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Part 24: Grove a Pair

Update 21: Grove a Pair

I hate this place. It's tedious and not at all necessary.

Remember this barge? Make sure you have all seven switches flipped, then go on here.

We're heading to Mangrove Forest.

This is the "ingame" description for Tortomon. It's just another Sukamon clone.

Immediately after the boarding platform, we split paths. I'll be covering the bottom half and it's assorted dungeons in this update.

This is right down from the split. I use this to return to town occasionally when my inventory is full.

Also: big surprise, this place has very similar screenshots. So I'll do the same thing I did for Gekogeko Land.

left of gate

These Gekomon don't get a single attack off. Sometimes being a death-bringing beetle is fun.

same as last screenshot

If you look really closely, I'm standing on a B. Pack.

north of last screenshot

The Vine Tunnel is the next dungeon we'll be tackling.

See you next time on Digimon World 4!

Nah, let's keep going.

south of gekomon

What a surprise. Those flowers are here too.

south of flower

I do like how the tree becomes translucent so you can see inside it.

same as last screenshot

That 250 is the high damage against the monsters here. It's so very satisfying.

east of last screenshot

The bubbles rising from the goop does somewhat give the impression of a swamp.

east of bubbles

This is the far right of the island. Two Tortomon and an Otamamon.

At this point, I just start going around the edge clockwise. The resulting screenshots are in fact very boring.

Murdered quickly. Really, what else can I say? It's the same thing about 10 times.

I mean, these things die in two hits. I can't even really describe where I'm going because it would just be "go left."

"now go more left."

"now shoot flowers and go even more left." That's not good commentary, and I don't want to do that.

I guess I'll talk about poison seeing as how I'm poisoned. Poison is a status effect that can be inflicted upon a target - in this case, me.

Poison does a percentage of your health at the moment, not full health. This means that the damage it does decreases over time.

It can be cured by a visit to a heal circle, using a Recovery Disk, by a magic that we don't have yet, or by time.

In most cases it's not fatal, although it can lead to dangerously low HP, which leads to getting murdered by something else.

This group of Otamamon are special.

They're special because of this. This here is a thing that I have no idea what it does. I just smash it like everything else.

Even these Tortomon aren't really a challenge. Two hits, wait for them to pop out of their shells, then one more hit. They only do about 80 damage if I'm careless.

This is in the same area as those Tortomon last image, if you were wondering.

If you want to go up in the red area...

Hah, no. It's still blocked.

I suppose the spawning of these Gekomon back where the Tortomon were is somewhat interesting.

It holds me for more than a few seconds, in any case.

This is the point that I start going north in the clockwise path. There's also another thing that I have no idea what it does.

North of here... another path.

Smash through these guns - don't break a sweat.

This has got to be the dumbest roadblock in this game. I mean, really? A Gekomon with a spear is going to stop me? I murdered about 20 of your cousins in this update alone, you know.

Let me tell you, there are three ID Passes, ribbit. If you don't have them all I can't you through, ribbit!

You think I'm scared of you?

what's that? game progression? oh fine.

I will hurt you.

Here, the right edge of this particular set of islands. I have to go cross back through the flowers.

Cool, things I can murder!

Thanks for that.

This is after I cross over the double poison flowers. I apparently missed these the first time.

Yes that is a Key Chain.

One more stop on my way back to Vine Tunnel.

that's nice.

The north path (behind the tree) is what I want to draw your attention to.

Going up there leads to here. I think it's a Crown spawn point, though I could be wrong. I haven't played this part enough to actually get one.

Finally, we're done. No more bullshit.

Next time, more bullshit in the Vine Tunnel.

Christ, Mangrove Forest is painful to deal with.