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Original Thread: X-ceeding X-pectations.... Let's Play Digimon World 4 [SSLP]



Let’s Play Digimon World 4!

Q: What is this game?
A: This game is the 4th installment of the Digimon World series, hence the 4 in the title. The Digimon World series allows you to enter the Digital World and save the day by beating up the baddy of the week. Now, this one is a little different from the others. The first 3, and the other DS games, all star a human with Digimon allies, whether one or many. In this game, you actually are the Digimon! Digimon World as a series tries to combine pet-raising with RPG aspects, with some success. More information on the whole game thing later.

Q: What’s Digimon?
A: If you need to ask this, welcome to the future. They started out as little pets on a keychain (like a Tamagotchi). Eventually, this little pocket game got an anime and a card game and became a huge thing.

Q: No….what’s a Digimon?
A:Well, a Digimon is short for Digital Monster – it’s a monster that is digital. Get it? But really, Digimon are creatures that live in a parallel universe that is essentially our internet – makes you wonder what the SA forums look like on there.

Most of the Digimon World games are grind-tastic. This one is slightly less so, though if you want the powerful items (and we want the powerful items) there will be some time sunk into this. This game is pretty playable, and can only get ridiculous if you try for some of the extra stuff. This game sometimes makes me hate myself for playing it, though it's not all that bad. Some of the dungeons have some weird design decisions, though.

If you feel like listening to the game's music, I’ll be linking them when it becomes relevant. There will also be some gameplay videos, so watch those if you want.

Anime derails are forbidden
I know that the anime is “highly controversial”, which is a nice way of saying “two best friends would kill each other over it”, and so I don’t want that talk in the thread. Feel free to discuss the other games, though.

After all said and done, I do enjoy the game. Without further ado…Let’s Play Digimon World 4!

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