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Part 10: Sea-Dragonmaster Pro Edition (Dragon Eye Lake and Beetle Land)

Jake, being a Garurumon, loves the cold. We'll need to do this with a dude who gets hypothermic easily.

I have no idea if you can do this before seeing this but it never hurts to check!

This is what Shellmon does, it may seem minor but it's a treasure trove of triggering flags.

...I think ShogunGekomon will like this card.

And I better get there fast, the Lake Guardian has a small window of actually appearing!

Cards are mostly for trading for points, and these points can be exchanged for some really rare stuff. The mythic rare cards, like Phoenixmon and ShogunGekomon (not egotistical at all) trade for 100 points! Just off of these three alone we can get what we came for.

Rares net 30 points, not too shabby.

Uncommons score 10, though Mental Misstep would probably be around 50 and he'd just give me his entire inventory for a playset of Force of Will.

Commons are worth 5, and I've used up all my Magic jokes.

I... my pile of Sukamon cards is bigger than my stack of Forests.

He's got some high-end restoratives, every chip...

Assorted digivolution items...

Oh yeah, those things automatically make your Digimon go up a digivolution stage, but they don't have the stat bonuses that normally go with it, and I don't think they carry the lifespan boost either.

The main thing is a fishing rod that is not poop-coated and in the trash.

I also get some super recovery floppies just to sell for some capital without having to do Mojyamon loops.

It was at this point that I realized that, by going for the hardest to fish thing in the game first, I completely forgot to show off how fishing works since I couldn't spare a second to take a screenshot.

So, instead, here's something.

Step one: Get bait! Unless you're using another fish, use meat.

Step two: Fling that shit at the right fish! Fish are very picky about what they eat. A red X will pop up if it's not what they like.

Step three: Reel that useless motherfucker in! Don't let the tension gauge, that meter in the fish there fill up or the line will snap and you'll look like a goofy idiot! But if it empties out, the fish takes the bait away and you'll look like a goofy idiot!

Now let's use that fish to catch a bigger fish!

Wrong bigger fish.

Why the trout gotta be black, yo?

This is the biggest fish in the lake, and he's a fighter! I don't think this would be possible with the normal rod!

Oh dammit! Let's try that again!

This, this is the biggest fish! It's so big that eating it makes you live longer. This is the end of fishing that isn't the lake guardian. Since the act of fishing itself takes no time, it's a matter of patience and your stock of meat as to how many sea bass you can bring home.

...But none of this happened in reality since I don't like fishing that much. Back to our regularly scheduled program.

That's a lot of shrooms.

The demonstration above was from the northern shore, which is the shore you should use for most fishing. The southern shore is west of that screen where Palmon failed to blend in.

Nope, he ain't here yet. The guardian's shadow is fucking huge, he circles the lake really fast, and it's black instead of navy blue and it's a model instead of a sprite.

Poor Jake is staying up so far past his bedtime for this. Don't worry, it'll all be worth it when I turn the green gym into an ultimate-level digimon factory.

Fishing up the lake guardian was such an intense, soul-breaking experience that... I forgot completely to screenshot it.

But let me tell you that it was pretty fucking hard, like 40 minutes of concentrated fishing hard.

But ain't he pretty?

And he's nice enough to reward us!

He'll give you a random ice tech if you answer technique, it might be only ones your Digimon and Seadramon both learn, maybe just him or just your guy? I don't know, but he's hard to fish up so I haven't really tested it.

Item gives you a Water Bottle, Seadramon's digivolution item.

Friendship is magic the true answer, he gives you a flue to call him at any time to take you across the lake. You don't get the chance to get techs or water bottles, but since I already have Ice Statue what the hell do I need techs for anyway, and I'll just raise my own damn Seadramon if I want one!

Also he'll take us to a wonderful place!

This is not awkward-looking at all.

Welcome to Beetle Land! It has beetles. Tentomon uses Bug and Mass Morph, two of the three nature techs worth your time.

I also pick up a gold acorn.

Tournaments are on the 22nd of each year.

That's... kind of an awkward date, all things considered.

And you can only have bug digimon.

That's... probably more awkward.

If you're wanting a Kunemon of your own, just let it sleep in Kunemon's bed.


Yeah, that.

Prosperity: ...28

I've missed three somewhere, since I talk to Jijimon later and he says I have 28.

Just come to the city.

...I guess I've been putting it off long enough.

I put this flute up and will probably never use it again, and I get some fish for a minigame later.

Holla holla get bits- dammit I messed up.

They got telegraph lines installed!

Oh great, I've miscounted somewhere. Also, I've not talked to Jijimon about my prosperity because, once you hit 15 and talk to him, then walk outside...

This guy shows up with the distinct intent to fuck you up.

Is this comedy gold or am I dead inside?

Greymon is a tough motherfucker, his Magma Bombs hit really hard, and his Red Inferno and Dynamite Kick aren't slouches either. His finisher can hit for over 1,500, and with 4800 HP it's an endurance match that can hit you uncomfortably early in the game.

I think I'm overprepared, though, as Jake just keeps him stunned with Ice Statue and tears his face off.

Prosperity: 30.

He builds a whole arena, which Jake isn't powerful enough to compete in.

But now that I have an Arena this guy will join.

Prosperity: 32.

Kuwagamon and Kabuterimon improve the Green Gym, and this boost to efficiency is very important for getting an Ultimate with my second Digimon. But, Jake's still not quite dead yet, and there's still stuff he can still do!