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Part 1: Enough with the words!

Update One – Enough with the words!

You should probably watch this

We open with some pretty chill music.

Oh yes, before I forget, my comments will be in italics. Everything else is from the game.

Lots of in this update. Let’s get started, shall we?

This is the character select screen. We can either Create a Digimon, which is what we'll be doing, or Call one, which is essentially loading your game.

For the purposes of this first post, to get some story, I'll be using a Dorumon called Doru. You goons get to choose my Digimon and name that I'll be using.

We'll be seeing this a lot. It comes up every time that you change screen or go into a shop menu.

We're greeted by a Digi-Elf and some new music.

: otherwise known as the D.S.G. We are Digi-Elves. Our role is to support the D.S.G. It's a pleasure working with you! We'd love to throw you a welcome party... But an error occurred in this Home Server System a short while ago.

Uh oh. That doesn't sound good. Hopefully we can still go kill stuff.

: all functions other than the Call Keeper, Save Keeper, and Bank Keeper are down. The Gate to the Outside World is also closed, so you can't go to the other servers. To tell the truth, we've never experienced anything like this before, and I'm a little worried. But we have our D.S.G. I'm sure everything will be alright!

Oh yes, because we have to solve all problems.

All members who just logged in, report to Commander Ophanimon immediately.

This Ophanimon seems important. We should therefore ignore his orders and explore, right?

: Wow, you've been called already! You should find Commander Ophanimon in the Commander Room. Use the Gate to the Commander Room to get to there. Good luck!

Now that we're given free reign, it's time to look around and ignore our orders from a commanding officer. Our HUD is in the bottom left hand of the screen - we have 170 Health and 60 MP at Lv 1. We are playing as a Dorumon.

Now for the portals. From top-right going counter-clockwise, we have

The Heal Circle - this restores all health and magic power.

The Gate to the Outside World - this allows us to go into battle and kill stuff.

and the Gate to the Commander Room. This is where we're supposed to go, but I haven't finished exploring yet.

In the bottom-right, there are stairs to an upstairs level. Up here we have some more digi-elves and another portal.

In the top half, we have a digi-elf that wants to talk.

: We apologize for the inconvenience. Please be patient, it will take a while.

Well, that's all for that side. It's pretty empty up here.

On the other side, we have a new portal, the Emergency Gate. This will be used when we teleport out of dungeons in specific areas.

There is also an Elf that can Call Digimon to join our game, but I'm playing this alone, so we won't need to use her.

In the bottom right, we have some more Digi-Elves and an Agumon.

: The Commander Room is not on the same floor as the Main Lobby. You must use a Gate Circle to get there.

: You must be the new D.S.G members who joined us today. Let's work together to protect the peace of the Digital World. Everyone is counting on you.

: I need to see Chief Leomon, but I can't seem to find him. That's strange. I guess I'll look around one more time to find him.

If we go back down to the first floor, the Digi-Elf that was talking to us earlier has a little more to say.

: Remember. In an actual battle, you can only use the Weapon Unit set in the first slot.

She mentions Weapon Units. Each character starts out with three weapons - one of their specialty, a gun, and an arm. Since we're using Dorumon, we have a Katana, a bash weapon equipped in our hand, even though we can't use it in Home Server. If we chose someone else, we would have a different first weapon. However, we'll see weapons next update.

There's an exit to the south. Taking it brings up this screen

Get used to this screen. Learn to love it.

We are now in the Shop Area. Right in front of us is the Disk Shop. I'll get to these eventually as well, when we need to use their services.

Clockwise, we also have

a Bank Keeper...

the Chip Shop...

and the Armor Shop.

There wasn't a shop to the north because there's a branching path there. Following it leads us to MetalEtemon, who runs the Junk Shop.

There's also a Digi-Elf here.

: I noticed that Commander Ophanimon has been jacked into his energy pod all day. I think this is the first time this has happened. I wonder what's going on?

There are also a few other Digimon wandering around. There's a Veemon, Dorumon, and Agumon. Talking to each gets us some dialog that's not all that important.

: Today, I'm supposed to go play with Guilmon in the Yamato Server. I wonder what we're going to do? I'm really looking forward to it.

: I just joined the D.S.G. not too long ago too. We're both newbies. Let's work together.

: Listen up newbie. We can now use weapons and armor when in battle. You'll need to become proficient in using weapons and armor in order to be considered an true D.S.G. member.

Back in the original room we were in (the Lobby), there was an exit to our left. Taking that leads us to a place that is magical and filled with useful things. and PrinceMamemon.

We have some more Keepers to talk to. From the starting place, going clockwise again, we have...

the Save Keeper, who allows us to save our game;

another Bank Keeper;

the X-Data Keeper, which we can't do much with right now;

and the Card Keeper, who opens our booster packs.

In between the X-Data Keeper and the Bank Keeper, we have

the Digi-Lab, which will become extremely useful for us when we want better weapons.

There's also a branch between the Save Keeper and the Bank Keeper, which leads to

the Appraisal Keeper, and

this idiot. Meet PrinceMamemon.

: I have so many interesting Items, but none that I really like. If monsieur would like my Items, please make a trade with me.

Almost all of his lines are delivered with a French accent. It's pretty bad, non?

So he will trade us items for Key Chains, something that the game fails to tell you. I can't tell you how many times I tried to trade in my crappy swords before I figured that out as a kid.

There are also some Digi-friends walking around.

: Keep walking! Keep walking! Walking is very good for your health. Good news. We'll be walking a lot more. Let's go. One, two! One two!

: Did you know that some strange virus program was found? We still don't know the details. I hope there's nothing wrong.

: What should I digivolve into this time? I hope I can be a cool Digimon like the Commander.

: If you use a digivolve technique it restarts from Level 1. Be careful!

: What? Commander Ophanimon has called you to the Command Room? Then what are you doing hanging around here? You'd better hurry up and go there pronto!

Oh shut up, I'm getting to it.

: If you're destroyed out in the field, you'll lose all the BITS you've collected. That's why it's best to deposit your BITS in the bank.

: This server maintenance was not scheduled. I wonder what happened. Various systems are not functioning, because of maintenance. We are encountering serious technical difficulties.

: Commander Ophanimon is one of the greatest Digimon, [sic] ever to lead the D.S.G. Everyone at the D.S.G. loves and respects him.

: Our job is to protect the peace of Digital World. I hope you'll do your best. I'm counting on you!

you really shouldn't.

Now, at the top (north side) of the map, we find a branch. It can be found because of this giant battery thing.

You should probably remember how to get here. It will become necessary later.

Following this path will lead us to a computer system. Wait....huh? A computer a computer world?

Trying to use it will net us this line:


There are also some Digi-Elves here that want to talk.

: You can exchange your BITS for various Items. Of course, better Items and stronger weapon units are worth more BITS.

: We, the D.S.G., are like the police of Digital World. I'm proud to have good people like you on our team.

: Commander Ophanimon is the great leader of the D.S.G. Let me tell you something. I'm Commander Ophanimon's biggest fan!

Oh god another one. Who is this Ophanimon anyway? I want to meet him wait shit wasn't I supposed to be doing that?

: I don't have enough BITS to buy a present for the girl that I like. I have to try harder and collect more.

: We are Digi-Elves. We are programs created to maintain the Digital World. That's the reason everyone here is an excellent worker.

: There are only a few Digimon and Digi-Elves in the Main Lobby. Everyone else is working in the other servers or fields.

: The Digital World is currently comprised of 16 servers including this one here. This server, called the Home Server is at the center of it all.

: Listen, sometimes a data crystal appears in this world. We call them BITS. These BITS are important because they make new data. That's why they're used as currency in the servers. Be sure to collect as much as you can.

8 Bits to a byte. So I can convert our cash into smaller numbers for ease of discussing them! Yay.

Fine I'll go to the Commander Room jeez.

Once we arrive there we are immediately accosted. To some new music, too.

: You'll be a great help. We're locked inside this server due to a system error... Not many D.S.G. members are left here, so everyone was worried.

: If you need help, ask the Digi-Elves on this floor first. They're familiar with the systems of this world. They'll surely give you useful advice. Also, you'll need to learn Digivolve Techniques to digivolve into other Digimon forms. Some Digivolve Techniques can be acquired by raising your level... and others are given to you as a reward for accomplishing special quests. So, I suggest you take all special quests whenever possible.

This is a lie. Only 4 actually matter.

Oh god he's going to kill me for being late, isn't he sorry but exploring came first

: The Commander is in the last room along the hallway to your upper right. Be sure you behave in front of him, okay? Well then. You'd better go now We're counting on you to protect the peace in the Digital World.

Okay, so we're good. We can go see Ophanimo - ooh look people to talk to

: This is the Commander Room. It is the center of the D.S.G. This area can control all the conditions of Digital World.

: The Digital World is controlled by a program referred to as the Prophecy. This Commander Room is the only place where the Prophecy can be accessed.

So basically this place is like the Bible and the world is run on what's inside it? Man, religion is weird.

Fine I'll go see Ophanimon god. No time to talk to every single one of those help elves. Those things took up like 200 images, if you're wondering about the soon-to-happen jump in file number.

Going up and to the right takes us here. I wasn't joking about the file number jump.

When you go up to talk to him he swivels around in his chair but I wasn't able to catch that, sorry.

: Welcome to the D.S.G.! I'm the commander, Ophanimon. D.S.G. is a very important section that maintains the safety of all Digital Worlds. Let's fight together to maintain the peace of this world. I'm counting on you!

Do I get to kill stuff now?

: but before that, I have a special mission for you. This mission if you chose [sic] to accept it... Ha ha, how cliche was that?! I'm sure you have already heard that the server is experiencing some difficulties. Actually, a while ago, we lost contact with another server called the YAMATO server within the Digital World. Immediately thereafter, a mysterious server area called Death Valley appeared. Since then, the malfunction error has spread throughout the server...

I do enjoy when a game pokes fun at itself.

If I know anything about Digimon, he's dead. Leomon always dies.

: But ever since they entered Death Valley, we lost contact with them. We highly doubt that they forgot to contact us, and so we suspect foul play.

Yep so dead

: If you find them, I would like for you to rescue them and bring them back. You are our only hope. We'll be counting on you!

Use the Digivolving, Luke.

Well, we can just get out of there and head out to the Outside World.

Right here.

If you'll notice, only Death Valley is available.

But that's next time, for the next update. Remember, you goons choose my character and name. I'll work with what you give me. Bold your choices or they don't count.

Now seems like a good time to explain the characters. We have the following as ones we can choose now:
Dorumon - His name is short for Digital Or Unknown Monster. In this game, he has the following traits
Dorumon is kind of the mascot of Digimon World 4. If you watched the video of the intro, you'll notice that almost every scene revolved around him. In fact, those scenes were from the Digimon X-Evolution movie, which starred Dorumon.

Agumon - He's the star of Season 1 of the anime. In this game, he has the following traits
Agumon is the go-to guy when people think of Digimon. The stubby orange dinosaur that breathes fire was my favorite for a while, too.

Veemon - Premiering in Season 2, this little dude is pretty relaxed...most of the time. His traits are
Veemon has a hard head, in more ways than one. NOT LIKE THAT YOU PERVERTS.

Guilmon - The star of Season 3. In this game, he has the following abilities
Guilmon is kind of cool - he apparently holds the power to break the Digital World, but it's held back by the mark on his chest.

Oh, and before anyone comments...

You have 8 letters to work with.

Sorry for all the this update. This is the last one that should be this bad, because I probably won't bother ever talking to NPCs again, unless they have something for me.