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Part 16: Ruined the Game

Update 14: Ruined the Game

Aw yeah dungeon time. Big update, because this place has three floors, and most of them are pretty in-depth.

This dungeon has the curse status effect as well. It's annoying.

These things make me uneasy. I wonder why.

Two Mummymon, a rock, then two more. They get taken down like chumps.

Two Minotarumon in the room above. Mercilessly slaughtered.

Have you noticed a pattern yet?

There are two exits from this room. I'll take left first; it doesn't matter.

Crossways. The sarcophagus does nothing, and the right is blocked.

I would hope that you recognize this pattern by now. Break rock, smash obelisk, kill everything, win.

no I didn't have to charge attack it was just cool okay

I take the top exit; I'll come back for the bottom one later.

Remember when four of these guys was challenging? Yeah it's easy now.

Here's the floor exit. If I were just playing, I'd go there right away and get through the dungeon that much faster. But I have a job to do, and damned if I'm not going to explore the entire dungeon.

The button opens the door to the right wing.

Just four Mummymon this time. No obelisks. Two exits, left and south. I'll go left at the end.

Damnit I spoke too soon. Hit both buttons to access the obelisk.

Here's where the right exit from the first Minotarumon room would take us. The right path leads to the obelisk room, and the left is blocked.

This room is south of the obelisk room on the right. Four chests, each with vendor trash, and... at the bottom. With vendor trash. Breaking it, however, summons two Minotarumon. Murdered swiftly and efficiently.

Found a pattern yet?

This ramp was from the exits of the four Mummymon room on the right.

It has a map, which is cool.

ah health

Look at the map. If you'll notice, the first floor is symmmetrical left to right. That's the emphasis in this dungeon - all three floors are symmetrical, left to right.

This button opens the doors that connect the crossways and summon two more Minotarumon. They died before they blinked.

That's all for this floor, so on we go!

That's odd, usually something spawns in the first


I will admit, this thing gave me a jump when it popped out. We haven't been introduced, so I'll just say that the sarcophagus lid isn't just for looking good. It's a shield.

I break through the rocks on the left to explore.

Another obelisk room.

What's nice is the map is right here.

Going north is a trap and a chest.

another trap? really?

The exit to the right doesn't work yet. There's a locked door.

Bat country! Stabby stabby!

They were obliging enough to drop a Key Chain. That brings us to nine, and PrinceMamemon will trade with us!

This obvious trap summons four Mummymon.

This is from the right exit of the intro room.

This opens up the left and right paths.

aa mummies

There's nothing good in the chests. The north path is blocked, so back to the Bat Country room.

Nothing wrong with this picture.

Two on the top, two on the bottom. Again, almost made me fly into a rage.

Once all four are pressed, the back door seals and we're free to continue.

Oh hi, it's you! Meet Pharaohmon.

stand still damnit

This is a good representation of what fighting one is like. They guard everything, then teleport. They also shoot mini explosions too.

Needless to say, they're more tedious than difficult.

Our reward is a map and more useless crap that I can't pick up. My folder is full.

Two more Minotarumon bite the dust.

This connects that treasure path earlier with the Mummymon.

Okay, fine, so I'm terrified of sarcophagi because of Pharaohmon. It's a time waster.

Ugh. Spare me.

They're not subtle about this, are they.

God damnit. I hate fighting these guys, because it's such a pain and they run constantly.

Also ledge, so we can't go this way. Back to the chest trap...

i hope my audience has pattern recognition

Moving right along...

Oh god, electric Bat Country!

The path south is the way down, so let's descend into madness the next level

This is at the beginning of the next floor. I spend about a minute on this guy, because he keeps teleporting away.

The room has three exits, left, right, and down. The down is locked at the moment, so I'll go right.

Sue me for being cautious, but I always step lightly around the coffins. The jump out hurts.

Anyway, the pattern for this floor is challenge rooms. Each side has three challenges that you must complete in order to move on.

Challenge 1 is six Mummymon. Next please.

After each challenge is a button to open the door to give ourselves a way back.

Challenge 2 is quicksand and bats. Murdertimes!

Excellent. Now the murdering will proceed at about 10% faster.

Challenge 3 is a Pharaohmon. That's actually a good image of his explosion attack.

The final button spawns a Scorpion. If I know my spawn spots (and I think I do)...

...there'll be a group of them nearby.

This room exits south.

The botton opens the door to the quicksand.

The map is welcome.

The other side is blocked, so we have to go all the way back.

Unfortunately, the final challengers don't spawn, so we can't go right to the boss.

If you were wondering what happens if you go down the hole in the quicksand, it's like falling off the jumping platforms.

This is from the left exit of the quicksand. Hit both buttons, door opens.

This will come out right at the gate in the opening room.

The left side has a Pharaohmon and some vendor trash. You can't trust any coffins.

Challenge 1 on the left is four Mummymon. Easily mur...

Wait. I've killed a bunch, and they keep respawning. This pattern is the obelisk room, but there isn't any obelisk.


Look at the wall. There's a tiny little curve in the texture.

Mother fucker you have got to be kidding me.

Alright, rant time.

You know how crappy the image of this game is? It's really crappy. I mean, bad. I can hardly see the walls sometimes. And your clue to a hidden wall is a single pixel thick line that blends in with the rest of the wall?

I mean, I can accept hidden walls for the awesome stuff that you need hidden. That I can understand. But a hidden wall so I can progress through the level? That's just mean.

And there's no signal for it being there. I spent a lot of time just sitting around killing Mummymon hoping that there was an end to them. I got fed up and started attacking the walls at random hoping I'd find something there.

It was only blind luck that I found that wall. How am I supposed to play the game, with a strategy guide open on the desk? I swear, that's how the game expects you to play, especially if you want all the digivolutions. Just seriously, fucking hell. Fuck invisible walls, fuck mummies. Fuck electric obelisks.

I think rant time is over now.

This time, the scorps spawn. Dead in an instant.

If you can't tell, I'm a bit overpowered right now. I can kill most things in two or three hits. Pharaohmon take longer, but that's because they block 50% of my attacks.

A heal spot in a rounded room means only one thing -

Boss Time!

Scorpiomon is kind of a joke. Not as much a joke as SkullGreymon, but still a joke. First off, he's vulnerable to Pwr Down. Secondly, he has only two attacks. This first one, where he drops fire every now and then...

...and a lightning strike. Neither are hard. He has to charge the strike, and he can be knocked out of it. Fun fact: Scorpiomon was MetalSeadramon's henchman. He had a penchant for clams, and was killed when he let the Digidestined escape.

Scorpiomon falls, spent, and decays into our prize...

...the Scorpio ID.

Christ now the naming pattern is different. What, did they have each one done by a different person?

Another lackluster showing of prizes. Just vendor trash.

Let's get the fuck out of here.

fucking obelisks

If you hate obelisks, visit the Ancient Ruins

Bonus times: Trading with PrinceMamemon

Also, my Stab tech hasn't been going up recently.

This is why. A red tech won't increase until your level increases as well.

Anyway, now for why we're here.

Monsieur has nice Key Chains. These are very precious to me! Please, monsieur, please trade me for a rare Item that I have. What? You want to know what my rare Item is? Well, that's a surprise. I am a petite rich Digimon! Boring Items are not becoming of me.

Fun fact: petite is the feminine form of the French word for "tiny". The masculine form is "petit".

...fuck you, dude.