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Part 31: To Be the Best

Update 31: To Be the Best

I know it's been a long time since we first started playing this game, but remember our original goal?

Guide posted:

Objective: The goal in Digimon Online is to become the strongest of the over 200,000 players and become World Champ. Only Server Champs, the winner of the Server Tournaments, can enter the World Champ Tournament. You must defeat the 4 City Leaders in order to enter the Server Tournament, so good luck!

How about we finally get around to that, then.

Click for music

Qing Long City is the only other city in the postgame; the usual suspects are in the same place as before, so you can still rest at an inn, save, adjust your Digimon party, deal with card packs, and all that fun stuff.

Airdramon: Hey! What's all that racket out there!

This guy right here. He's probably the least shitty character in this game. We just asked him to help, and then he did without asking for a bullshit fetch quest or anything.

You're in my good graces, my guy.

Except triggering that was completely optional.

Tamer Andy: I'll tell you now, you'll be no match for me!

I don't even know who this idiot is. I have a sneaking suspicion we fought him in the regular game, but like every NPC all he wants to do now is play cards.

Go ahead, Yeti! Play cards! DO ITTTT. You know you want to.

Teddy's also hanging around Qing Long.

Teddy: I'm doing just great, of course! He he he.

Garudamon Guardromon: I'll do my best to protect Digimon Online!

Wow. Fucking wow.

Did I... Did I just miss that the first time? I could have sworn she was named Garudamon there... It really does say something about the quality of this game that I can't remember if they've misspelled it every time or just here.

Any goons feel like double checking? I sure as hell don't.


...the fuck?

Sarah: Then again the Seiryu leader is handsome too!

Emily the Photographer: Wow! I'm such a big fan of yours! Can I take a photo?


Our first stop (though, only first because I'm doing these guys in the order we fought them, the postgame bosses can be fought in any order) is Gary Oak the Chinron the Qing Long leader.

Chinron Leader: Ah, I see you have all 5 strongest Epic Items! OK then, I will battle you! Bring it on!

Alright, so here's the thing - you need to have all 5 of the strongest weapons forged, or the Leaders won't fight you.

Fortunately, we have all of those, so fuck having to go through the Circuit Board again.

The Leader battles are just the few Digimon that were boss-related and weren't Black Digimon. I'm not going to bother with the fight videos for these nerds again.

Chiron Leader: ...Epic Items! Keep it up, and you'll go straight to the top!

There's only two areas we haven't explored yet, so let's get to that.

Shakkoumon: We owe it all to Kurt and his amazing staff!

Not anything at all with the people that, y'know, saved the world or anything. Not anything to do with us at all. Nope.

(fuck this game)

I just complimented you, gam- Ah, fuck it. I just don't care anymore.

Click for ambience

Our next stop on our quest for total domination is the Protocol areas, Protocol Forest and Protocol Ruins. When I first explored the world two updates ago, I just skipped over them, since I knew we'd be coming back anyway.

-Walking in the open (near the entrances):
Minotarumon (brown)
Dokugumon (black)
-Walking inside the deep forest in the middle:
Goburimon (red)
Dokugumon (red)

Tamer Akiba: I've come back to Digimon Online. La la-la la la--la!

Nobody cares.

Click for music

Though, really there's nothing interesting in Protocol Forest itself, everything we want is in here.

Minotarumon (white)

Tamer Gon: Woops! Some habits are hard to stop!

I'm so confused by this guy, honestly. Why? Why is hiding a habit when you're playing a video game? Are you one of those assholes that glitches into ridiculous spots in MMOs and then promises ridiculous rewards if anyone finds you?

"Video games mimic real life. "

More importantly, Baronmon is just chilling out here, mainly because the South Sector isn't available in the postgame. And Baronmon offers a very important service.

Baronmon: I am in charge of account changes. If a Digimon wishes to change his name, he must do so here!

That's right! We can rename our Digimon (though not ourselves, sadly, so Kite will stay Junior for the duration of this).

There we go, a terrible wrong has been righted.


Armed with the terrible might of Fuzzums, Mawuh, and Ninetail(s), let's continue on with destroying all of the Leaders.

Yeah, I'm not sure how they mistranslated Qing Long Leader, especially since the city name is correct.

Our resident translation goon will be appalled here. Not that this is a new fuckup for the game. ...Should have kept a tally.

Zhu Que Leader: ...the 5 strongest Epic Items. You aren't half bad! Very well. Show me what you've got. I'll fight you now!

Cherrymon (Red), Zanbamon, and...

... That cat.

Oh no... Furries...



The reason I waited was because there's two Leaders in the Protocol Ruins, so I just wanted to get them out of the way at the same time.

Bai Hu Leader: ...strongest Epic Items, are they? I never dreamed a tamer would actually be able to get them! You may be able to entertain me yet! Very well, come at me then. And don't let me down!

I give the game shit for, well basically everything, since let's face it it's more than earned at this point, but I do appreciate the small differences in the NPC dialogue. I fully expected the game to just copy-paste the pre-fight dialogue, to be honest.

Gryphonmon, MetalSeadramon, and HiAndromon. It's worth noting that Gryphonmon and Cherrymon are, in fact, random encounters in other areas, if for some reason you still want to play this game after beating all the bosses.

Finally, the last area I haven't shown off.

Click for ambience

Tyranno Valley has a weird mix of Digimon.

-Walking, most of the area
-Walking, small patch of land down the ladder to the right near the entrance:

The MetalTyrannomon are encountered in the landing spot after we jump off the higher cliff, if it's not clear. Then again, none of these environments are very clear, so my way of putting it probably didn't help much.

Nope, I've been lost the whole game. Go back and redo it. Noob LPer, report.

I was only half sarcastic.

You're right, you've been lost the whole game

Veteran Shiro: ...real tamer too!

Tamer Haruko: Wow! One tamer saved the entire world!

It's a weird mix of the NPCs having no idea who the fuck we are, and then the other NPCs idolizing us. Maybe only the human players know what we did?

Fucking right. I want a holiday in Kite'sJunior's name.

Anyway, let's just get this over with.

Xuan Wu Leader: ...but unless you have the 5 Epic Items... What? You have them? ..........Alright, I guess I'll have to fight you then. But I ain't going to go easy on you, so watch out!


SkullMammothmon, WaruMonzaemon, and Whamon. Whamon is a random encounter in the Plug Cape Seabed.

Now. We've beat all four Leaders.

Time to fight the final boss of the game.

Arena Reception: Please, proceed to the Arena!
Junior: Uh... who exactly do I fight now?
Arena Reception: Heh heh heh! You'll just have to wait and see! Go on. Your opponent is already waiting!
Junior: Alright! The strongest tamer!

The elevator descends, and we've finally done it - we've finally found a new area in the postgame.

Oh my god, I didn't think they had it in them.

This is so cool, guys. Excitement.

Junior: So, this is the Arena. I wonder which guy's my opponent? I'm ready!

Bam. Here we are, the final fight... and it's against Kurt.

Oh, hey. They didn't forget about him!

Kurt: Hey! Junior! I knew you'd go all the way!
Junior: Huh? Kurt? Don't tell me you're the strongest tamer!
Kurt: That's right! I'm glad to be facing you here. I've always wanted to fight you all-out!
Junior: I've felt the same! There's no worthier opponent than you!
Kurt: Ha ha! I'm going to enjoy this! Let the fun begin! Don't hold back!

So, we could ask a few questions, like 'Why is Kurt the strongest tamer? Did he just cheat his way into the position as the guy who made this thing?' or 'Why the hell would Kite think Kurt's a worthy opponent when we've only met him once, and he was dressed as a Numemon at the time?'

Those are valid complaints. Kurt was never presented all that well. He was pig'd too early.

Click for music! This is a pro-click.

Too repetitive for my tastes, actually.

It's excellent at getting you in the zone when you're trying to figure out your best move when playing the game, in my opinion! It's got a little drive to the beat, but it's not too in your face about it.

Ahem. Instead, I will invite you all to not worry about the game's gaping plot holes and just watch the fight. The music is pretty amazing.

Kurt leads off with Datamon, and I've sent out Mr. Fuzzums to capitalize on the elemental weakness I can hit with Marsmon. More importantly, Fuzzums is tanky, and that's needed; Datamon hits four times per attack, remember, and can use Auto-Recover to get back 2/3rds of the damage I can deal in one turn. At about 25% health left, Datamon turns into a slugfest.

For reference, Fuzzums is hitting his weakest defence, with max attack AND an elemental weakness, and I'm still only doing 666 damage. (nice)

Dang. Datamon is annoying as shit. At least Auto Recover uses up his turn.

First one down.

Next up is Bulbmon. Why Kurt's using an A.o.A Digimon I don't know, but whatever.

I'm countering with Ninetails to strike at Bulbmon's Thunder weakness coupled with low Wisdom, which means the Magic attacks are extra powerful.

Problem is, Mad Pump is Physical-based, and Ninetails isn't the most durable. That was one hit, by the way, with max stats on my Digimon. You NEED to have high-leveled Digimon, and you NEED to have high stats. If you don't, you will get wiped easily.

Still, I managed to take it down without much trouble.

Kurt's final Digimon is Armageddemon, the miniboss we fought on the Gunslinger.

It's still just as weak to fire as it was then.

And guess what I discovered while experimenting?

Diaboromon and Imperialdramon-P (Paladin mode) can DNA digivolve.

This is AncientGreymon.

AncientGreymon says fuck your shit.

This, by the way, was the attack that one-shot Persiamon. It did barely HALF of Armageddemon's HP.

You need strong Digimon or you will lose.

Good. This time the game has a good excuse for making you grind.

Fortunately, Mawuh still has access to Giga Fire, and murders the ever-loving shit out of Armageddemon.

Congratulations, Giver. We did it. We beat the final fight of this game.


Kurt: Congratulations, Junior! You beat me fair and square! Now you're the new strongest tamer!
Junior: Thank you!
Kurt: Soon Digimon Online will be restored. As the first World Champion, you should take on all the challengers that'll come from around the world.
Junior: Me? The first World Champ? Well, I'll try to do my best!
Kurt: I'll be counting on you! You still have some time though. Until then, fight more and get even stronger!
Junior: Don't worry. I'm going to be the strongest World Champ ever!

Kurt, my guy, I've got every Digimon at level 99 with 999 stats in everything. I got this shit.

Arena Reception: But, you have only just begun your tamer training. I wish good luck to you and all the Digimon!

This... This is what victory feels like.

Goodbye everyone!