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Part 7: Eau de Geek (Geko Swamp, Stuff about town)

Uses Tremar and, according to my sources, Counter.

Counter, though, is a strange tech. I hear it only activates upon blocking an attack. The technicalities are therefore completely unknown to me because I've never seen Counter actually happen.

But our destination is to the northeast of even Trash Mountain, to the Geko Swamp.

Geko Swamp has gekos. But only at night. During the day, it's more Yanmamon.

This guy has a 30% of showing up in the second screen.

He also makes fun of you. Six times. The ones not shown are numbskull, dimwit, bird brain, and eau de geek.

Having a mature response to a tadpole calling you assorted names doesn't get you awesome stuff, however.

Otamamon mainly uses Water Blit and Tear Drop. Tear Drop here inflicts Flat a lot.

It's a very strange status effect. The afflicted turns into an LCD figure and can only spit little fireballs that deal extremely pitiful damage. The fireballs don't cost MP, though, and the animation for turning into the figure takes so long that it sometimes evades attacks!

Regardless, he gets his ass howling blasted.

Except that he runs off and calls for a mob.

The boss doesn't seem too annoyed by it, though.

No, really, he doesn't give a shit about Otamamon even after Finn brings it up.

Somehow we start talking about Cherrymon and Misty Trees, and how the fog is impassable. He can help us, though. How?

Magic, of course!

Have I mentioned that Digimon World is very, very Japanese?

Once I have piles of cash I'll be using this to my advantage.

But, since Jake can't do much at Misty Trees just yet without dying, it's back to the city.

Okay, he's here. I did it right.

Unimon (or Biyomon or Patamon if I got one of them first) replaces the item stand with a whole store. Coelamon and Betamon now chillax.

The toilet will not be an issue anymore.

Besides upgrading the general selection by having more of the shopkeepers, each one has a specialty item that only they sell. Unimon sells Super Restore Floppies that revive with full HP, Biyomon sells Super Recovery Floppies that heal all HP, and Patamon sells Omnipotent floppies, that combine the effects of Medium Recovery, Medium MP, and Various floppies into a single item that does three things.

Having three guys also puts this card vendor here. I prefer it to the packs since it's 100 for 1 rather than 500 for 3, and the rates of getting shit are the same.

Except my first card is WaruMonzaemon. That's some damn good luck.

After a bit of training and then some rest, we're ready to head out.

He's as surprised as I am, walking on the backdrop like that.

Anyway, what's over here in Great Ca-

Oh god NO!