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Part 9: This game is a whole series of non sequiturs (Ogre Fortress)

That was not worth 3,500 bits.

Bonus tries are a complete pain in the ass to pull off but if you can succeed at them then you get some really good bonuses. Too bad I can't do them very well or Jake might have been able to reach Ultimate level.

That would require me to succeed at almost every single one of them, though, since Garurumon can only digivolve into SkullGreymon and MegaSeadramon, who are kind of demanding stat-wise.

At 200 brains, Finn can command Jake to use his weakest attack repeatedly.

Speaking of such, It's time I fetched a better tech than Ice Needle for killin' dudes.

Bidramon drops you right next to the entrance of Freezeland. Hey, remember those guys who brutally murdered Jake yesterday?

This guy was voiced by Norio Wakamoto in Frontier. This has little relevance to what I'm doing, except that sometimes I like to pretend Finn delivers his commands with the same bombastic tone Wakamoto uses.

The fights aren't too bad since it's 1v1 and Jake has a finishing move and I've got over 200,000 HP worth of HP recovery floppies.

That... isn't what I'm after.

264 power for 120 MP is really inefficient. Especially when IceDevimon have a much better tech.

Howling blasted his butt! Hahahahaha!

Wow, that's pretty lucky of me. Speed Leafs are a 1% drop, they increase speed permanently by 20, a lesser chip if you would.

There we go. Time I got a tech that can carry a digimon through the endgame.

Look at that power, it's beautiful. It's fast too, and it's absurd stun chance, Jake is going to rock most battles. Winter Blast sits there for fights against multiple guys. This kind of set-up is why I got 200 brains before doing this.

dropping off that speed leaf, also I need to get Yuramon to be helpful her second and last time.

This thing is how you save besides sleeping, by the way.

The lights are just a thing attached to the prerendered background, they don't actually do anything.

Okay, now that it's daytime Yuramon's up and I can bug the useless critter about bandits.

The Goburimon street gang is noticeably absent.

Oh sheesh, the guy gets his own theme music. It's going to take about 20 fights to get 2 prosperity isn't it.

And he has some Agumon as henchmen!

He uses Tremar, flinging rocks everywhere and frequently hitting his two buddies. Said buddies use Magma Bomb and Fire Tower.

Winter Blast does its job though, the Agumon have significantly less HP than Ogremon.

Once they're down, Ice Statue goes to town on his ass.

It's about now that I start to rake in the chips.

He runs off, the first of many, many times he'll do this.

Of course, that's not much of a resolution. Let's track him down and beat him up some more!

He gives up and lets us in.

Lots of guys running around constantly in tight corridors with collision coding that isn't entirely clear from the background.

You end up in a lot of fights in Ogre Fortress. The Gabumon use Tremar sometimes, but a lot more frequently than NiseDrimogemon do.

And these three guys run at you and there's no real place to hide from them, as trying to go behind the box will just send you back to the previous screen.

At least I got something out of it.

And these guy's you can't avoid.

Winter Blast takes them down though.

Just walk between these two guys and ignore them, unless you're wanting Fire Tower. It's not a very common tech.

"I'm going to kick your ass!"

Except for Ogremon having more HP, the battle is almost entirely the same as last time.

Ogremon throws a smoke bomb to produce 3-frame animations to cover his escape.

I... I just got burned.

Actually, it will since it's the only way to recruit a whole character.

The Goburimon pace around on that plateau, wondering what the hell they are doing with their lives.

Yes. A lot.

Finn knows how this damn game works by now.

Yeah, it's tied to going up that elevator. So, let's...

Go back down the elevator,

Leave through ogre fortress, (after looting it a bit, can't do too much looting with just 10 inventory spaces though)

go back up the main elevator and around through the south end of freezeland, which has a second bridge for some reason,

And there we go!

So she joins us. Yes, it's a she for... some reason.

Prosperity: 23

And why the hell not, another free chip!

Oh dammit why does this game have the stupidest glitches this doesn't even make sense.