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Part 33: Kingdom Darkness

Update 30: Kingdom Darkness

So we left off right as we entered Electro Mine. I wonder what could await us inside?

New music and Megadramon, apparently.

The next few dungeons are infuriating because of that darkness. That darkness means that I can't see the enemies, myself, items, or passages.

I hate whatever dungeon designer did this.

These blocks are like the vines in Venom Jungle, only they need Electric attacks to open them. Good thing I picked up an Electric Power Medal.

The Megadramon are actually the easy enemies of this dungeon.

There are three exits. I'll be taking the left one first.

After breaking through another Electric Block, I find a laser.

Because this game didn't have enough random crap to throw at me.

Defeating this Megadramon opens up a passageway to the right, but I'll stick with left for now.

It leads here. THIS TYPE OF ROOM. This type of room makes me angry. First off, you have darkness. That pisses me off already. And then you have Infermon, who drag the fighting on as long as possible. It's possible to have a fight with these guys go on for 10 minutes.

This room leads both north and west. Going north leads to a closed door.

Fortunately, the fight didn't take 10 minutes.

Thanks for this, though.

This opens the closed door to the Infermon room.

There isn't anything useful in any of these chests. If it weren't for the LP, I wouldn't even be opening these chests, because they're so useless.

This thing here's a Raremon. In Season 1 of the Digimon show, he was one of Myotismon's henchmen in the real world. Its main weapon is it's breath.

They have this fondness for poisoning me. Their only purpose is to show up in hallways and poison me.


to the second room

The right branch is a mirror of the left. So Electric Blocks lead to a laser.

Also, poison is tedious because it constantly drains you, forcing you to heal if you don't want to get killed by a stupid trap.

This part's new, though.

It leads to a map and some useless treasure. I'm pretty sure this one is a Disk that I'm full on.


to the second room

The north branch isn't much better at the whole "being good" thing.

The passage above here only has a Raremon. Although...

It does drop a ??????? Board. This thing is unidentified, and so I can't use it. Unidentified items sell for 100 BITS, and usually cost more than that to identify. There's a guy back at Home Server who can identify these things for us.


to the first Raremon sighting

Look at this. The only reason I know where my character's at is because the camera's centered on him, and the status effect pokes out.

Don't ever get into a corner on a Digimon. They'll just drain your HP and you can't do anything.

Sometimes, you just gotta put an axe through a flying wyvern cyborg's body.

Those BITS are the only useful things in this room.

What's behind door number 1?

Why, it's more status effects Johnny!

Argh, Infermon!
Argh, darkness!
Argh, Infermon in darkness!

Slightly less annoying, because of a lack of darkness.

One of these chests does drop a Drain Ram. That one allows me to regain HP with every hit.


Alright, floor one down. I wonder what's going to be on floor two?

By the way, this thing's four floors.

Terrific. Slippery floors. I knew this game was missing something, but I didn't know that something was ice physics.

The little alcove here only has this.

Though the game does mix it up a bit with electric tiles in addition to not being able to control yourself.

I have vanquished the light. Let there be DARKNESS!

and then there was darkness.

Hell, I just watched the video to get the screenshots. I don't remember half of what I did.

My brain decided "This information? Nah, I don't need it. Need more room for the funny-internet-images department!"

One of those items is a Sword Cannon. I can't help but think that a cannon doesn't lend itself to being swung at enemies, but what do I know?

Left of the twin lasers is some fun things. Fun things include slippery floors, machine dragons, and missiles at my face.

This is a dick move. You break the blocks and BOOM laser in your face.

I approve.

There's a Raremon in both passages. After clearing them out, I go north first.

It's like I'm on a gameshow or something.

Woo a map. Woo useless treasures with Disks inside them.

This is what I'm talking about. This was where I fought some Infermon. I had no idea that there was any sort of passage up here.

Hey, haven't seen you in a while! It was about two dungeons ago, and I fought you and two of your buddies.

I...I see you remember that too.

They went down like the early-boss-made-enemies that they were.

Fucking hell they can stop you too, making you wait in place while everything is dead.

Two Megadramon enter. One becomes a B. Pack.

That's just mean. It's timed so that you have to jump across if you don't want to get hit.

This is meaner. Fighting Infermon in this small space is not a good thing.

In the next room.

Last room!

Wait, I'm forgetting something.


to the Raremon corridor

Fucking Infermon, fucking backtracking, fucking darkness.

It's not even for a good prize. I have full health thanks to my Drain RAM, and the chests don't have anything worthwhile.

Halfway there.

Gonna split the update there. The dungeon came to a total of 1:04:36 or somewhere around there, so that's a bit big for one update.

The next update is just stupid, though.