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Part 7: Your Orders are Clear

Update 6: Your Orders are Clear

So I was selling off stuff in the market in order to make room for more stuff.

Do you know how many Gate Disks I could by for that amount?!

Neither do I.

So back onto schedule, I visited the Digi-Lab to equip my new shiny weapon.

So of course I equipped the other one.

I did this because I only have one chip - chips are that Fire PWR thing I picked up last update. They go in the mod slots, of which the Long Sword Alpha has one.

Also picked up last update was a Booster Pack.

gotta collect 'em all

There are 90 different cards. From what I can tell, there's no importance to getting all of them. If you know any different, please tell me.

That Agumon looks cool though.

Fastforward to where we need to be....

Remember, the Digi-Elf Expedition told us we needed both ID cards to continue. Now that we have both...

We have access to the Goblin Fortress.

Well, technically it's just the Fortress, but it might as well be called the Goblin Fortress.

You see, the only enemies in this area are Goburimon.

Lots of them.

This many, in fact. This is just one wave. in one room.

There are usually 50 - 100 Goburimon per room.

So, our orders?

it's always bad when I can open up MS Paint. always


So, the Goblin Fortress. Lots of Goburimon, lots of Tech Ups. I entered this place with 76 Tech. Remember that.

After wiping out the forces in the main room, the bottom part opens up.

There are a bunch of crates in the bottom section. When we hit them one does this:


That Goburimon face is so damn smug. It resets all Goburimon spawn.

So guess what that means?

agh surprise Goblins

We get to kill those things again.

The top side of the room has four little passageways that Goburimon come out of.

Also level up because documenting those things is important.

That's the Guard Barracks or Guard Room or whatever. It also happens to be my favorite place to grind weapon techs.

Next, we head over to the Rotating Hall. It's called that for a reason.

But first though, more Goburimon killings.

kill everything ahahahahah

The main floor has about 30 Goburimon. After we wipe them out, a door on the right side opens. It leads to the reason this is called the Rotating Hall.

There's a giant spiral staircase that has about 60 Goburimon on it in total. 6 per segment, 10 segments.

I love this place.

oh fuck you too.

Halfway up there's another Goblin block :arg:

Eventually we'll make it up there. The checkerboard pattern means that we're at the top. Fortunately.

There are two exits up here, one to the GobGob room and one to the X-Digimon Lab. We'll be heading to the more genocide GobGob Room first.

But first, killing all Goburimon that remain.

this proves murder yields awesome

Also level.

Going back all the way up to the top of the hall, the GobGob Room is on the left.


After killing everything in here (main room + two wings) the top door opens. This leads to a place.

This place, to be precise. But we'll be going there later.

One blood-stained GobGob Room later...

And now into the X-Digimon Lab.

immediately off the bat.

Stopping the data scan of Digimon No. 01 and conversion to Mecha Rogue.

Well now that's interesting. What's Mecha Ro


Well then.


This guy is a pushover. He only has two attacks:

the Dash-Slice oh shut up they don't have real names, where he starts dashes and then slices at you. It's about 20-30 damage.

and the Stun Gun. He stuns you then instantly kills you with his gun. Interestingly, he actually grabs you and so you can't move.

Yes I deliberately let him grab me here to show it off.

On the way back I leveled up.


By this point I got Shot up to 210 and switched back to my dagger.

So what do I do to this guy?

I stunlock him.
Really. Watch the video.

He's a pushover.

gives good experience though

and 20 X-Data too

But now Leomon is free. Prepare for

This is the Doom Server. A brilliant world created by us.
Hey, who's there in my head?
We are the new rulers of this world, the Mecha Rogue!
No, I'm not. I am, yes, Leomon. It was that time when I was taken deep inside the Doom Server and the X virus... Unngh....Arrrgh! No, my body...

oh no Leomon's schizo now we're too late

I added those breaks to make it clear when he stopped talking as Leomon, by the way.

I need to report what I saw to Ophanimon.

fucker better not have used one of my Gate Disks

Back in the Commander's Room...

there's actually no music during this talk. It's quite disconcerting.

But I wonder what could make even Leomon like that? According to him, the other Digimon were attacked and captured.


I see....That's what I thought. Just as we thought, the program that was reconfiguring Leomon's body is the same as the unknown program spreading around Digital World.

is probably able to recofigure various Digital Data. If that's true, then the Doom Server, which is the Unknown Server that suddenly appeared may be the Yamato Server that we lost contact with earlier. We can't just sit here! The Digi-Elves are still in Death Valley. Here's the Boat Key from Leomon. Will you use it to save them?

The normal music resumes now, which helps.

I think you are perfectly capable of completing this mission. Please. You are our only hope.

Ooh I know this! Do I get to go into some bar with kickin' music and meet a smuggler?

For... Oh, no! I can't remember anything after that. Why me?! Why?!

because you're a Leomon and everybody knows Leomon dies first

With Leomon relaxing in Home Server (this definitely will never come up again) we end off this episode.

For those who care about it GenocideGoblin Fortress