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Part 18: Your blood pressure just went up.(Factorial Town, 1st)

Either Factorial Town or Ice Sancturary is the the most dangerous place outside of the final dungeon.

Well, by raw digimon strength at least. Ice Sanctuary's set up, involving a gauntlet of unavoidable fights and teleporters that send you back to the start, places it in first pretty handily.

But Ice Sanctuary is only for vaccine digimon, while Ringo is data, and it doesn't have robots!

Even the poop is chrome in the future.

There would be robots here, but Ringo is nocturnal so we get more shit instead. Yay.

Besides Geremon making his triumphant return as being a hard-to-avoid cock, there's a robot to fight.

Now that's just rude, throwing it everywhere like that!

The filth techs not used by Trash Mountain Geremon are used by the PlatinumSukamon and Geremon here. How nice that filth techs are so condensed!

There's eight of them, though, and six of them are variants on "hurl turd(s)" so telling some them apart is pretty hard. There's outlandish ones like Ultimate Poop Hell, sure, but still.

The money really picks up here. Between these kinds of drops and Ringo's magnificent powers, we can achieve profits from fighting.

I'm sitting on 140000 bits though so it isn't exactly helpful presently.

Anyway, that manhole up there is where we need to go in order to do anything more than fight poop, slugs, and robots here.

Ringo starts doing a wacky dance!

That or he's trying very hard to not vomit.

Also a Numemon is feeling sick.

In fact, he's dying.

This should frame our adventures in Factorial Town, as not even the cool robot town is free from incompetent scenario design.

This robot is a jerk and sits right outside the room we need to enter and exit about 7 or 8 times to finish up this place.

...But someone is dying!

Let's bust 'em up then! A life is in da-

...Why aren't you busting 'em up?

I've got a permit right here, it's called Prominence Be-

Finn, why are you doing this.

Just go kick ass. It's why you have this giant golden beetle.

Andromon, someone is going to die because this factory is bad.

...Not even going to check?

...But you're an Ultimate digimon. So is Ringo here. So are the Vermillmon running around Ancient Dino Region. So is the King of Sukamon.

"And his giant toothy grin is so pretty, and his eyes are so piercing and the way the light glints off his beautiful horns and his lovely chainsaw...

Uh, could you, uh, leave me alone? For like 20 minutes?"

You know, guides on GameFAQs detail a whole plan for avoiding fighting these guys.

No one would know it exists if busting them up was actually an option.

Every second, Numemon lurches a little closer to the grave.

You know, it was a little past midnight when we got here.


...Why are you discussing your plan right in front of them? Why isn't beating them up an option? It's not like you've killed anybody doing it thus far!

Ugh fine I guess I'll wait a whole day and just sort of hope Numemon doesn't croak before then.

All the money

Since that's mostly menus though it didn't take up much actual time. Let's go beat up someone else for a while.

Ogre Tunnel, it says.

Please tell me it's a fight and not filing a complaint with my local BBB or filling out form #41-C to authorize a class-action lawsuit or something.

Aha, you vagrant! How dare you terrorize this poor... wait that Goburimon is always there. Never mind.

It's actually Ogremon. Again. What a surprise.

It took 43 seconds since Ogremon's Tremar kills his own buddies really easily.

I love getting chips, don't you?

Ogremon just takes a few steps then sits down.

Ogremon whines about how the island was doomed so he did whatever, no one gives a shit just join the city.

Prosperity: 44

Ogremon proceeds to do nothing at all for the city.

Then the wackiest thing happens.

I'm stuck in this Agumon. Finn can't move.

There are quite a few glitches wherein you get stuck in something and can't move. Thankfully, Auto Pilots save the day.

...I'll miss that free chip...

And I'm 6 away from the final dungeon. You know what would kick it up 6 points? Getting Andromon and Giromon, but I can't make progress on that until midnight, so we'll have to wait.

Until then?