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Part 31: Clearing up Loose Ends

Update 28: Clearing up Loose Ends

Alright, this'll be a quick update.

If the Dread Note started up when the X virus attacks started. The way the Home Server is right now, it would've been taken over instantly.

We recovered Lucemon's backup chip and checked it. We found that the Mecha Rogues had an original, like a Mecha Rogue X... and he created the X virus to control Digimon.

Text spacing, ladies and gentlemen.

He's in a zone referred to as Main Core in that server. Please go there now and defeat Mecha Rogue X! We're counting on you!

Of course we're the only competent member of DGS.

Well, that's our new objective. But first...

Extra: B. Packs

Just three this time, and no new cards, but...

Extra: Junk Shop

Donate this much. He doesn't have anything good on sale.

That's all for this update. I told you, it was a short one.