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Part 17: Wow,what a surprise! (Secret Beach Cave)

This update is mostly here so I won't have to break up the next area into two parts.

I may have to anyway because it's pretty long, but anyway...

At a coast near the Mojyamon is this guy.

We're Finn the Human!

And Ringo the Giant Golden Hercules Beetle!

Let's beat up the bad guys then, that's what my giant golden Hercules Beetle is for!

Only mildly awkward, especially compared to riding on Seadramon.

Huh. There's a submarine here.

Hell yeah, you're in trouble. Do you see this beetle? He can fly at supersonic speeds and he radiates a golden light and he can shoot lasers and manipulate plants and lesser bugs to do his bidding, which can include exploding.

You're fucked.

I would stop bragging and run the hell away from this motherfucker.

It's kind of a rhetorical question at this point, Finn.

But Ogremon has an ace up his sleeve!

Oh, just some lame dork!

But I can call anyone a dork at this point.

WaruSeadramon spends all day using Aurora Freeze, the strongest Ice tech in the game. It's pretty and quite damaging, but it levels Ogremon and Gabumon in about two hits.

Then nothing can stop the exploding bugs.

They run away. WaruSeadramon vanishes forever, to never be seen again.

You're cornered and Ringo here is kind of vicious. An offense stat above 800 will do that.


"Probably after you make him explode and his legs fly off."

Prosperity: 42

So Whamon can ferry you to to places. One is back here to get his treasure. The other?

Factorial town is full of robots.

Guess where we're going next.

Last time I LPed the game and got here, I had a vaccine Digimon in Andromon, so I had a vote for Ice Sanctuary or Factorial Town. Not only did Factorial Town have almost unanimous support, presently Ringo is a data Digimon so I can't do that scenario quite yet.