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Part 6: Where the zebras and cockatrices play (Mt. Panorama and Gear Savanna)

Today, I'll be exploring most of the western half of the island and recruiting a bunch of guys.

Before that though, I have to avoid a pair of Goburimon who desire nothing more than to hit Jake with clubs.

And a pair of AururururuaruaruaurarDAMMIT JUST CALL THEM MANDRAKES YOU CAN NEVER GET THE L AND THE R RIGHTmon circle around, meaning it takes some pretty good timing to avoid a fight.

You'd think I'd need a bandage or medicine...

Recovery floppies work just fine, though.

I don't know how it works if you don't have Centarumon. If I know Digimon World either Unimon won't be here at all or Finn will say there's a clinic anyway.

So he goes to the city and never leaves.

Prosperity: 14

I am not looking forward to the rest of this. The flags for this one are strange.

there's a pair of PCs here offer some medium floppies.

I'd rather have chips. Endless chips. Chips upon chips upon chips.

MudFrigimon copiously abuse Aqua Magic but are unremarkable besides. Keep in mind, there's a tiny chance of a very rare recruitable guy appearing here, and if he's here the MudFrigimon won't be.

Gotsumon use Megaton Punch exclusively here, if I recall correctly. Great Canyon ones use Buster Dive too.

...If only Jake would learn either one. I've tried.

I miss a shot of the foot of the mountain somehow. It's got FlareRizamon and the mountain's toilet, but besides from the really confusing recruitments and the large number of wild digimon Mt. Panorama is unremarkable. To the north of Mt. Panorama though...

Gear Savanna is a very fun place.

I want to hurt that guy and learn Megalo Spark but Jake can't! Why didn't you guys vote for Agumon so I could cheese my way to a Greymon and have one of the best techs in the whole game already?

...And you taunt me with that place. Only ultimates get mech techs, dammit!

Mean Spinning Shot and Wind Cutter. Uses Electric Cloud and Static Elect too. That's four techs, cheater.

We could buy some now but Unimon's recruitment established the item store, which sells portable potties at 300 bits each rather than this inflated price.

If Jake were colorblind. They use War Cry, Megaton Punch, and Sonic Jab.

I think this Patamon is about to be eviscerated or whatever Goburimon do.

Dynamic entry! A boot to the face solves a lot of problems.

Also Leomon is the first in a long tradition of buff shirtless guys in jeans.

...But he did do everything and you did nothing?

Bugging Leomon reveals he'll join us on one condition.

We find some relic. That'll have to wait until we have 35 prosperity.

No, really, it appears that late.

War Cry, Megaton Punch, Sonic Jab. Did we need two digimon who do that in the same area?

This is Gear Savanna's toilet, which is right next to...

Trash Mountain. They can't all be winners.

Behold one of the most fearsome warriors in the digital world. Geremon, as Numemon recolors, may seem like shit, but they are in fact the shit. They have probably one of the best techs for stunlocking in the game, Poop Spd Toss.

That's right, a simple filth tech of flinging a turd at the enemy is capable of keeping the enemy from even attacking you.

Needless to say, I try to avoid fights with Geremon.

Mountain, Finn. Mountain.

"A guy who is not literally excement!"

I could end the LP here and none of you will have missed anything important.

Sukamon have come to accept their status as poop.

I haven't found a way to make the king mad or even if he can get mad.

The Prima guide rants and raves that you have to talk to this Sukamon first or you will never ever recruit him. I have no idea if this is true but it's no skin off of my nose.

The training area drastically raises MP by letting your digimon meditate in an enormous pile of poop.

This game is rated T for Teen due to Comic Mischief.

an unmitigated piece of crap (how fitting for this location) that will be replaced with the Amazing Rod before I even pretend to begin fishing.

Can't argue with that logic. If your Digimon becomes a Sukamon, you can bug this guy to turn it back into what it was.

Or you could train that Sukamon to be the best he can be and murder everything with Poop Spd Toss.

Anyway, to west of the toilet is...

How rude.

You cretin.

So you say.

Thus be it.

Persistent bastard, aren't we?

And he's finally down!

That's not an Offense Chip at all!

Yeah, you have to beat up this Patamon three times to get him to join. His Spinning Shot is kinda dangerous but he's no real trouble.

Prosperity: 15.

And now I can't talk to Jijimon without getting pressed into a very hard boss fight.

Let's fight with the RNG some more! Biyomon is pretty annoying to recruit.

He keeps running away.

The new plan is for Finn to wait in one spot while Jake leads him there.

"Oh god is that my liver?!"

It's sort of random which spot Biyomon goes to actually.

Eventually I try it enough that I catch him.

Kidnapping? Naw, it's more like Impressing.

Oh Digimon World, will your translation ever make sense?

The courts upheld that it's important for the defense of the realm.

Prosperity: 16

This door won't open until we're done with things inside and the other way we get in there is much better anyway.

Oof! Electric discharges hurt!


Dammit, stop with the absurd tests!

Prosperity: 17.

Elecmon is effectively useless, but prosperity is prosperity.

Hurts a lot, though.

Poor Psychemon, he's boned now.

Poor Jake, he still won't learn Megaton Punch.

This shop is only open for the first half of the year.

It sells things taken from your inventory if your Digimon loses a battle. Since Jake hasn't lost (that Piximon fight technically never happened) this isn't much use.

This sells packs of cards. Cards are an important source of power.

Our first card is a Finn card! It's useless for the true purpose of cards.

Why not buy a pack, how terribly could it g-

...Two Sukamon cards in a single pack.

...We'll go to sleep and pretend this never happened the next morning.