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Part 2: Bonus Digimon Run-Down

Bonus Update 1: Digimon Run-Down

Alright, so I guess I should go into detail about the choices, right?

Okay then.


Agumon starts at 180 HP and 50 MP. His lowest stat is Wisdom, so he'll do less magic damage. This goes great with the fact that he has about 4 casts of magic before running dry, so he's definitely a physical emphasis.

He comes pre-equipped with the "Blunt Axe", his starter weapon.

He also comes with Petty Fire, the starting fire magic (it's fireball.)


Veemon is a little squishier at 160/70. His lowest stat is Spirit, though if you notice his Strength is way down. That's because Veemon is more magic-oriented. Spirit being low means that Veemon will miss more and block less.

He comes with the "Slash Sword", his specific starter.

He starts with Petty Lightning, the starting lightning magic.


Guilmon is the mage of the group. He has a lot of magic charges, and a lot of magic to use. 65 speed means he's slow though.

His "Stab Dagger" is the starting Stab weapon.

His Petty Fire will hit for more than Agumon's, and I'd be relying on it a lot more.


Dorumon is kind of in the middle. With meh Strength and Wisdom, he relies on equipment for the way he develops.

The "Bash Katana" is the Bash starter.

Petty Ice is kind of fun to use though.

That's about all for the Starter Digimon rundown. Not much is special. Rest assured, I'll be able to cover for most shortcomings with the equipment that I can find, so those don't matter all that much. I'll be covering each stat separately in the next real update during the tutorial. All you really need to know is that bigger numbers = better numbers.

Each one, when they hit Level 16, can change into another of the starters. So if you don't get your choice picked, there's always next time.

Voting will end on August 26, and I will announce the winner the day after. So get your votes in now!