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Part 8: Das Digitalkapitel (Great Canyon, Some Freezeland)

A reoccurring issue is that Jake just won't learn battle techs. Either Megaton Punch or Buster Dive would help a hell of a lot.

Whatever, I'm holding off the inevitable.

The left thing is the toilet. The right?

The most horrid minigame in the whole game.

Basically, you have to hope the RNG produces customers who ask for enough of the expensive items, then you have to hope you can raise the price a bit and make a real profit and hope that they don't leave without a sale.

Basically, a lot of hoping.

And it takes EIGHT FUCKING HOURS to do. Your digimon is awake for fifteen. that's over half of the time it's awake. It's not just random and a pain to do, but it is literally a huge waste of time that will leave your Digimon significantly closer to death than it was before.

Or first customer is a Muchomon. Muchomon give no fucks and randomly accept highway robbery and randomly leave on a discount that renders profits nil.

Muchomon sometimes asks for Medicine. Negotiating price with a Medicine Muchomon is the most tense moment of the game.

Basically, you can sell something for up to 150% of the normal price. Anywhere at 130% and above though makes the guy sad.

Oh, you can only state an increase, discount, or normal price.

But, as I said, Muchomon sometimes buy things at extreme price hikes.

Portable potties have a profit of 90 bits normally, so any increase is a good one.

Thus is the name of the game, haggling prices to get the highest you can without making the shopper get all huffy and leave.

Goburimon are pretty average customers.

The problem with this is is that, in practice, you just go with 20% increases and hope they ask for medicine (the most expensive item) a lot and meat (the cheapest) little.

Oh god, it's decision time. At base price, Meat has a profit if 15, Portable Potties have 90...

Medicine, at it's base price, is a profit of 300. Medicine is important.

Our goal is a bit under 3100 bits in profit. Getting a sixth of that or more in a single sale is important.

Goddammit Muchomon, ask for Medicine, if I can get a 1,500 Medicine sale off then I can ride the gravy train to FUCK YOU MONOCHROMON station!

Weedmon are cocks who sometimes walk out without a sale on normal price. A 20% discount is almost always no profit, so Weedmon can just go to hell. And this cock asked for Medicine. I had to go with regular price as to not inflate the chance of a missed sale.

Gotsumon are cool guys who don't mind high prices at all. I wish I had more of them.

And I only have about 1300 bits. Sucks to be me.

Oh thank goodness this happened.

That was a regular priced portable potty. Fuck you Weedmon.

The game forgets to have a message here so it goes straight to the profit screen but...

I clinch that fuckin' sale.

So close, just one more sale and-




It's not even that missing Weedmon sale, even if I got regular price I'd still be 60 short.

Resetting and trying again, losing eight hours of Jake's life because I didn't press price increases to Weedmon enough or some bullshit like that.

This is a fine way to start the second go.

...That's my second customer.

Things seem to be going fairly well.

So I blow the goddamn thing out of the water with five medicine sales.

Pretty much at random.

Damn straight.

The digimon who test me without fighting are usually cocks whose tests are randomly impossible, I've noticed.

Prosperity: 19

And thank god it's over.

Oh, hey, wanna know the best part?

I set this up so I'd minimize the time wasted by having it be near the end of Jake's waking day.

I know this shit.

It took having my Garurumon next to a Gururumon just to see the color difference.

Gururumon is also our first wild Digimon to have the hard battle music. I think it's one of the best tracks in the game. You really should listen to it.

There's a street gang of Goburimon here, but they won't bother you unless you stand in the middle of them or run into one of them.

On the other side of the fork from the Goburimon, there's a place with warning tape and traffic cones and shit.

So you step on it twice. Then you finally fall.

The purpose down here is to fix the elevator, which is such a mundane task I forgot to screenshot it.

Jake... still doesn't learn battle techs from these Gotsumon.

Well shit, that's a rare food. Drastically cuts weight, second only to tapeworms in efficiency.

So, what's up there?

Brutal, painful murder, that's what. Let's pretend that never happened and wait a bit before visiting Freezeland.

Training a bit, gotta make sure we can win this one fight and then the world will be my oyster.

Monochromon has the least useful specialty item. At least Double Floppies are finally for sale, they heal 1500 HP and MP at the same time.

Well, time to fight him.

This guy, he's really tough but his service is really nice.

He uses Prominence Beam. And nothing else. Just pro beams everywhere.

Usually Jake cancels it with an Ice Needle, but every now and then he gets blastotized. I have piles of healing floppies just for this.

Thankfully, a faster attack finally wins it in the end.


Prosperity: 21

And he takes us back to File City for free.

He takes us to places instantly, but we have to go there first.

Now that we have this guy, it's time to get infinite money without having to fight. I hope you like exploits!

First, we have to buy as many medium recovery floppies as possible. That starting Restore floppy I've hoarded this whole time is sold to get four more floppies.

Running past the SnowAgumon and the SnowGoburimon, we're heading deep into Freezeland to get this to work.

Hyogamon are brutal and will fuck you up if you aren't ready.

They have some neat quotes sometimes, though.

Running down this path, once I get to that place with the three Hyogamon muscle memory takes over.

Avoiding one last Hyogamon, we're on the ice floes and so close...

Damn straight, I'm here.

There's three Mojyamon here, but only this one matters to me at the moment. I can trade a medium recovery floppy for a super defense disk.

15 Medium Recovery floppies costs 7,500 bits. The trip costs 2,000 now that it's available, and an auto-pilot costs 300.

This is a substantial profit.

NOW we can get somewhere.

Look at that, it's... it's beautiful!

Finn has so much money that it can't fit in one line!

I can buy 99 Medium Recovery floppies and still have over 50,000 bits with which to buy other floppies and cards and still be capable of doing another Mojyamon trip and end up with 200,000 bits to buy even more stuff!

Speaking of which I somehow got two Phoenixmon cards, which is nice because Phoenixmon is my favorite digimon.

And we're stocked. It's time to get to getting a bit more powerful and take on bandits.