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Part 28: Poison Lasers

Happy holidays to everybody! Here's my Christmas present to all of you shut up it's late I know.

Update 25: Poison Lasers

Hey guess what.

We have three IDs now. So....


Hah. I have three.

What's this? 1, 2, 3... Ribbit! Three ID Passes! Well, hmm okay, ribbit! Go ahead. I'll let you through, ribbit!

That's right now get out of my way before I "accidentally slip" with my axes.

That's right.

Passing by takes us to Venom Swamp. Gee I wonder what's in here.

I can see a large, red building far away. I wonder what it is? We're heading that way.

That must be the dreadnought. Let's try to get there.

Going down the steps leads us...

Huh. This must be the venom from "venom swamp".

It's not affecting me, so we're good. This entire place is just a maze of interlocking circles. There are some MarineDevimon that spawn every now and then, but they aren't too bad.

Just keep heading left, and you'll be fine. But first, a brief backtrack to the top of the map...

This place can be accessed from the start of the poison gas, though I personally go the other way.

This is Poison Gas! Our energy is quickly depleting. Dang, we should have brought a Filter Board if we knew this was going to happen.

I knew about this already, which is why I picked up the Filter Board. Having it equipped means that the poison doesn't affect you.

To maneuver around, just keep heading left.

This is about halfway through, on the top. The chest has some vendor trash.

Jesus just get out of my way. You aren't threatening at all.

Excellent. We're out of this crap.

This will take me to Dread Note (I'm pretty sure it was meant to be "Dread
Naught", not "Note"). We'll do that next time.

On second thought, that was a short area, so let's keep going.

The entrance to the building is near, but security is tight. We need to be careful as we move forward. Oh, hey, you're Luce...
Hey, what are you doing? We're your friends! Stop attacking us! Stop! Agghhh!

Well that sure was brutal. This must be where Leomon got caught by the Mecha Rogue.

Yeah, this is definitely a Mecha Rogue area. Bats...



oh shut up I know they aren't with Mecha Rogue but I hate them all the same

More Bats...

...and guns. There are two guns on each of the corners that don't have a root.

This, the top left corner, is where we need to go.

These are the new roadblocks: cannons blocking the road.

For some reason, the projectiles can travel up slopes and small steps, so I just spam Petty Bolt until it breaks.

Two this time.

And once more with feeling! The feeling is annoyance, by the way.

So on this ring there are a bunch of small guns. Eight, to be exact.

OH GOD LASER. If you're caught off guard by this thing, it can eat away 9/10 of your HP in one shot. The player has no invulnerability frames, so screen-long attacks like that are deadly.

The laser gun takes five hits to be destroyed.

More cannons. This one, however, can't be cheesed with Petty Bolt. My technique here is to get as close as possible, and then block. This gives me just enough time to hit it once and then block before I get hit.

Argh stop being there.

After here, there's a split in the path. We'll take the left path first.

Well that's terrific. I can get out of here and restock.

Pfffft yeah right.

And now for up north...


At this point, I start being strategic. By which I mean being a coward and waiting until the laser finishes to pop up and hit it with a Petty Bolt.


There are actually lightning balls flying around the area. They aren't threatening, but they will hit you if you aren't careful.


The only danger these things pose is that they can hit about three times in a row.

This one is actually kind of dangerous. Not only can I not hide...

...Scorpions and Bats will spawn. I lead one group down the stairs and trap them there, and then clean out the area.

This area is cleared. We are ready to proceed on to the final dungeon of Venom Jungle.

I hate the next area so much. All the backtracking

If you feel sick, don't go in the Venom Swamp.
Alternatively, go to a concert at Dread Note.