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Part 11: Bonus No Place Like

Because I have some time to burn, I figured I'd go over some of the things in Home Server that I've glossed over.

So here we go: Bonus Update 2: No Place Like

We start out in Central Area. We'll talk to the card guy, since we've seen him and have a booster pack.

Nothing good. Dang.

And this stores all of our cards. We now have 6 cards. Yay.

Next up is the X Data Keeper. We've ignored him because I don't really use his services much.

He uses the X Data we've been collecting to up stats of the Digimon and the Ability Chips.

The cost for upgrading the stat is prohibitively expensive for only 1 point in whatever paramter is chosen.

Chips can be upgraded too, usually for added bonuses.

i'm king of the world

Next up is the Market Area.

The Chip shop allows us to buy Chips, instead of just finding them around. I pick up a few things that I'll show later.

The Junk Shop: it doesn't sell anything until we donate BITS. But it does sell really good stuff.

I donated 1,000 BITS.

IF YOU ARE PLAYING ALONG, DO THIS. It's necessary to proceed in the game.

The Digi-Lab will be covered later, but it allows you to Digivolve and switch around the three weapons that you want to use.

The bank is used for storing stuff, usually those three starting weapons and whatever BITS you have laying around.

Alright, now onto the main event.

Back up where the Emergency Gate is, there's a special Digi-Elf. This Digi-Elf allows you to call partners to the game, provided they have a controller and digimon data saved.

Joining me is Raitzeno. He'll be helping me get that damn two player door.

Hilarity ensues. Watch this.

That took a little bit too long for whatever is going to be behind this door.

Our loot is some really shitty weapons and some money. Was it worth it?

...No. Never again.


Alright, that's it for the bonus update. Next time we pick up back at Home Server and report our success to Ophanimon.