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Part 2: Fistfights are the fastest way to make friends (Native Forest)

Well, since that first update had next to no gameplay in it, we'll be following the adventures of Hiro and his Agumon named Zardoz for a bit longer.

To the west of the city is a gym, but Zardoz don't need no trainin' for this.

I need to get the first few guys together before I can even think of something like taking time to train anyway.

To the south of Green Gym is

Woah huh? Who's this guy?

Whoever he is, he wants a fight!

...Once the game is done loading.

Thankfully this opposing Agumon is quite weak, with only 400 HP and even worse stats than Zardoz here has!

Your Digimon is AI controlled, but you can shout commands which set how his AI acts or throw items. Zardoz has a really low brains stat so all he has is "your call" which is essentially "do what the fuck ever man" and run which I can't use in this fight, so all Hiro's here for is flinging a recovery floppy if need arises.

He uses Spit Fire and Sonic Jab. Agumon can get Sonic Jab from this fight but it's only ever happened to me once. Gabumon doesn't learn Spit Fire so he's kinda boned there.

Regardless, the fight is over pretty fast.

We get a smidgen of stats and very, very few bits. We aren't putting on the ritz just yet, maybe saltines though.


Agumon is, clearly, one of the Digimon that can be your partner. All the recruit-able digimon are. Wild Digimon are recolors different versions, like SnowAgumon which we'll be seeing later.

Prosperity: 1

Recruiting Digimon increases prosperity. Rookies and the shitty guys give 1, Champions give 2, and Ultimates give 3.

Agumon repairs the black box lookin' building next to Jijimon's house and turns it into the item bank.

I've got 10 inventory slots and I think there's about 127 different items in the game.

I'll be using this a lot.

Gotta save my few floppies until I get the store open, so I'll be taking advantage of Punimon's cardboard chair a lot.

The screen where the Agumon was now has a pair of ModokiBetamon prowling around. These guys are wild digimon, and fighting them just gets you stats, money, and maybe techs.

Water Blit, being an aqua tech of respectable power fucks up Agumons something fierce. Their other techs, Static Elect and Electric Cloud, are basic air techs that can inflict stun.

Agumon only gets a limited selection of fire and battle techs, so he can't quite get any of the just yet. Getting hit in the face for about 37% of his HP makes this venture not worth it at all.

So, uh, let's pretend this never happened as I practice my mad wild Digimon dodging skillz.

Mushrooms will be augmenting the meat for a bit. They essentially act the same as meat, but since they take up an inventory space I'll be phasing them out very soon.

There's boards like this all over that give directions. I'm sitting in the menu because I don't like spending time I don't need to spend.

That's the way to Mt. Panorama, so I guess we'll need to find a way to clear up this rockslide first.

There's a path to the left that leads to

And we'll be going there once we're done with Native Forest. There's still quite a bit of the forest left to see, though.

That shack there is a toilet. I'm pretty sure that one's technically closer to Drill Tunnel than the one in File City. I may have to test it though. To the west of this screen is Dragon Eye Lake.

Since Hiro has no fishing rod yet, we can't use Dragon Eye Lake for its true purpose, instead we can look at vending machine that sells food for 6 times normal price.

600 bits for a digital mushroom is a bit much when they're for free all over the place, huh?

PCs serve as treasure chests in this game. This Medium MP floppy recovers 1500 MP and... It's doubtful Zardoz will come close to having that much.

RedVeggiemon have several poison-inflicting nature techs. Not worth the risk for a middling amount of bits.

So to the south is-

Oh dammit Zardoz right now?

Okay fine sheesh get it over with.

Okay now that the potty emergency has been resolved let's get back to business.

That flower. It's not pre-rendered and its moving.

well besdides it not being pre-rendered it's also talking.

Oh boy, fisticuffs!

With 900 HP, Palmon can be a fairly long fight.

This sucks really hard because she has Poison Powder, a nature tech that hits the entire screen. It isn't too terribly strong but it very frequently poisons.

Besides taking a small amount of damage every few seconds, Zardoz now paces slowly instead of running in battle, making getting into position to use his attacks even harder.

Also she has Water Blit and it can deal about 400 to a starting Agumon like this. Watch out!

Plants don't take well to being burnt, though, and Palmon's infrequent attacks defeat her before she defeats me.

Palmon drops a Brain Chip, which increases Brains permanently by 50! Zardoz probably won't be having a single one of these chips as I'm hoarding them up for now.

Prosperity: 2

She's the meat farm upgrade, and she replaces regular meat with Giant Meat that's twice as filling.

She got a Water Blit in.

When you feed your digimon, its weight increases. Most Champions sit at 30 weight and meeting that requirement is... not very easy on just plain meat and mushrooms as they give only 1 weight. Sheesh.

It's not very hard to stock up on these things.

Which is good because this guy wants some food.

Also he wants to fight after eating. I wish I didn't have to fight so many of these guys.

Kunemon is a cock. He's got Static Elect and Electric Cloud and stuns fairly frequently with them, and his Danger Sting, a close-range nature tech, hits really hard.

Like so. But, we've got an ace up our sleeves...

Agumon, use your FINISHING ATTACK!

When the word finish gets spelled up there, you can press square to order your Digimon to use it's finishing move. Rapidly alternate L1 and R1 to build power, and knock the enemy out!

Unfortunately enemies can have finishing moves too. Kunemon here is one of them, and his hits for about 650.

Kunemon isn't very fair sometimes. This time? I got him stunlocked with Spit Fire and he almost never blocked attacks and never got to use his own finisher.

Kunemon offers a lot of stats for a battle, a nice sum of 1200 bits, and an MP Chip.

Prosperity: 3

100 bits is very hard to earn when your job isn't killing I guess.

Two screens to the south of Kunemon's screen is Coela Point. That shadow only shows up in the late afternoon and it's probably the single most important thing to find in the first day.

It's a Coelamon! A couple of my problems will go away with his joining!

He's cool enough to do two things for us in fact!

He summons some friends and lets us cross to the tropical jungle.

We'll bug the Spanish penguins later.

And the plants get off easy this time. That machine restores MP for a price.

The bridge has been fixed, so we can go to and from the Tropical Jungle any time we want to!

But we still haven't recruited Coelamon, so let's get to that right now. This time he's here all day.

Prosperity: 5

Holy cow is this guy important.

Kunemon creates a passage east from File City to the digital bridge, otherwise we'd have to take the long way around.

Coelamon starts selling items.

May not seem like much but just having a source of these is very important. Tokomon only gave us 3 of the basic healing floppies after all, and having a source of meat like this helps a lot in the long run.

Sleepy already? It's only 19:00!

Oh, right, that is when guys with your sleep pattern get sleepy don't they.

G'night then, Zardoz.

Remember, voting's still open, I'll just replay these bits again!

...Even though that was the luckiest Kunemon fight I've had in years.