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Remember how Giver and I have complained about the amount of bullshit padding and fetch quests in this game so far?

Time for a real fetch quest.


Before I elaborate on that, though, we need to finish off the last bits of Amaterasu North Sector - namely, the dungeons.

Oh, those 3 dungeons with 40 million gimmicks. That's righttttt, we gotta do those.

Kulon Pit is the same as in Asuka, though with the usual Amaterasu changes of 'everyone is a pig' and 'weird color filter'. The only encounters are Boltmon and Maildramon, who are both also in the Kulon Mines.

Click for music

Surprisingly, we have actual music for this portion, instead of weird cave plunking noises or the A.o.A. theme.

Hideki: There's too many traps in this dungeon!

Man, fuck you.

This game is self-aware when it wants to be.

Like in Asuka, the Amaterasu version of the Ice Dungeon comes with some new enemies.

In-game model:

Name: Antylamon 2* (White Coloured)
Level: Ultimate
Location: Amaterasu North - Ice Dungeon

Kicking Trees: Amaterasu North - Lake of Ice, Snow Mountain

Drops: Ice Power S

3 STR, 3 DEF, 4 SPR, 4 WIS, 2 SPD,

EXP: 245, BIT: 490

Regular Attack: No Element
Technique: Giga Freeze (Magic-Ice)

>Giga Freeze

He's hung like a-nope, not going there.
Name: SkullMammothmon
Level: Mega
Location: Amaterasu North - Ice Dungeon

Drops: None

5 STR, 4 DEF, 4 SPR, 3 WIS, 1 SPD,

EXP: 247, BIT: 490

Regular Attack: No Element
Technique: None

Antylamon can be handled the same way as the original color, back in Amaterasu Central Park. SkullMammothmon can be dangerous thanks to the 5 STR, but its 1 SPD means you shouldn't be getting hit all that often in the first place. These are the only two encounters in the Ice Dungeon, which is... okay? They aren't too difficult to fight.

So, I figured 'It's the Ice Dungeon, we'll be able to just hit the same warp, beat up the boss, and move on.'

Nope. The correct warp point isn't the one as in Asuka, so I have to search for the fucking thing again.

Hahahahaha, that doesn't even make sense in the context of the setting. Unless it's an instance? An instance that conveniently changes across servers? Hah.

Of course, naturally, it's the very last possible warp that I could try. Of COURSE.

Yes, you will spend those few extra minutes searching!

Ice Master: If you really want to, then you have to defeat me!
Kite: All right. I just have to fight and win, right?
Ice Master: That's it. You know the drill!
Kite: OK, fine. Bring the heat!

Kite, points for trying, but shitty puns just don't work for pre-battle one-liners.

Yeah, those puns ain't too hot to be bringing to such a chill guy.

Like with the Asuka Dungeons, I'll have a video with all the Masters after we've fought the last one. Until then, I'll just give a quick overview: we've fought all these Digimon before. It's nothing new.

Ice Master: This is a gift from me. Take it!
Kite: Yeah! I got a MP Chip!

Well, that's the Ice Dungeon. Irritating for the sole reason that it exists.

The Fire Dungeon is still here too.

So are the mines.

You know what's great? Fighting Digimon when my HP can drop to 1 at any moment.

Did they change the mine locations? PLEASE TELL ME THEY DID.

(They didn't, but does it really matter?)

Name: Lynxmon
Level: Armor (Equivalent to Champion)
Location: Amaterasu North - Fire Dungeon

Drops: Fire Power S

3 STR, 3 DEF, 3 SPR, 3 WIS, 3 SPD,

EXP: 244, BIT: 490

Regular Attack: Fire Element
Technique: None

Lynxmon is the only new encounter in here, and he's average across the board. Pretty much any strategy will work on him. The other encounters are BlueMeramon and Shadramon, but they can also be found in Boot Mountain.

So, yeah, fuck this place.

Fire Master: Or do you want to defeat me and proceed?
Kite: Yeah, that's right! That's why I'm here!
Fire Master: You're a troublesome tamer... If you win, you can go.
Kite: OK! Let's fight!

No, your eyes aren't lying, those are two separate Lynxmon in his line-up. Also a new Digimon!


Nevermind, he looks cool.
Name: Creepymon
Level: Mega
Location: Tamer Only

Drops: None

1 STR, 4 DEF, 5 SPR, 4 WIS, 3 SPD,

EXP: 277, BIT: 540

Regular Attack: Fire Element
Technique: Darkness Chaos (Magic-Dark)

A few things about Creepymon: he's also known as Daemon, which is his 'official' name. Fun fact: it's literally Demon in Japanese. It was changed because, uh, I dunno. More religion references? Which is weird, because he's one of the Seven Demon Lords, ruling over Wrath.
Oh, uh, the game. Yeah. Don't use Magic Techs, punch him real hard. Hope he uses regular attacks and doesn't spam Darkness Chaos.

(It's worth watching the video just to see me fight him. Seriously.)

Fire Master: I'll give this to you. Use it!
Kite: Yeah! I got a Mind Chip!

Uh huh.

Dark Dungeon is no different than in Asuka, aside from a slightly different warp maze layout. And the encounters, of course.

Name: Ghoulmon
Level: Mega
Location: Amaterasu North - Dark Dungeon

Drops: Dark Power S

3 STR, 5 DEF, 4 SPR, 3 WIS, 3 SPD,

EXP: 246, BIT: 490

Regular Attack: No Element
Technique: Darkness Chaos (Magic-Dark)

In-game model:

Name: Vilemon 2* (Purple Colored)
Level: Champion
Location: Amaterasu North - Dark Dungeon

Drops: Hack System

3 STR, 2 DEF, 4 SPR, 3 WIS, 4 SPD,

EXP: 239, BIT: 480

Regular Attack: Fire Element
Technique: Dark Elemental (Magic-Dark)

Vilemon is the same as his regularly-colored version, but Ghoulmon is difficult if you don't have Magic Techs available to you. Have anyone in the Angemon line and you're fine, since they get access to early Wind Magic Techs.

Another Hazard Armor is available here, if you didn't pick one up in the Auction (which is entirely understandable, given the bullshit timing behind some of them). It's in the same spot as the one in Asuka.

Dark Master: came here to challenge me...?
Kite: Yeah! You'll fight with me, right?!
Dark Master: You don't know what you're asking for... ...all right. I haven't seen a tamer in a while.
Kite: Just watch. I'll show you who's bad!

Piedmon is the only unique enemy here. Infermon, by the by, has weak defenses but high speed, so be careful.

OK, this design is so unique and makes fun of itself that I love it.
Name: Piedmon
Level: Mega
Location: Tamer Only

Drops: None

3 STR, 3 DEF, 2 SPR, 4 WIS, 5 SPD,

EXP: 280, BIT: 560

Regular Attack: Dark Element
Technique: None

Piedmon is a big ol' jerk. The 5 SPD is actually put to use, and his defenses aren't too shabby.

And, as promised, here's the video. (...Fucking Creepymon, blocking all my attacks.)

Pls, you kept trying to do the same move over and over. Definition of insanity!

Dark Master: ...but you won against me. I'll give you this, so take it.
Kite: Yeah! I got an EXP Adaptor!
Dark Master: ...You can become a great tamer... ...good luck.

The EXP Adaptor is the EXP-based version of the BIT Adaptor - that is, battles give more EXP with the accessory equipped.

The Dungeons on Amaterasu are 100% optional. They give okay experience (though Black Scorpiomon is better) and a few good items, but that's it. Now, since there's no convenient button to warp to the entrance, time to walk BACK out of the Dungeons one at a time, then back down to Amaterasu Central Park.

Of course you have to walk back, WE NEED EXP YETI. Besides, with all the walking you've done, that's so minor in comparison.

It's the little things, especially since we got that exact convenience in Asuka.

This might seem like a jarring shift, but I did some time-based shenanigans (I entered Amaterasu City, then immediately left) to get the auction and next fight. I didn't want to break the flow once we were in there, so I figured I'd take care of it now.

Mr. : This Renamon exclusive clothe will start at 10000 BIT!

There we go, the next auction is done. (The trigger for this is entering Amaterasu City.)

Entering Amaterasu City also gives us access to the City Sewers, where we can find the final in-world Digimon enemy to fight.

BK WarGreymon: Welcome, courageous tamer! Fight with me!
Kite: Sure, I'll fight you!
BK WarGreymon: You seem to have guts!
Kite: Come on. I'll show you my powers!
BK WarGreymon: Very well. Let's begin!

The final BK Digimon fight. (You can safely ignore the Digimon I'm using for the fight, it's more time-based shenanigans.)

Now this LP is involving time travel. God dammit, Yeti.

Name: BK WarGreymon (Boss)
Level: Mega
Location: Amaterasu City - Sewers - Operation Room

Drops: Platinum ID (After Defeat)

4 STR, 3 DEF, 4 SPR, 2 WIS, 4 SPD,

EXP: 530, BIT: 1060

Regular Attack: No Element
Technique: Black Dart (Magic-Dark), Tera Force (Physical-Dark)

So, BK WarGreymon. He's fast and hits hard, but he's got no real defenses to speak of. Just keep up the damage, and you'll win eventually.

His regular physical attack is just him smacking us.

He also has access to Black Dart, a Magic-based Dark Tech. It hits three times, for about 200-300 damage each.

Finally, his Signature Tech, Terra Destroyer. He just flings a massive explosion at us and we take it on the face. About 800-900 damage.

But, he's not all that tough, especially since it's three on one.

To be fair, you are overlevelled.

I'm not, though, is the thing. In the video, my Digimon were all level 45, as opposed to the previous trio of 44-44-43. Actual level-ups don't give that many stat boosts, which come from training.

Kite: Of course! I've gotten through all kinds of trouble like this!
BK WarGreymon: Ha ha ha, I like you! Take this with you!
Kite: Yeah! I got the Platinum ID!
BK WarGreymon: Aim to be the strongest! That is the secret to becoming a great tamer!

The Platinum ID gives us access to every Super Training, including the Resistance trainings. (I never use those.)

Now, you might be wondering why I saved those little bits for an extra update. You also might be wondering where the fetch quest came into play.

Brace yourselves.

...Oh no...

Starting things off, we need to go shopping at Bai Hu City or Xuan Wu City and pick up one each of the following weapons: Venom Fang, Crystal Rod, Tempest Arm, Laser Cannon, and Tenjinmaru.

Next we need to go to Amaterasu Mirage Tower and buy the following weapons: Saber Fang, Khakkhara, Kaiser Fist, Cluster Cannon, and Onimaru.

Unfortunately, as was my case, once we've triggered the A.o.A raid flag, the A.o.A is blocking access to the Mobius Desert. Don't worry, I took care of that already by triggering the Enter Amaterasu City flag.

Finally, you need to purchase the following weapons from Amaterasu City, hence the entering of said City that will be in the next update: Destruction, Millennium, Raijin Fist, Suijin Cannon, and Fuujin Blade.

Next up, you need to get Digimon partners to level 45. In the thread, I asked you people to decide between Agumon, Guilmon, and Veemon, and Patamon and Renamon. This is because those two groups of Digimon are mutually exclusive for what we're doing. Fortunately, you all gave me Renamon, so thanks for that.

Highlights of my 45 hours of grinding include:

A bear bleeding from its eyeballs...


A dinosaur punching a ghost...

Said dinosaur turning into a weirdly-organic skeleton...

Oh that's fucking cool.

The game glitching on me. (Kotemon hit level 35, but the game didn't realize it, so it tried to level up on the next fight, which caused it to freeze on this screen.)...

The game REALLY glitching on me. ...I don't even KNOW...

This is the greatest fucking thing in this LP. Goldmine.

An angel made of Swords (Kotemon's natural Mega evolution, GuardiAngemon)...

...and something I can only describe as 'Hammerpants Narwhal on fire'. (Kumamon's natural Mega evolution, Marsmon).

Mr. Fuzzums has evolved into... MR. CUDDLES

Basically, I trained Agumon, Renamon, Kumamon, Monmon, and Kotemon to level 45; Kumamon and Agumon from level 1 and Kotemon from level 25. That, plus the training, took way longer than it should have. On the plus side, each of them is well on their way to the final Digivolution I've been trying to get for each of them.

Final check: We've collected all of the Rusty weapons from the various Digimon boss fights, the Digimon are level 45, I got all the weapons, and we're ready to do this.

Let's forge some ultimate weapons.

It's time to get the ultimate weapons to achieve our final fantasy.

First up is Agumon's path: Shadramon appears in the Amaterasu Sewers in West Sector once you have Agumon in your party at level 45, and the Old Claw and the Saber Fang in your inventory.

Shadramon: You got both Saber Fang and Old Claw. Give them to me! Ooooh, this feel... it's great... OK, let's fuse it... And there! Isn't it cool? This is Vanquish! Well I got lots of 'em so I'll give you one! Just don't let some regular bad guys laugh at you!

Fuck off.

The next step is Depthmon, found in the Seabed one screen left of the Amaterasu Shell Beach entrance. He only appears if Agumon is in the party at level 45, and Vanquish and Venom Fang are in your inventory.

Depthmon: Oh, Vanquish and Venom Fang! Give me those two. Ok, apply water pressure here... How's that? This is Destruction! I'll give this to you. Please use it!

It's worth noting that Veemon and Guilmon, the other two Digimon that follow this upgrade path, have different locations for Shadramon and Guilmon. Veemon requires you to visit Amaterasu Protocol Forest, right near the entrance to Protocol Ruins, and the Seabed accessible from the Asuka Lake of Ice entrances, while Guilmon finds his NPCs in Amaterasu Shell Beach and the Seabed entrance from Asuka Shell Beach.

Our last step, now that we have both Destruction and Belial Fang, is to go talk to MetalEtemon, in whichever server is convenient. He wouldn't give us the time of day before, but now we have a pretty snazzy weapon.

MetalEtemon: I'll turn it into a more powerful weapon! Give me Belial Fang and Destruction! ...OK, here we go! Kulon Digizoite coating! Here you go! One Invincible! You're going to be one good tamer now!

That's it for Agumon, so Renamon is up next. Ponchomon can be found in Amaterasu Mirage Tower, so long as Renamon is in the party at level 45 and you have the Old Wand and Khakkhara.

Ponchomon: Amigo, you got Old Wand and Khakkhara! Then give them to me! ...cha, cha, cha! Cha, cha, cha! Ooooo mambo! Here you go! It's avant garde Twinkle! You can boast about it! Good luck amigo!

Random French in Spanish text. k.

The next step takes us to Amaterasu Legendary Gym to see Kongoumon. Renamon has to be in the party, and you have to have Crystal Rod and Twinkle.

Kongoumon: ...Oh? You got Crystal Rod and Twinkle! Right on! Then I'll make you something great! Wait a sec. Shaka shaka shaka. Shaka shaka shaka! Look at here, this is Immaculate! You're lucky, I'm envious!

Same deal with Patamon and Renamon as it was with the Invincible path. Patamon's weapon forgers can be found in Amaterasu Protocol Ruins, where Baronmon was in Asuka, and in Amaterasu Kulon Mine. Thing is, he's in the small segment (that I haven't shown... whoops. I'll get to it eventually in the post-game) that is only accessible through the Circuit Board entrance immediately after the house in Amaterasu Jungle Grave.

Finally, take Immaculate and Millennium to MetalEtemon. To create Eternally, you must have created Invincible first; however, you can make the level 3 weapons in any order you want, so save MetalEtemon for last once you've created all the level 3 weapons (to save backtracking).

MetalEtemon: OK, I'll create Eternally for ya! Hand me Immaculate and Millennium! Here we go! Kulon Digizoite Coating! Here you go! One Eternally! You're going to be one cool tamer now!

Kumamon's path has no branches, since he's the only Digimon that uses fist-type weapons. Nohemon is in Amaterasu Catacombs, in South Sector, and requires that you have Rusty Gloves and Kaiser Fist, along with the usual Digimon and level requirement.

Nohemon: Oh, you got both Rusty Glove and Kaiser Fist! OK, give them to me. Don't worry, I won't take them. OK, here we go. ...look at that - you got Zodiac! OK, I'll give this back to you. Use this well!

Despite what Nohemon says, the forging process does use up both of the component weapons, so make sure you have some extra equipment or you're going to be down a weapon.

Dick move, game.

Seehomon is our next stop, in the Seabed accessible from the Asuka Central Park area. He'll only appear when you have Zodiac and Tempest Arm in your inventory.

Seehomon: You've come a long way pal! Hey, you got both Tempest Arm and Zodiac! OK, give 'em to me! Now I can create a great weapon!'s one... Prominence! This is different from any other weapon!

MetalEtemon is, as usual, our last stop. We need Prominence and Raijin Fist, as well as Invincible and Eternally in our inventory.

MetalEtemon: OK, I'll create Super Nova for ya! Hand me Prominence and Rising Fist! Here we go! Kulon Digizoite Coating! Here you go! One Super Nova! You're going to be one great tamer now!

Three down, two to go. Monmon is up next, and his path starts in Amaterasu Zhu Que UG Lake. Shurimon appears with Rusty Rifle and Cluster Cannon in our inventory.

Shurimon: You got both Rusty Rifle and Cluster Cannon! Will you give them to me? Shurimon-way Weapon Evolution! ...ayeeeeeeya! ...good! It is now Cluster Cannon. I will give this to you, so use it carefully!

The weapon we get is actually Justify, just so everyone is aware. I didn't even notice the screw-up when playing the game for the recording - though I'd been pushing the two-hour gameplay mark, so I just wanted to get it done.

Our next stop is Amaterasu Mobius Desert. By going west twice we encounter Sagitarimon, so long as we have Justify and the Laser Cannon.

Sagitarimon: You're lucky to even look at me! Hey, you got Laser Cannon and Justify! Give them to me... ...hmmm...Haa! Aiyeaaa! Look, this is Judgment! You're lucky to be holding this! Ha ha ha!

I'd like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that I'm transcribing this faithfully. No additions at all. Yes, that means that the textboxes in-game really say 'Aiyeaaa'.

I don't believe you.

Like the others, MetalEtemon will create the ultimate weapon of the path. We need Judgment, Suijin Cannon, and Invincible, Eternally, and Super Nova for him to do so.

MetalEtemon: Hand me Judgment and Suijin Cannon! Here we go! Kulon Digizoite Coating! Here you go! One Punishment! You're going to be one super tamer now!

Last one, we're in the home stretch. Kotemon's path starts off in Amaterasu Ether Jungle, in that little southern area that you can only reach by following the Seabed from Phoenix Bay. Kabukimon (that weird thing blending in with the background) appears when we have Rusty Katana and Onimaru.

Yeti probably doesn't mind my lack of commentary this update, but what else can I say? I don't mind that it takes a huge amount of time to get the ultimate weapons -- they're the ultimate weapons, after all.

Kabukimon: Oh, you hold in your hand the great Onimaru! Then I will fuse Onimaru with Rusty Katana... And create the greatest weapon Kotetsu. All right, wait one moment......Aiyaaaa! Hm! There we have Kotetsu! I'll give it to you. It's very valuable, so be careful.

Once we have Kotetsu, we can go to Lucky Mouse's Secret Room in Amaterasu Server to find Yashamon. We also need Kotetsu and Tenjinmaru.

Yashamon: ...You have both Kotetsu and Tenjinmaru... ...If you have both then I will create a more powerful weapon. ...My strong soul, dwell in these two swords! ...Hold it, Masamune is created... ...Farewell. Get strong so that you are fit for this sword...

The final stop is MetalEtemon for the last time. We need Masamune and Fuujin Blade, as well as all the Legendary weapons up to this point - Invincible, Eternally, Super Nova, and Punishment.

(MetalEtemon's line is a typo again, by the way, he should say Masamune.)

MetalEtemon: You got the greatest piece! OK, I'll create Muramasa for ya! Hand me Masamune and Fuujin Blade! Here we go! Kulon Digizoite Coating! Here you go! One Masamune! You're the strongest tamer now!

...I feel like it's telling that the translators got the two names mixed up, then correct, then mixed up again. It's like this game in a nutshell.

So why go to the trouble of doing this? Well, the Legendary Weapons aren't just for show. They are literally the single most powerful weapons in their branches - that is, Claws, Wands, Fists, Guns, and Katanas. In addition, they can only be used by the Digimon that was used to upgrade the path. Which means unfortunately, Veemon, Guilmon, and Patamon are out of luck. Oh well, not the end of the world. The only downside to them is, there's only one of each - which means that if you're not using a shield, which you shouldn't be, you need to buy another weapon to replace the second slot.

Still, it feels good to be done with that. Next time: Amaterasu City, where we take the fight to the A.o.A.

About damn time.