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Part 29: Stair Master!

Update 26: Stair Master!

Alright, Dread Bridge time.

And that amazing X Fortress music is back

die die die die die

I'm not in the mood for this bullcrap.

Presents are accepted though.

This room exits from the left and the right. Our first stop is to the left.

And of course there's fire. Why wouldn't there be fire.

The button opens the door on the top left there.


to the fire place and going north.

Huh. I found the stairs already. That was quick. I might as well go check out the rest of the area.

More fodder. These things aren't even threatening thanks to my electrical resistance.

Hey, the right exit from the first room is a mirror.

Oh well, nothing useful.

The MarineDevimon room is like an I.

A large and angry I that leads off into a room filled with Missile Dogs.

Missile Dogs that apparently are good to kill.

The room opens in all directions. Going down...

Stupid chests not having anything good...

Stupid fire not having anything good...

Stupid stairs coming out of the left exit not hav-

Wait. Wait wait wait wait wait.

There are multiple stairs that I have found. This means one of two things - either the Mecha Rogue really needed to work on their thighs or this is a stair maze.

I'm pretty sure it's a stair maze.



also this room is north of the Missle Dogs.

Is having to fight your way through a metric crapton of enemies not enough? Did you have to make it a goddamn maze?

top right exit to the I

Is the dungeon designer that malicious that I have to suffer through this crap?

There can be no hope. There is only suffering.



MarineDevimon died for your sins.

The sins of making this goddamn level

Also I figured out what that blue magic does. It's Freeze, and it works like Pwr Down.

This room is strange. It's just a ramp up. And there are holes in the wall.


When the thing 'shunk'ed across the gap, it actually terrified me for a split second.

The button closes the right electric gate.

Also those Otamamon are murdered through an electric fence.

This is a one way trip here. No going back up.

The button opens the left electrical barrier.


I see an easily accesible up stair. This is not good.

Hey look at where we are. It's almost as if we're opening up a locked door to create a shortcut.

Shocking isn't it.

Back up on the second floor, more tentacles to deal with.

Now that I think about it, what do they use those tentacles for?

Obviously, the answer is "storing goodies like pinatas".

I'll take "Down" for $100, please.

All the Gekomon.

There's just money in these chests.


to the second floor

Now that this is shut off, we can enter.

(total stair count: 5)

And go right back down.

(total stair count: 6)

kill maim murder destroy

rip tear gnaw feast

Aw thanks, you shouldn't have.

No, wait, yes you should have.

There is a large amount of hate right now.

It is mostly to do with the fact that if I want what's in there, I need to backtrack.

On the right side: nothing.

Further along: also nothing.


to the second floor

(total stair count: 7)

These two actually split up and went around me to avoid my axes.

They died first as a small gift.

Christ, more electric gates.

These die so quickly it's not even funny.

I still like the Jesus pose one I found earlier.

Freeze/Pwr Down is kind of a pain.

It doesn't affect damage at all. Just hit rate.

And do you know what kind of a pain it is to not hit something that's charging at you with its face?

It isn't a good one.

I wonder how long I can ramble before people realize that this is some boring shit right here.

(total stair count: 8)


to the newly opened door. With the map in it.

As so.

Glorious. Simply glorious.

Of course. Nothing useful in any of the chests.

Hell three were empty.

We're almost there.

(total stair count: 9)

The stairs lead to the other side of the electric fence.

Now I'm in the position of power!


to the Emergency Gate.

Huh. Lasers. That's new.

Motherfucker you are going to have nothing in you and I will rage.

(hint: this is true)


to the Missile Dog half room

I don't like this place.

Not at all. It has something to do with the decor, I believe.

Maybe it's the hosts. They don't seem friendly.

I know what it is!


(total stair count: 10)

Again, this has nothing.

Splitting this in half because of massive amount of stairs.

Next time is ~~~more Backtracking!~~~