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Part 20: Bonus Resident Evil World 4

Bonus Update 3: Resident Evil World 4

Right, so the Scorpions were very obliging in Station X and the Virus Lab and gave us four packs.

We've seen most of these Digimon, with the exception of ShogunGekomon, Infermon, and Raremon.

So, the real reason for this bonus update is for a sidequest. This is a very important sidequest to do.

We trigger it by talking to the top left Digi-Elf in the central area (where the portals are).

I need to investigate a dungeon called the Undead Yard, but there are many bad Digimon who cause a lot of trouble living there. At this rate, I won't be able to do any research. Will you take care of these bad Digimon for me?

Of course, we'll pay you even if you can't take them all down. It's a secret job, so please finish it in 30 minutes.

Alright then. I'll change the link from the Gate to Outside World, so you can go to the Dungeon Stage immediately.

There we go. For the reason of spoilers, I'll just skip straight to the dungeon.

Welcome to the Undead Yard. Good music.

Now, this place is complicated. As such, I'll have to ask that you watch this video. It's the playthrough of this area - the rooms are too similar for me to talk about it. The comments would end up being "go here. Kill them. Go here" over and over.

This is essentially what it would look like the entire time.

Though we do get a level in here. Which is nice. I also figured out the red Tech - the Tech level of any particular skill can only be 30 * [level].

There is one more thing; for finishing the dungeon in under 30 minutes, we get a prize - a digivolution known as HerculesKabuterimon.

So here's the next vote: Should I digivolve to Agumon, HerculesKabuterimon, or stay as Guilmon?

Voting is ended: We will be HerculesKabuterimon.

no we can't change his name sorry