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Part 1: Welcome to Digimon World!

Jijimon is supposed to be our sagely advice figure, but he only provides basic exposition before running out of useful stuff.

He asks you three questions, the second of which depends on the answer to the first.

A Digivice is, in this context, the little Tamogachi-like toys. This predates the anime wherein they were significant plot devices. Or something.

If you say yes to having a Digivice:

"Do you spend all night playing with your AWESOME BANDAI PRODUCTS or what?!"

But if you answer no:

"You must be one lonely motherfucker since you don't have the hot hip new toy from BANDAI, huh?"

Your answers have an effect, I'll return to that later, but regardless of how you answer he goes on to ask for your name.

No really it's his canon name, as close to a canon as this game gets anyway.

Yeah yeah, I'm leaving this up for a vote. 6 characters, no Ramza as that name's tired at this point.

We can also name our digimon!

The recycle bin is good! The power outlet is evil!

...Yeah this is up for a vote too. Also 6 characters, still no Ramza because I am tired of typing that name.

Jijimon has some strange taste in films.

Anyway he's done with questions so on to the game!

I would advise against watching this but if you absolutely must it's right here. The short story of it is that the kid gets sucked into his digivice because technomagic or something. The kid is you.

Of course, if it didn't, we'd have a game about a game.

"Now let's loot his pockets for loose change!"

This animation here is one of the most overused animations I've seen in a video game. He hops backwards on one foot three times.

I don't know why this scene has half the lines it does. I'm summarizing heavily.

"Most of 'em suck though."

They hammer home that the player character is supposed to be good at Digimon but the starting one is... well... crummy.

This conversation... really goes nowhere.

Just a note, Tokomon have at least two rows of teeth.

I think this is their attempt at humor? Bah, summarizing even harder.

That Agumon has been suspiciously silent, hasn't it?

It turns out it's Hiro's digimon partner, and it can't speak. It's the only digimon that can't for... some reason. No idea why.

We go to Jijimon's house for more exposition.

This is the long and short of it.

He wants us to save him from demographic shifts.

Actually it's some mysterious force that's doing it, of course.

Why didn't you get the kid with a MetalGreymon instead of the kid with an Agumon named Zardoz, then?

So we begin our grand adventure!

How can you possibly have more words.

Jeez fine we'll come back for more words.

That's what we were going to do anyway. What a waste.

Tokomon hands us some items that will be useful for unlocking the shop so we can buy more and not die horribly.

Botamon here tells us the most essential part of succeeding at Digimon World: Don't let your dumbass of a Digimon shit everywhere.

Thankfully I have more than enough practice at this that it doesn't happen to me but

Resting here restores about 500 HP and MP and a smidgen of tiredness. Just a smidgen, not enough to really work with.

Out behind Jijimon's house is...

Tanemon's... meat farm.

You get three pieces of meat daily, which is just short of enough to feed Zardoz here for a day. Tokomon's items had 3 more pieces of meat, and those and stuff we find like mushrooms will have to do until we can get the meat farm upgraded.

"There's forest to the left, jungle to the right. I don't know shit past that."

At exactly one point with this ever be helpful.

The digimon moved out so hard their houses are absent. The entire square is empty.

That bridge leads to the jungle, so fixing it is a top priority.

Anyway, time I explained how things work, isn't it? Let's start with the interface:

The thing in the upper-left is the clock, and it's constantly ticking unless you're in a menu, dialogue, or battle. Some things only happen at certain times of day and sometimes only on certain days!

Basically, by standing here to tell you about this I have already wasted valuable moments of my Digimon's life and these things live 20 days at best so I'd better stop messing around!

The things on the bottom right are your Digimon's happiness and discipline gauges. More on those later.

Speaking of days there's a store somewhere that's only open from the 1st to 15th and something happens on the 15th. Years are 30 days long.

Item is the menu that lets us see and use our items.

Floppies are various restoratives for HP, MP, and status conditions. The HP and MP floppies only heal 500 of each, enough for now but they won't stay that way for long. The Restore floppy revives the digimon if its HP hits zero, so it's very valuable! Bandage and Medicine heal injury and sickness, if you somehow get those, and meat I've already explained.

Under "Digimon" is our current Digimon. Here, Zardos proudly displays how much he sucks. We're stuck with him, though, until death pulls him from this mortal coil.

His single technique is Spit Fire. It isn't much at 66 power but it'll have to do.

Sweet Christmas I need to get shit done.

Scold and Praise normally increase either happiness or discipline at a higher cost to the other. If you praise them after they do something pretty cool or scold them when they do things refuse to take medicine for their flu (this is more common then you would think) then both are raised.

Next time, we'll go check out the Green Gym and Native Forest and get the city to a slightly better standing!

Anyway, remember those questions from the beginning? If you answer the top option of the second one, regardless of which one it is, you get an Agumon. If you answer the bottom one, you get...

A Gabumon! He's bad in different ways, but at least he has a couple of different digivolution options from Agumon.

Sonic Jab is weak and has almost no range, but it's the cheapest and fastest attack in the game. If only Gabumon had the agility to use it properly.

So to summarize, vote on a name for the player character, a name for the partner Digimon, and whether the Digimon will be an Agumon or a Gabumon! Remember, no Ramza and I'd prefer it if it weren't an Ash/Pika pair again but if you guys really want it I don't mind rolling with it again. Last time I used an Agumon if that has any bearing on your choice.

Second update's coming up soon, in which Hiro and Zardoz show off some basics of the game!