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Part 14: The Rebirth

Every life ends, but life itself never does. Even if Jake has died, his dream, our dream hasn't.

Though he's just a baby now, this little guy's got a big future ahead of him. I hope, he, and I, are up to the task.

Will we succeed? Will we fail? What is to become of File Island?

Regardless, I won't give up. Jake would never forgive me if I surrendered.

Jake... You've done so much for us, just rest and let me do the rest for us, me and...

Oh jumping Jesus on a pogo-stick, enough of this silly deepness, this guy needs a name!

Ringo? Yeah, Ringo will do.

Since this guy is digivolving to Kunemon, it doesn't matter which egg I pick, as every in-training Digimon can digivolve to Kunemon. I went with Botamon simply because it was first on the list.

Time to get started with the training!