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Part 26: Vein in my Ass

Update 23: Vein in my Ass

Alright, so we're going to start at the Mangrove Forest. The top area, to be precise.

Going north, we have to murder the two guns here.

Huzzah, that's good. It actually opens up a dungeon. We'll be going there now.

This is back in Gekogeko Land, up near where the Recovery Disk and the pool was.

We can go up here now. It's drained because we hit that switch back in Mangrove Forest.

And here is our next dungeon - Vein.

I'm not kidding. It's called Vein.

Since the rest of this update was short, I'm going to split Vein in two pieces. Otherwise, there'd be a 170 image update right here, and I don't want that.

So: Let's get started with Vein part 1.

BUT FIRST: Key Chains

That's surprisingly good. I may or may not end up cheating myself that Stab just to try out the dagger. don't worry I'll do that after I beat the game


We start out with two Otamamon blocking the way. By the way, that water is just there for appearances. I can't walk on it or anything.

Following the path leads to more Otamamon. This rooms leads out west, north, and south.

South leads to two Gekomon.

Likewise, north leads to some Otamamon.

That's one B. Pack collected and in my Pack. This room opens up to the left and the right.

Our first path is to the right, where it splits in two: going north, and going right up a slope.

I choose to go up first.

After that, I don't trust the game, and backtrack back to the big room.

This fork is from the left side. Our first path is the lower one.

Three chests and only one thing I can use. Hint: it's a Gate Disk.

The upper branch of the fork leads to some Gekomon at a water hole. The room opens to the east as well, leading back into the room where I got the first B. Pack.

This map lies at the end of the north branch where we fought the two Otamamon before. The door is, unfortunately, locked.

The raised branch leads to Missile Dogs.

The second B. Pack awaits us here.

Just to let you know, I started this dungeon with 0 B. Packs and 0 Key Chains.

Circling around takes us to the locked door with the map and two Gekomon.

This button opens the door, giving us a quick passage through the dungeon on the 1-5% chance I die.

Four Otamamon and four chests. Nothing good in either, except some BITS.

The left branch has two Gekomon, neither of which trouble me. One does put me to sleep for about 10 seconds, though.

The right branch leads to a fork. The upper branch of that fork leads to just this single Gekomon. Just that one, solitary Gekomon. Yep. That's it.

Of course there's a secret I was being obvious.

This button opens the door. The red button up there closes it.

Single Missile Dog connects to the...

multiple Missile Dogs! (sing that to the tune of "Dem Bones")

also a level. Level bones are connected to the stat bones.

The secret room that was opened thanks to the button we hit earlier gives us some weapons to sell and some various other things.

That's all for this floor. On to the next available murder victims!

It starts much the same as the first floor.

It starts out with only one Otamamon in a room, though.

The little bastards spawn more than once, though. We end up fighting about six Otamamon that spawn one at a time.

Going north from there.

OHGOD what

That's a MarineDevimon. In Digimon Adventure 02 (you know, the one with those eggs) he was part of the Daemon Corps. He showed up to cause mayhem and was eventually destroyed.

Anyway, he hops out of the water. If you recall, I did say it was for appearances.

Ahahah I'm clever

MarineDevimon have two attacks: an electric attack where they lash their tentacles at you, and some magic thing where they charge up with the blue seal you see there.

I have no idea what the magic attack does because I've never let them use it.

Right from the water is another fork. The top path has nothing there.

We'll take the other path, then.

Just a few Gekomon. The room exits to the right.

Another MarineDevimon pops out. These things usually surprise me, even though I expect them.

Going up north leads to another fork.

Why don't we ever finds spoons or knives in these dungeons? It's always forks. Hell, I'd put up with a spork if it'd mean something different.

The left branch just has a couple Otamamon.

The right one has progress.

Also a Missile Dog.

The Gate is here as well, meaning that I could go back and sell off stuff.

Of course I don't do that, that would be smart.

They do like to drop stuff, though. That puts us at 3-1.

The room opens up in three directions. I go up first.

Three Gekomon. This room opens up left and right. I take the left path first. I usually do that. My 'pathing' prefers the order up-left-down-right.

Six Otamamon. I continue heading south.

Six more Otamamon.

One even gives me a Key Chain. Those two Gekomon are from the south room - the Otamamon pushed in there. The room where the Gekomon were in exits right into the Gate room again.

I take the right exit this time, taking time to destroy these two.

Stupid vines blocking the path...

You can't see it, but I'm standing on a button right now. It opens that door on the top of the screenshot.

I get to the map by taking the right exit from the north room. These dungeons got complicated quickly, didn't they?

Chests. This is nice because they had money.

The button opens the door.

The door leads to Missile Dogs.

I'll take the left exit, since the top one leads to the stairs down.

"MarineDevimon at your service, boss"

My response: "Oh god kill it it's electrical"

Fortunately, H-Kabuterimon has built-in electrical defense.

Die you stupid Gekomon and your stupid song too

This is an interesting room. The MarineDevimon jumps out here...

...but not here, even though the floor looks like it should mirror.

Money in the chests, always useful.

These things really only serve to slow me down at this point.

The chest only has useless things.

This is just getting ridiculous.

There's so much backtracking in this game. I had to run all the way back to here, just to progress.

Oh well, at least we finished the floor.

Alright, I'm splitting the update here. Otherwise we'll end up with 164 images in one update and that's no good.

Current "collectibles" status: 3-2