The emergency phone/exit thing can be used by anyone...with 4 Gym Badges. Shouldn't that be an Admin-only feature? Or if it's an exit, used by anyone?

If it's an exit, why isn't this feature available to all users? This is a video game! Emergency override. Jesus Christ

If it's a phone, why isn't in restricted to Admins only? Why does any schmuck with 4 Gym Badges get to call up all their pals? Literally anyone could do it.

Why the fuck is the EMERGENCY section tucked away in a sector that REQUIRES going to another server to progress into?

Why does nothing make sense?

So fuck that. Instead, let's check out this other little nook in the Catacombs.

Oh, it's this guy.

Kite: Yeah, that's right. Come on, let's fight!
Zanbamon: You're no match for me!
Kite: ...oh, you're afraid you're gonna lose!
Zanbamon: Wha-what?! That's not true! All right! If you want it, I'll show you!

Click for music!

Revenge is mine!

He looks so damn tiny compared to the in-game model.
Name: Zanbamon
Level: Mega
Location: Asuka South - Catacombs

Drops: Rusty Katana (after defeat)

4 STR, 4 DEF, 3 SPR, 5 WIS, 2 SPD

EXP: 380, BIT: 800

Regular Attack: Dark Element
Technique: Hunting Knife (chance of KO)

(Note, these stats are based off of a second source that uses hard numbers rather than relative scale. Also, it's from the Digimon Wiki, so it's suspect at best.)

At least we can kill Zanbamon this time, unlike the first time we dealt with him. But that fucker triggered one of the more annoying fetch quests in this game, so fuck him

He hits pretty hard, nailing Angemon for about 700 damage in one shot.

Hunting Knife is a similar attack, hitting for a little bit more, but it also has a chance of instant KO. Naturally, this triggered immediately after Angemon Blasted into Cannondramon.

Side note: This is Monmon's natural Mega form. It's pretty fucking awesome.

Yeah, he's an alright boss.

Kite: How was that?! I'm pretty strong ain't I?
Zanbamon: Oh, all right. I'll give you this, so forgive me!
Kite: What? Rusty Katana?! Oh, well...
Zanbamon: I-I'm going to live in peace here... Please leave me alone!

Scumbag. I'm still bitter about that fucking fetch quest, though Datamon has replaced him for the majority of my ire.

Anyway, now that we've beaten up that guy, we'll make some progress.

Click for music!

Hm. This place looks pretty neat, actually. And the music isn't half bad.

In a better game, this would be pretty hype to go through. If only the game didn't squander its potential.

Welcome to the Optical Network. This place is the Bug Maze, and it lives up to its name.

First off, we have some, uh... 'new' Digimon encounters.

Name: Musyamon 2* (Green Colored)
Level: Champion
Location: Optical Network - Bug Maze, Bug Maze pit

Drops: MP Proxy

3 STR, 3 DEF, 5 SPR, 3 WIS, 3 SPD,

EXP: 160, BIT: 330

Regular Attack: No Element
Technique: Dark Matter (Magic-Dark)

Name: Minotarumon 2* (Green Colored)
Level: Champion/Ultimate (It varies.)
Location: Optical Network - Bug Maze, Bug Maze Pit

Drops: Metal Power 2

5 STR, 4 DEF, 2 SPR, 2 WIS, 2 SPD,

EXP: 167, BIT: 350

Regular Attack: No Element
Technique: None

Name: Kurisarimon (Chrysalimon, officially)
Location: Optical Network - Bug Maze, Bug Maze Pit

Drops: Drill Horn

4 STR, 4 DEF, 3 SPR, 3 WIS, 2 SPD,

EXP: 225, BIT: 770

Regular Attack: No Element
Technique: Confuse Nebula (Chance of Confusion)

Note: Can Run Away

There's also Purple Numemon running around. Basically, the three recolors are just stronger versions of their original forms. Kurirsarimon, on the other hand, has really high defenses. On the other hand, it counts as an insect, so Bug Buster does wonders. MP Proxy is pretty good - it lowers the cost of Techs, which is a godsend since Monmon's MP count compares unfavorably to a kiddie pool, and I'm using Veemon as a healing battery.

Drill Horn, on the other hand, is another one of those attack helmets. It's an upgrade to the Metal Horn in basically every way (stronger, harder, faster, so on and so forth) and goes on Veemon immediately.

Anyway, now that that's over, welcome to the Maze part of the Bug Maze. There's really no good way to explain what I'm doing in pictures.

This chest holds a Rubber Suit, and is pretty much directly south from that last screenshot.

If we go down the ramp, the path splits in two. The North path loops around to meet the south path eventually.

Also, this is why I hate the level. It does weird shit like this, where I can't see the path.

If we take the south path and follow it past the loops, we'll come across this chest with 1600 BIT.

Eventually, sticking towards going north as often as possible, we come across an exit to the east.

Yeah, I'm pretty much enjoying the visuals and music.

Bug Maze Pit: more of the same.

Trooper: Hey you. Where did you come from?! Where's the exit? I don't know where to go here... There are invisible ladders as well. This sucks!

What the hell, game, why would you make invisible ladders.

Fucking WHAT

Anyway, where we want to go is all the way back to the beginning of the Bug Maze.

That's because there's an invisible ladder right here.

The path immediately splits.

The south path wraps around to a treasure chest with another Power Charge.

It also leads to an exit back into the Bug Maze Pit that takes us to a chest with Digitama Mail. We've already outclassed this armor as well - having copious amounts of money and access to the Heavy Armory is basically the 'win early game' button up until Persiamon.

This almost seems painful. There could be an Invisible ladder...ANYWHERE

Even right there!

If we keep going down the North path, back at that first split in the lime-green level in Bug Maze, it leads to yet another exit to the Bug Maze Pit.

This one's a little different, though.

Mainly because we enter cutscene mode when we step onto the ramp.

The screen shakes again. You folks at home know what to do.

Quit because there's too much stupidity?

Kite: An earthquake again?!

Some familiar pillars rise out of the ground, while the black pit in the center starts glowing red.

Kite: That earthquake was caused by it making holes! Just watch. I'm going to defeat it this time!

Have a cutscene and a boss fight.

Name: Bulbmon (Boss)
Location: Optical Network - Bug Maze Pit

Drops: None

3 STR, 4 DEF, 3 SPR, 2 WIS, 4 SPD,

EXP: 440, BIT: 800

Regular Attack: Machine Element
Technique: Mad Pump (Physical-Water), Speed Boost (Increases Speed)

Basically, Bulbmon is the exact same as last time, only we can actually kill him now, and he has a new move. His stats have also been raised a little bit, but it's still this spread out.

Unlike Hagurumon, Speed Boost is actually dangerous here. He's already got 4 SPD, so he's pretty fast, and doing this a few times makes hitting him a little difficult.

You know, it's a shame. The gameplay isn't too bad, if lengthy. The presentation looks fun. It's just the game's repetition and stupid story that hold it back from being way more enjoyable.

The bosses look fun, if nothing else. A less grindy and backtrack-laded game and we'd have a classic with an incredibly stupid story.

Kite: ...Huh?! The hole just keeps on going! Maybe it goes to Amaterasu Server... Well, let's find out!

Tragically, it led to the Java garbage disposal. Kite was never seen or heard from again; our point of view shifts to Kail and this is now a visual novel involving having a pig for a brother.

Sounds incredibly anime.

Or, it just fades to black and spits us out in the Bug Maze. That works too.

It's just a straight shot to the exit from here.

Welcome to... Forest Inn B1F?

It's the exact same layout, only now the world is going through its goth phase.

Boy: I'm not going to surrender! I'm gonna beat you guys with my Digimon...

Yeah, kid, that's cute. What do you have, a Kuwagamon and a Tapirmon?

As Yeti gets more power, he becomes more like me.

Kite: He-hey wait! I'm not the A.o.A! I'm Kite! I came from the Asuka Server!
Boy: ...Oh, you did? Sorry, I thought you were with them... I'm Kenny. But how did you get to Amaterasu?!

No, I didn't screw with the text boxes. That's what he said, in the order he said it.

Somehow, I don't think Security Hole is supposed to be quite that literal, but this is an MMO world so I'll let it slide as narrative dressing.

Kite: Kenny, do you know where the Digi-Egg of Knowledge is?
Courageous Kenny: Um, no... I really don't know. Sorry.

Okay, hold the phone. How is this kid - who is HIDING IN A BASEMENT - courageous? Because he wanted to fight us? That just makes him stupid and/or suicidal.

Because he was guarding the entrance to the Server. Also, his name is Kenny, that means he'll most likely die.

Stupid Kenny: This Amaterasu Server has been taken over by the A.o.A!
Kite: You don't know that unless you try! What happened to the other tamers?
Stupid Kenny: They captured us and forced us to raise Digimon for war. And then, they turned them all into Oinkmon!
Kite: Oinkmon again. Oh, man! I'm not going to let them get away with that!

You guys are all fucking noobs.

Stupid Kenny: Actually the people who didn't get caught are forming a resistance to overthrow the A.o.A. I want to join them so I've been searching for them.
Kite: A resistance... I want to help too, but I can't right now. I need the Digi-Egg of Knowledge to get to the Real World!
Stupid Kenny: ...I see. That's too bad... Well I'm going. Watch your back, Kite.
Kite: Yeah, you too!

Well, thanks for the info, I guess. So, the A.o.A has taken over all of -

Gah! What now?

Stupid Kenny: You'll need this to walk around the Amaterasu Server!
Kite: I got the Crony ID! Cool!
Stupid Kenny: If you have that, they think you're an A.o.A member! Just don't be stupid and you won't get caught!
Kite: Thanks, I owe you one.
Stupid Kenny: Well, I'm going. Be careful Kite!
Kite: Yeah, let's kick their sorry butts!

>Crony ID


And then the kid walks off.

Kite: Let's look for the Digi-Egg of Knowledge!

Yeah, we'll do that next time.