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Part 37: Anti-Virus Murder

Update 34: Anti-Virus Murder

Last place of the game. Are you ready?

Holy fuck they have flying dragons.

Here we are, Core Area.

And I hope that you didn't want to return. The path disappears when you move.

I'm finally at the center of the Unknown Server. I don't know who these enemies are, but I can't just let them go. I will defeat the enemy and save the Digital World. I'm willing to sacrifice myself for it!

Well, he didn't have much luck. Good news is, the Player Character is on the case!

Immediate Interrupt: Summon Missile Dogs

Counter Spell: Mass Polymorph to Spiders

After killing everything, this little bridge extends out.

Jumping off spawns four Missile Dogs and two Infermon.

Woo. 36 is 2 * 2 * 3 * 3. I don't know what that has to do with anything, it's just interesting.

After killing everything, we can activate this switch.

It moves the block over to the first platform and allows us to get up to the next area.

Well, here are the Imperialdramon (Dragon Mode). Imperialdramon is the Mega form of Paildramon, the DNA Digivolution of Ex-Veemon and Stingmon, the digivolutions of Veemon and Wormmon respectively.


The problem is, they fly really high. So I need to jump on the little platform to even hit them. They have two attacks: what's probably supposed to be its Positron Laser, where it spins around breathing an ice breath.

The second is its Mega Crusher attack, which is a Petty Fire that explodes on contact.

Killing both opens another bridge, which leads to four Dogs and two Spiders and has a switch, which moves the block, which allows me to get to the next area.

Four or so repetations later...

Fucking finally. Two Missile Dogs.

Let's go. Mecha Rogue X, here I come!

But first, loading. This screen looks cool.

Watch this!

Mecha Rogue X, Form 1.

Attacks: some sort of dark energy blast

Swiping with one of the swords

Turning into a fireball that then explodes.

After he takes enough damage,

He creates three Mecha Rogue 04 and a machine.

When the 04s touch the center, they turn into copies of Rogue X.

Since you'll be dealing with four of them, I suggest binding some down.

If you kill X while there are some copies around, he turns into his source code...

...heals, and merges with one of the copies.

After it dies, the source code escapes through the next portal.

After it!

Watch this!

Mecha Rogue X, Form 2.

Attacks: poison gas ring that poisons you

Drills that shine lights on the floor.

If you touch the light, you get frozen and the drills come after you.

Form 2's weak point is the front, so just whack it a bunch.

Down, but not out, it escapes through the portal in the center.

Watch this!

Mecha Rogue X, Form 3.

The final boss. Attacks: Slamming his fists into the ground

Slamming one fist with an electric ball

Scuttling side to side

Some sort of... tongue...thing...

Right here, he can't hit you unless he scuttles toward you. Even then, it's not that dangerous. For a final boss, he isn't hard.

After a while, he scuttles backward. This is his second set of attacks.

Turning himself into a plane and charging front to back

Creating shadow balls that can go into the ground and last WAY LONGER THAN NECESSARY

You won't get many hits here, what with the balls and the plane. The main challenge is to stay alive.

When he's going to scuttle (yes I'm fond of that word) forward again, he activates a firewall to push you back. Just guard.

This boss is tedious, but not dangerous. Yes, I get in trouble a couple of times, but that's because the plane attack puts me in red.


Dark energy swirls around his broken form...

Light shines through his shell...

And then the world goes white...

Well, we essentially just killed a god. Let's go home.

Watch this!

Credits. Ah, this game. I grew up with it, spending many hours trying to find some of the secret walls.

In the background are all playable characters. Here, we have the four starters, Guilmon, Veemon, Dorumon, and Agumon.

Shown here are Imperialdramon Fighter Mode and Beelzemon, two Shot Specialist Digivolutions.

For the Stab Specialist we have ClavisAngemon, and Slash Specialist Imperialdramon Paladin Mode.

Blunt Specialists are Susanomon and our very own H-Kabuterimon.

Crush Specialists are BlackWarGreymon and WarGreymon.

WereGarurumon is our other Slash Specialist, with MetalGarurumon being our third Shot Specialist.

Gallantmon Crimson Mode is a Stab Specialist, and Alphamon is our Bash Digivolution.

Thank you very much for following along with the LP! We've still got the sidequests and unique weapon to do, but the main story is over, now. For beating Mecha Rogue X, we've unlocked Hard Mode. We keep our characters and equipment, but all Key Items are reset.

Stairway to the boss in Core Area.