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Part 5: Tiger-Wolf vs. The Human Torch (Lava Cave)

I was aiming for Magma Bomb but this works too, I guess.

I wish I got it from this but it doesn't work out as I had hoped.

How did I

Holy shit this is not the right time at all.

He's... a hell of a lot tougher than Jake.

Not to mention he's got Bug, an impressive nature tech that launches six or so bugs that explode violently for about 1,000 damage each. Sometimes one of the bugs scurries around and doesn't explode until the hitstun from an earlier bug fades, effectively hitting twice!

He uses ConfusedStorm too, a very rare Air tech that hits the whole battlefield and frequently inflicts confusion.

Jake... hits for 30 damage.

...Yeah, I'm going to pretend this never happened. Piximon is waaay too tough for Jake here.

This Tsukaimon got uppity, so it got murdered.

Next I fight Chewbacca for a bit because I couldn't remember off hand what techs he used.

I think one of them is Aqua Magic which Garurumon can get but with Jake's minimal brains it won't help much.

I need to kill some time to get day encounters to appear so let's check out this fancy house that sprang up out of nowhere.

...Where's your diploma?

Anyway, he sells bandages and medicine, cures injury and illness, and offers rest more effective than Punimon's cardboard chair. All of the above but the rest costs some money, and will probably remain unused.

I don't want to, but these guys are weak and but have the aqua techs Jake here really wants.

Like so.

It's no Ice Statue, but it's going to work a hell of a lot better than Spit Fire.

Stocking up on restoratives, I'm gonna take a really long trip.

Jake, now with Champion Powers, actually pushes the boulder away.

Luckily we can walk on this path next to the river. Poor Jake, though, being a Digimon for colder climes, hates the shit out of the lava caves so staying here long isn't in our best interest. There's nothing here anyway but one thing to the north...

A guy who is also distressed by demographic shifts. The Digital Flight away from the city to the suburbs is leaving only the infants and in-trainings behind, as they have too few bits to move. This is creating a hyperghetto of-

The exportation of manufacturing digijobs to cheaper markets like on the Continent of Server can be stressful to any young e-

Meramon, put down that red filter.

You're going to destroy what few domestic jobs are left!

Also look at the bottom-left corner, the filter didn't cover the whole screen.

Meramon uses Magma Bomb, Heat Laser, and Dynamite Kick, prefering Heat Laser and rarely kicking. He mostly gets knocked out of his attacks by Ice Needle being so damn fast.

Mostly. Magma Bomb still hurts.


Heat Laser is the cheapest and weakest wide-area tech, and it sometimes inflicts flat.

Flat is impossible to explain without seeing but luckily Jake gets hit by it later.

Poor Meramon gets stunned by an Ice Needle so Jake pounds a Howling Blaster into his face. Finishers are a godsend with the weak techs I have.

A quick Ice Needle later and he's down for the count.

Big chunk of bits, stats, and a free chip. I'm basically living off the proceeds from hauling dirt and boss fights like this to continue exploring.

"You are a big stupid go build a cafe or something."

Prosperity: 12

Okay, now that that's done we-

You have to go NOW while we're in the lava cave?

Luckily I brought some auto-pilots.

Holy cow did he build that thing fast.

Oh hey, since Jake's hungry let's show off the restaurant!

Each guy serves three meals. The meals increase a couple of stats a little, increase happiness, decrease tiredness, and, of course, make your partner not hungry. The prices are too high for frequent visits, especially since you get free food from the meat farm, but if you happen to have a few thousand bits doing nothing but burning a hole in your pocket, why not?

Getting Meramon also cleared up the rock slide, so next time we're on our way to Mt. Panorama and Gear Savannah!