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Part 4: Bungle in the Jungle 2011 Edition (Tropical Jungle)

I buy some stuff from Coelamon's shop and promptly not run in to fights.

So we're back in the jungle for real this time, to recruit a few guys and dance around the Aruraumon.

Muchomon is my 2nd least favorite Digimon ever, and it and #1 are both there due to the same scene.

A free medium recovery! These will soon become one of my best friends.

Anyway, let's head up the northeast path to the Mangrove region.

In there is a Betamon sitting around being useless.

I, uh, er, attribute quotes properly dammit!

Prosperity: 6

We pestered him and his rationality returned. Huh.

Goin' real north, we run to Great Canyon to trigger a flag.

We gotta run near this indent and have Finn freak out to make Yuramon not useless.

Heading left...

We get to Overdell. The DarkRizamon are easy enough to avoid while getting in. Good thing too, since they use several fire and aqua techs, and getting Jake into a fight with two guys spamming Heat Laser is not my idea of a good time.

Frankly I shouldn't be here right now as there's next to nothing in it for me but possible murder by Spinning Shot.

That Tsukaimon, mostly obscured by the gauges, is pretty hard to avoid. They move in bounding leaps rather than walking or running, so avoiding them in as closed quarters as Overdell Cemetary's southern side requires baiting them to leap one way then running past them before they can leap back. They use Spinning Shot and Air Cutter a lot, and the ones in the Tropical Jungle at night are pretty weak, so it's a safe way to get two of the better techs (especially Spinning Shot, it's amazing).

Bakemon asks you three questions, but all he says is his name.

I've heard if you have your own Bakemon it's translated, but that would involve waiting until Jake died then raising a Bakemon of my own, and why bother when I already know it's Yes, Yes, No?

Prosperity: 8. There's the Grey Lord's Mansion to the north, but only Virus-type digimon can get in there and Jake's Data right now.

Hold left while this screen is loading and you'll avoid the guards, who immediately try to catch you as soon as the screen is done loading.

Tropical Jungle has its toilet right there, and a Yanmamon is buzzing around, being obnoxious as fuck. They also use Air Cutter and Spinning Shot but unlike Tsukaimon they're privy to Nature techs that inflict statuses, so they're not as good for learning the Air techs. Besides, you can get those same nature techs from Dokunemon in Native Forest at night.

Dammit Jake, I have nothing in particular to be mad about and nothing about your behavior is incorrect so I guess I'll scold you for not learning Megaton Punch yesterday morning!

Bakemon floats around the late hours, kinda pointlessly but, hey, two prosperity points.

Betamon upgrades Coelamon's shop, and it now sells Medium Recovery floppies, Various floppies, which cure conditions like Poison and Stun, and Auto Pilots, which automatically return you to the middle of File City, about the center of the southern boundary of the screen with Jiji's house, that is.

Yuramon's useful, for once. Finn'll never find out about the bridge if you don't bug her. I just remembered she's useful a second time, also dealing with Great Canyon.

I spend the rest of the day training Jake and calling him names for not getting 136 HP a session.

I lack the two digimon and the item that makes such possible, but I'll never tell him, he won't live to see any of them.

Wait, maybe I should tell him, by scolding him for not being immortal.

Today's been strange, since it started with Jake losing nearly all of his mass, but I can handle it.

Push the damn boulder!

You didn't push it hard enough and that's why Suzy left you for a guy with a pompadour and a motorcycle!

Well he's got over 1500 HP now, so let's do something!

Palmon hands over 5 pieces of meat at random, and combined with the 3 from yesterday, maybe getting Jake's weight back to normal won't be so hard.

I bought a 2nd medium recovery floppy and rested Jake's HP back to full, so it's time to go to the deepest part of the Tropical Jungle, the Amida Forest!

And already a guy threatens to shoot us. Welp.


He shoots off half of your digimon's health. Probably training up Jake's HP wasn't the best plan before coming here, perhaps I should've done this before drill tunnel so a small recovery floppy would heal over half of his max? If your digimon's HP hits 1, then you're forced back to the beginning

You need to get to the circle door to complete the bit, the way it ended up here, he'd shoot any time I got close to the circle door and it threw Finn and Jake halfway across the damn screen so it was literally impossible to do.

The first time you're in Amida Forest, a bunch of items are there. I need a Happy Mushroom for later, and why not get an assured one instead of hoping one spawns?

They aren't all that rare, just why trust the RNG when you don't have to?

Second time I get through and confront Centarumon about how big of a dick he is.

"That's why it's randomly literally impossible 33% of the time. No, really, it's a test!"

Prosperity: 10

If he weren't so helpful...

After completing Amida Forest you automatically go to the Ancient Dino Region. Why? Probably to remove the items now that you aren't getting pelted by guns. Jake isn't quite tough enough for this, and though the halved passage of time is interesting there's nothing to quite do with it just yet, so we're returning to File City. We're not far out enough to pop an auto-pilot just yet so Finn and Jake take a casual stroll around dragonflies and Spanish penguins.

Holy cow am I loaded down with stuff.

I'll just drop off the happy mushroom and the moldy meat for later, and train a bit then-

Oh... oh my.

His textures are falling off, he's just a wireframe model... he's digivolving! He's finally digivolving! Now no one will make fun of him except for me!

Wait, that's a-


I couldn't have asked for a more boring Champion, could I? With a middling of fire techs and a lot of battle, Tyrannomon is best used as a... I'll be frank, a stepping stone to the frankly much more badass Megadramon but Megadramon's incredible stat requirements are not something you get with your first Digimon.

What do you mean he's stuck with only Sonic J-

Every digivolution has three main conditions, hitting thresholds in certain stats, being within 5 either way of a proper weight, and having so many or so few care mistakes (training it until it's too tired to continue, skipping meals, etc.).

As well as my planned Champion, I've met the stat requirements for Tyrannomon- 1000 HP, 100 Offense and Defense- as a result of working in the tunnels. Jake has had zero care mistakes and is still below 10 weight so it comes down to bonus conditions to determine what he becomes. I've still got some time before the digivolution period passes so I can mess with these a bit. Digimon usually have several bonus conditions, but one always deals with having a large number of techs, and I've got 1. The other one for Tyrannomon is having five or less battles.

Agumon, Palmon, Kunemon, Drimogemon- that's four. My tendency to avoid random fights is biting me in the ass. Jake beats up a pair of MokodiBetamon to bump it to 6, above the threshold for Tyrannomon.

By his stats he can still hit Garurumon or Drimogemon, but he doesn't have the minimum care mistakes (3 or more) for Drimogemon, so I have to get Garurumon or Jake will become the dreaded Numemon and this LP is fucked before it can get anywhere.

So I tell Jake he's a useless sack of shit. A lot. He hates me now but it's okay, he'll come around eventually. Right now the plan has to succeed.

I hope this works. I've done everything I've can. He's got less than two care mistakes, at least 1000 MP and Speed, and the discipline gauge is at 90% or higher. It's up to the wiles of fate.

This is for emphasis...

...As my plan plan has paid off in full!

Garurumon here has a variety of techs in three elements, including favorites like Megaton Punch, Buster Dive, and Ice Statue. Besides that, the bonus to his stats after digivolving was pretty nice to him as well, especially bumping his Brains over 100.

Since he can't use Sonic Jab, Jake learns a new tech to have at least one. Winter Blast hits the entire screen for a little damage and inflicts stun fairly often, but as a wide-area tech it's very inefficient. I'll be fetching Jake some new techs tomorrow, don't worry.

Garurumon don't stay up as late as Gabumon, so it's beddy-bye time for Jake. Rest easy, comrade, we've got a long day ahead of us.