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Part 12: A Dog and Human Show (More Freezeland, Misty Trees, Random stuff)

Mojyamon loop time!

It's beautiful... so beautiful...

So I'm going to use my improved inventory space to stock up on everything!

And I still have 10 inventory slots open! I'm gonna loot some places!


After beating Meramon the lava hardens and cools.

Pretty good, though Jake still doesn't like the heat.

If I got a Meramon card anywhere near 1/15 tries this would be a fairly good deal.

Chips chips chips, so many chips.

This place is full of long winding hallways leading to nothing though.

The stuff I left in Ogre Fortress is actually the common stuff. Whoops.

Pardon me while I spend over 30,000 bits on cards.

And then get even more bits to spend on cards.

This haul wasn't too bad, no mythic rares though.

Why is Brachiomon even in this game?

Well next we go to Freezeland for real, first we just gotta avoid all the enemies and-

Yeah, sometimes these guys are bastards, sometimes you get hung on the collision coding, sometimes, there's just no way to get around them.

You shouldn't offer servitude like that on a whim, bro.

Curling. This game has a curling minigame.

Light stones move far but are easy to knock out of the way, heavy stones require a lot of force to throw but are very hard to move far, medium stones are inbetween.

These ones can't be knocked away once they finish moving. The secret to megawinning is to get some of these stuck on a two-point area, preferably in such a way that they cover for other stones.

Inside the blue line is one point, and the bad mark is negative 2 points.

It turns out, he's kind of an idiot who hits his own stones out of the way.

It also happens that I am good at digital curling.

Prosperity: 35. Now we can press him into servitude for the city!

Trade all three things with all three Mojyamon and one joins you. Preferably this one since you can get his stuff elsewhere with ease.

Time for the mirror match, it seems!

He hits much harder than Jake does.

But thanks to Finn's ability to fling a lot of items, we win!

You are the first person to call us out on that.

I'll ignore this and end up with the chance to get another free HP Chip.

And what's off this way? Why it's the Misty Trees ShogunGekomon mentioned!

]It's hard as hell to see anything. And there's Fugamon about. Fugamon use a combination of fire, air, and battle techs best earned elsewhere.

Cherrymon you used to look so cool.

Begin at the relevant information.

That's... pretty relevant.

"And the sudden landmass caused the Great Migration! The end."

No, put it back up, you're scary.

We can do literally nothing there with a Garurumon.

They use Aqua Magic and Ice Statue and drop Muscle Yams at a 1% rate. This screen has Saberdramon at night, and they use Hurricane and Prominence Beam a lot.

He's not really hard to find since he has an idle animation.

Prosperty: 36. This Gabumon... I can't even remember what he does. I think it's literally nothing.

And we exit out of Geko Swamp, we've circled the island.

I'll get a quick chip somehow dammit!

I... can't say that's surprising.

"There" means the adjacent planter, and it sprouts on the 15th.

It's 25% better thanks to the beetles.

This guy only shows up very early. [/url=]It's still 4 right now.[/url]

He War Cries a bunch, but he spends most of the battle stunned.

Except for when he gets a 1000-damage Megalo Spark in.

Ninjamon. Ninjamon is the only guy who drops a Quick Chip.

this is so banal.

Prosperity: 38.

Yeah, you go do that.

It's prerendered. Just leave me alone you silly bird.

Now you get it, huh? Jake you're kinda getting on my nerves right now.

It gives similar stat boosts to the Hot Pot but costs 1000 bits less. Meramon overcharges.

More crop circles at Mt. Panorama! When will this finally be solved?

...No I'm serious. When? I want to get this shit over with.

Finally, a command that finally ensures Jake won't attack!

So I try fighting a bunch of Gotsumon and Hyogamon for two days to get Buster Dive.

I got food.

And Jake got his legs broken. How did that even happen with that much HP left?

So to make fun of you...

I'm catching two Digital Sea Bass and feeding you neither one.

"Here's a hint for something you already did."

Well, it's day 15, and the rain plant's sprouted.

It recovers 1000 MP, but if you use your first one for that you're either dumb or you don't know about its true purpose.

I guess, since it's a sprite and not prerendered.

This is where the rain plant comes in.

That's quite the sprite there, what with three frames of animation.

And from this silly mess comes...

A Digimon. Congrats strange plant, you have graduated from sprite to model.

Hell yeah I do! I like radishes and carrots and-

Does this mean-

Prosperity: 40.

HELLZ YEAH Vegiemon upgrades the meat farm to it's final form! We get 3 Sirloin a day, which is not only more filling than Giant Meat, but it increases happiness AND reduces tiredness! Also, instead of selling more meat, he sells vegetables that improve training efficiency!

Let's go get some more sirloin and some supper carrots and...

Jake, you okay?

Uh Jake, your textures are falling off, normally they explode off when digivolving and where's the background?

...You're not digivolving are you.

Oh god, Jake! What's happened?!

I... I don't think Jake is okay.

Every life ends, but life itself never does.

Though Jake is no longer with us, his spirit (and 9 techs) will live on as a new Digimon.

But, consider how much Jake did! This Digimon will have all those advantages from birth. I can dedicate his entire youth to training, and he's going to far surpass Jake in might and ability. All that is left is to determine what from he'll take...

WE AREN'T VOTING YET so don't flood the thread with posts proclaiming this thing or that, I'll make a post detailing how voting is going to work.