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Part 29: Limits

Update 29: Limits

Guess what we're playing! That's right, the EU version of the game. There are more changes than just being able to select your language of choice and the title screen - and I'd love to go through and see if they made a bunch of spelling errors in the translated versions too, but I don't know any of them well enough.

Changes include:
Counter Crest activating randomly instead of every time physical damage is dealt.
Only being able to fight 16 Digimon with fishing/kicking trees per screen - to reset the counter, you have to leave the screen and enter again.
Ambush rate, critical rate, drop rate, and technique effect proc rate is raised
The health bar for the enemy empties to the right instead of the left (the important change)
9999 damage cap, but that doesn't really matter
A few animation changes in enemies and training.
Neat little animations before the beginning of Digimon battles; these are quick and fast and barely noticeable.
A little sound effect plays when you fish up a Cardmon.

Alright, so we've finished up the game - and the version of the game we've been playing just crashes to an end screen as soon as Kite walks into the crosswalk.

...Okay, that mental image is surprisingly funny.

The good news is, in the EU version (I'm just going to say 2003 from now on, if it comes up again) we're treated to a rehash of the logging-in FMV.

And we're back!

Junior: Hmph! Knowing them they've gone ahead.

Unfortunately, Kite has undergone a name change, thanks to what was probably a mid-life crisis and is now Junior again. This is 100% because the file I'm using for the EU game had Junior, and there's exactly zero chance in hell I'm replaying all of this game just so we can have Kite in the postgame.

Boo! BOOOOOO! Down with the LPer!

Tour Leader: We'll be practicing today to prepare you for your start. You're restricted to the East Sector and Central Amaterasu. However, there are more Circuit Board and Seabed areas. Digimon data is being used as it was before. Of course techniques and digivolutions will also stay the same. However, I'd like to perform a data check just in case. Before heading out, be sure to save with Guardromon.
Junior: Sure thing! Alright! This'll be fun!

So, that's a little heavy, so let me simplify that: we only have East and Central Sectors to run around in, the Circuit Board and Seabed areas are new maps to account for this, and the Digimon spawns are entirely different. Also, SAVE YOUR GAME because there's no save after beating Galacticmon (or Gallacticmon, the mistake was in this version too).

This is... ugh. You know what I wanted, game? A fun post game. 'What's that? You wanted more tedium and annoyance? SURE!' said the game. Fuck. At least it's been a month since I last played, so I can at least take refuge in the tedium and not jump straight to pure rage.

(We'll get there. Oh, we'll get there, I just fucking KNOW.)

I actually prefer postgames that let you fight the final boss over and over again. But looking past that, it seems...stupid that we don't have access to every single map. Instead, we get like 30%. Maybe if the developers were putting in more than 30% we could have gotten a better game.

This man has his priorities straight.


We're fucked.

The game does, at least, offer an excuse as for why they've restricted us. Apparently the Digital World is somehow a game again, or this is a copy of the Digital World, so we only have access to the two servers while they're getting the rest of the game ready, or...

Fuck. Game! I try and try to give you an out, and then you just shit your pants repeatedly!

I geniunely don't know why the US didn't get a postgame. Was it because we got the game first and the postgame just wasn't ready?

At least Genji still believes in us. It's weird, but somehow Kite has become a celebrity. We're getting the recognition we deserve!

Hey, at least that makes sense.

Also, there are only five Tamer battles left, and you'll know what they are. Every other human NPC will play cards with us, and I do mean EVERY.

I've had enough of the game's bullshit. Also, because fuck having to waste my time grinding these fuckers.

C-C-Cheater! You darned pumpkin eater!

Click for music!

The biggest and most important thing to realize, if you didn't pick up on it earlier, is that everything is finally back to normal. No weird tint to the world, no shitty A.o.A theme blaring constantly, and NO GODDAMN OINKMON.

Oink, oink, bitch.

Ivy: He rebuilt so much of Digimon Online! Maybe you should learn something by watching him!

....What the fuck? Are we in the Twilight Zone?

Hah... I really don't even know what this setting is supposed to be, anymore. Now the Digimon are actually just computer programs, but... they're sentient?

Anyway, let's take care of the whole needing to save bit. As you can see, blitzing through the game takes about 20 hours; our real file is actually at about 90-ish hours. I'm expecting to hit the full 100 by the end of the LP.

Remember this place? This is where the Gabumon card was, back when we first started out the game. Man, that was a long time ago. I remember when I didn't hate this game, and didn't hate Giver nearly as much as I do now.

Character development, hooray! Don't worry, Yeti, I hate you too

Yep, still nothing here.

That, however, suddenly changes the sixth time we examine the area.

Junior: Yes! I got 8500 BIT!!

Interestingly, there are a bunch of chests scattered everywhere. This one holds a Fire Chip.

Everybody we've talked to before is back, and I'm pretty sure they have new card decks, if I were to give a shit about the card game in the slightest.

No, you play the card game. BAD YETI!

What's more, this spot is now considered a fishing point.

Cardmon, blue, 1 card (Booster 1b or R01)

Yes! Every single screen and fishing spot has a unique encounter pool. I won't be redoing all of the bios, but I will post a list of the encounters every time we're in a new screen.

This guy here is talking about the Digimon partners. Unlike before, the Ultimate Digimon we get DDNA from are just chilling in the Circuit Board area, but the rules have changed; all partners need to be at least level 45 before you can fight them. So, if you didn't get all the Digimon during the game proper, or you missed a window of opportunity, guess what you're doing?

More grinding. And once you get the new Digimon partner, you have to grind that one up to level 45 too.

yay what a postgame.

Junior: Did I imagine it? Maybe I should have a look.

Anyway, we all know what's about to happen here.

Five times it's nothing...

And then we finally get a reward the sixth time.

Junior: Hey! Check it out! A "P Members' Card!" A Platinum Members Card! Let's see... What to do with it?

Well, we'll see shortly, but for now we have to check the Water Tower proper.

6 times? Why? I could understand 2-3, but 6?

Nick: Ah! I slipped back into that habit! Ha ha ha!

Nick here will give out a Folder Bag if a player didn't get it earlier.

Let's check out the first use for the Platinum Card.

Mr. Wedge: If that's the case, come this way. I've some fine items!

The best part of this postgame is that we now have access to the Black Market again. Yay? It would have been nice if we didn't have to beat the game first, though.

Or that it didn't get Oink'd earlier?

That's it for Amaterasu City, though, so let's keep moving.

The Amaterasu Seabed is actually the same as it used to be; there are new encounters, though.

-1st screen (below Amaterasu Bridge):
-2nd screen (below Amaterasu Sewer):

There's also this chest to the left of the first screen, remember. Of course, the prize is useless, thanks to the cheating the hard work of whoever provided the save.

Click for music

The sewers have this too. It's equally useless.


More confusing bullshit regarding the construction. All of the entrances to the Admin room have been cut off, which means we don't have access to the Gunslinger.

Co-commentating on this game is so tiring, I bet you feel the same Yeti. Though, I guess it makes sense to restrict access to stuff like the Gunslinger? But that doesn't explain all the other areas.

Fun fact, Kurt's in Datamon's room. It has a proper name, but I don't remember and/or care.

D.O. Operator: Junior, your data is just amazing! I'll definitely use it in setting the game balance.

Oops. Maybe we shouldn't have level 99 partners. This might have backfired a bit. (Please note, the difficulty doesn't scale at all unless the enemy can counter.)

Kurt: Thanks to you, Digimon Online's gonna open again! Thanks a lot! OK, go and have fun!

Click for music

Well that's enough of that.

Kuwagamon (red)
Seadramon (blue)
Cardmon, blue, 2 cards (Booster 4b or R02)
-Kicking trees:
Yanmamon (green)
Cardmon, yellow, 2 cards (Booster 9b or R03)

Central Park basically folds in all the enemies from Asuka Central Park, Asuka Plug Cape, and Asuka West Wire Forest.

The other half of the Platinum Card is to unlock Super Training for every training, including the Elemental trainings. This is also useless, because, well, just take a look at Veemon's stats.

There's also an Armor Chip up here.

Lisa: I'm so thrilled we have the chance to play again!

Lisa will also play cards with us. Fuck that.

Card games Noooooo! Not the grinding! Anything but that!! Fuck off with this random-ass fusions!!

Plug Cape is Plug Cape. No new chests, but if you don't have the Kicking Boots you can talk to the Soccer Kid and he'll give you them so long as you have the Folder Bag.

-Entrance and down, walking far from the water:
Goburimon (green)
-Down, walking close to the water:
Tortomon (yellow)
ShogunGekomon (red)
-Near and up the ladder:
Triceramon (blue)
Airdramon (red)
MegaSeadramon (blue head)
Cardmon, blue, 4 cards (Booster 5b or R02)
-Kicking Trees:
Kokatorimon (brown)
Cardmon, yellow, 2 cards (Booster 8b or R03)

Guilmon: ...limits. But I hear the Circuit Board has been improved!


Same deal with the Fishing Pole and the old man as with the Kicking Boots and the Soccer Kid.

-Walking near the entrance:
Yanmamon (yellow)
-Walking on the sand near the water:
Cardmon, blue, 1 card (Booster 2b or R01)
-Kicking Trees:
Flymon (yellow)
Cardmon, yellow, 1 card (Booster 2b or R01)

It's worth noting that every NPC Digimon is in the post-game; all the trainers, and all the Digimon partners we can talk to normally.

Wire Forest Entrance:
Kokatorimon (white)
Cardmon, blue, 2 cards (Booster 3b or R01)
-Kicking Trees:
Cardmon, yellow, 1 card (Booster 3b or R01)

Tamer Mitsuko: I'm you're biggest fan! Oh, I feel faint!

Oh, game, you were doing so well with the whole no typos thing. Though, granted, that's probably because there's no more plot-related dialogue for the game to fuck up. Anyway, like I said, we're finally getting the recognition we deserve.

Click for ambience

West Wire Forest:
Mammothmon (brown)
Airdramon (white)
Scorpiomon (black)
Cardmon, black, 4 cards (Booster 14b or R05)
-Kicking Trees:
Woodmon (green)
Cardmon, yellow, 3 cards (Booster 10b or R04)

It's worth noting that this is the best place to grind, thanks to the Scorpiomon. Remember, beating it gives us at least 9 DV Exp, as well as a chance to get some extra TP 5 Chips. Plus the reward money and EXP is pretty good.


Tamer Alexei: ...that if I became human again, I'd quit drinking!

East Wire Forest:
Flymon (pink)
Kuwagamon (green)
Blossomon (blue)
-Kicking Trees:
Cardmon, yellow, 3 cards (Booster 11b or R04)

For now, we're going to ignore Protocol Forest. We'll be heading there later, don't worry.

Digimon Fan Emmie: Even if only once, I'd love to run into one of those!

Let's take a break from going through the available areas and check out the Forest Inn. Up here, Emmie is telling us about the weapon forgers. Naturally, since we don't have access to the other sectors, we can't go about and get the ultimate weapons forged - if we hadn't done it already, of course. Like the Ultimate Digimon, all of the forgers are in the Circuit Board. To get those guys to show up, you need all eight partner Digimon at level 45+. From there, it's basically the same deal as before - give them the items they want, and you get the weapon.

OK, I hate this. You can't forge the Ultimate Weapons anymore?

Guilmon: Maybe it was filled in while under maintenance.

At least they fixed the gaping hole in the wall.

Click for music

Back on track, Divermon's Lake is still the exact same.

Divermon's Lake:
Tortomon (blue)
ShogunGekomon (blue)
Blossomon (pink)
Cardmon, blue, 4 cards (Booster 6b or R02)
-Kicking Trees:
Cardmon, yellow, 3 cards (Booster 12b or R04)

Another stat chip in the same place we found Nick, a while ago.

Click for ambience

Wind Prairie:
Triceramon (red)
Snimon (green)
Antylamon (light brown)
-Kicking Trees:
Snimon (red)
Cardmon, yellow, 4 transparent cards (Booster 13b or R01)

Click for ambience

Kicking Forest is the last new walking area; I'm also putting off Tyranno Valley for the moment.

Kicking Forest:
-Walking, most of the area:
Mammothmon (white)
Cherrymon (green)
-Walking, crossing the bridge near the East Station, and some random patches of land:
Ebidramon (pink)
Cardmon, black, 4 cards (Booster 7b or R03)
-Kicking trees:
Cherrymon (red)
Cardmon, yellow, 4 cards (Booster 15b or R05)

There's a lot of dangerous Digimon here, so be careful.

D.O. Staff: I'm sorry, but you must withdraw from here.

It's pretty obvious, so just for confirmation, we can't actually go into South Sector.

Click for music

That's everything for the dry land, so let's start with the Seabeds. These are different from what they used to be, thanks to the game restricting us to just the two Sectors. This Seabed entrance in Kicking Forest links up with the one in Central Park.

Central Park-Kicking Forest, from left to right, starting at Central Park:
-1st screen (below Central Park)
-2nd screen:
Ebidramon (red)
-3rd screen:
Ebidramon (red)
-4th screen:
Ebidramon (red)
-5th screen:
Ebidramon (red)
-6th screen:
Ebidramon (red)
-7th screen:
Ebidramon (red)
-8th screen:
Ebidramon (red)
-9th screen (below Kicking Forest):

Yes, that is in fact nine screens of encounters you see there. And they must have done something weird to the controls, because it felt really awkward to control Submarimon. I mean, even moreso than the usual tank controls. Or maybe it was the month-long break, I don't know.

Yeah, your mind isn't acclimated to its bullshit anymore. And yet, you jumped right back into this game.

These two treasures are in the Seabed. This is how the game gets around the whole not being able to create the weapons if you don't have the materials; the shops in Qing Long and Amaterasu Cities still sell the other items needed to combine to form the ultimate weapons.

Oh. Phew. They still provide you with a way to do that. I was about to have an anuerysm.

The Kaiser Fist this time, and it's courtesy of the Shell Beach Seabed.

Shell Beach:
-1st screen (below Shell Beach):
Seadramon (orange)
-2nd screen:
Seadramon (orange)
-3rd screen:
Seadramon (orange)
-4th screen (dead end):
MegaSeadramon (blue head)
Scorpiomon (yellow)

Plug Beach has two more weapons, the ones for making Patamon/Renamon's weapon, and the one for making Kotemon's weapon.

Plug Cape:
-1st screen (below Plug Cape):
-2nd screen:
-3rd screen:
Whamon (white)
MetalSeadramon (platinum)
-4th screen:
-5th screen:
-6th screen (dead end):
Whamon (black)
MetalSeadramon (platinum)

The colors might be a little off, since this listing is different from the bestiary I use, but they should be close enough to match. Anyway, it's not like it really matters all that much, right?

Clearly unacceptable. Leave, Yeti.

Finally, Divermon's Lake; I'll be coming here eventually for another reason, so we're only gonna deal with the Seabed and not Duel Island.

Divermon's Lake-Duel Island, from left to right, starting at the 2nd screen to
the left of Divermon's Lake:
-2nd screen to the left (dead end):
MegaSeadramon (yellow head)
MetalSeadramon (golden)
-1st screen to the left:
MegaSeadramon (yellow head)
-starting screen (below Divermon's Lake):
-1st screen to the right:
-2nd screen to the right (below Duel Island):

Whoo. That's a lot of Digimon. And we still haven't fought them all, since a good half of the encounters are in the Circuit Board. Regardless, we're at a good stopping point, so I'll pick up next time in Qing Long City. We're gonna have some fun.

Or, uh, as much fun as you can have in this game.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates!