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Part 34: TRAINS

Update 31: TRAINS

Oh god this is the worst level aaaaaaaaa

Well, that's a train. To be more specific, a Trailmon. They popped up in Frontier, where they shuttled the Digi-Destined back and forth.

Oh yes because I can totally see what I'm doing here.

Unfortunately, we come to a dead end.

Fortunately, we can walk on the tracks. This is dangerous, but we can't help it. It's the only way to continue.


Jerk poisoned me. Why do they always poison me?

Right of the poison room.

Dead end is the south exit.

More of these stupid Mecha Rogue 04. I feel like my grammar is getting worse and worse as this level goes on and on and on and on and on and on

The only exit to that room is down.

More tracks below the Megadramon room.

Oh good, places on the right to ignore. I've kind of given up on fully exploring these dungeons, I think. It's getting kind of ridiculous.

Oh man this fucker's going to poison me and I'm going to take damage fuuuuuuck

Oh hey I avoided getting poisoned and I can open the shortcut now cool

FUCK I got poisoned.

Poison just irritates me.

Can't pick that shit up. I'm full on that.

Die, die, DIE


Amazing. The right exit gives me poison and some money.

The south exit leads to Megadramon to murder.

Right of the murder room is a Raremon and then another Megadramon room. It's a dead end there.

Like so.

Fuck fuck shit shitting fucks

We all love trains. Let's get flattened by them for 500 damage a piece.

I don't see the purpose of blocking the way anymore. I obviously can make it in here.

I think the level designers just gave up at this point. They don't have any new formations.

Oh hey, the shortcut.



to that other Infermon room

Right exit, coming up

two buttons hahah one player


They just spawn one?


Fucking hell I can't think. This game has taken all ability to plan ahead from me.

From the right, a cold breeze.

From the north, a bolt of lightning.

Oh hey, new Mecha Rogue. This one's 05. I call 'em Centaurs.

They have shields. They hurt you if you attack them head on, but attacking the enemy from the rear breaks it.

They also swing their swords and make shockwaves.

Left to right, light to dark, happy to raging.

Take the turns because if you don't you'll run into a wall I guess.

Stop spawning Megadramon in the corners. It's dumb.

How nice. They froze me in place. The corridor loops up to the Centaur room again.

Surprise secret room in the top right of the Infermon room! Hope you explore all the corners.

Stupid maps and stupid useless treasure chests...



Don't Gimme.

How many times have I smashed through this formation again?

The answer is "Far too many"

That's a really big guard dog you have there. Shame it only guards BITS.

Spay and neuter your horrible mechanical abominations.This message brought to you by the axe to your ass

Buttons are nice. Except when there are two of them.


The spiders they're on my agh get them off

Ooh shiny.

Who the hell installs lasers over a pit?

Actually, the more pertinent question is "How are those platforms hovering like that?"

They're upping the difficulty. Now I have to deal with more than one Centaur at a time.

It's a shame I have to deal with more than one Raremon at a time, though.

Slip and slides: fun for the whole family.

May or may not contain homicidal electric beetles.

Shortcuts are necessary to survival of my sanity.

I'm reminded of that one book where a black kid runs along the rails of a train.

Presents to the north.

No presents to the south...

Press button, win prizes!

That's... that's a prize, alright.

Alright, so the Trailmon stopped.

I can get on him? Wow!

Alright, so right here I fucked up. I was tired of being in this dungeon, so I declined the ride. However, I came back later, after beating the dungeon. I waited about an hour, and no Trailmon stopped. I don't know what I missed. What I SHOULD have done is taken a save state, then gotten on the Trailmon. I guess I was terrified it was going to take me all the way back to the start of the dungeon.

Meh, whatever.

Woo cyborg dragons.

Would this be the dragon's hoard? Shit what if there's a ring here

One ring to rule them all, one ring to kill everything?

Just stop. You're not scaring anybody, game.

Fine I take it back you're terrifying the part of me that's still coherent.

Magic regenerator, thanks.

Stupid things just don't give me anything anymore.


Lasers, too.


We all know what's coming now...

Fuck if I know where this guy's from.

~post looking it up on digimon wikia...

Apparently this "lady" is known as Crusadermon in English dubs. Lucemon's henchman, ends up exactly as you'd expect. Eaten to boost Lucemon's power.

LordKnightmon will occasionally giggle, for lack of a better term, and pull out a rose. Those purple things are poison.

Other attacks include Fist of Fear, where LordKnightmon punches, then backflips away. You can't hit her during this attack.

Finally, there's Spiral Slice. Extends those ribbons out to try to kill me. I don't know why that's a thing.

Fucking FINALLY. Also, I caught the animation where LordKnightmon reaches for the sky. Most bosses collapse.

Our prize, the LordKnightID.


An hour later, we're done with this fucking level.


Extra: Appraisal

Hey, remember that ??????? board I got?

This guys got's our back.

Turns out it's a Cipher Core Beta. Still going to sell it.

Extra: Key Chains


Eh. Still not as good as my FIVE mod slot board.